Stop Messing Around, Mr Bo!

Chapter 201 - Su Heng…

Chapter 201: Su Heng…

Shen Fanxing paused before snorting lightly, “You posted those photos?”

Su Heng nodded and pressed on, “I don’t know how to compensate you. I can only give you this… Fanxing, everything that happened is solely my fault. I’m really sorry…”

It began to drizzle and Shen Fanxing stared at Su Heng for a long time. Her eyes were glinting with a desolate glow.

The wind that was blowing with the drizzle seemed to be getting stronger. As the wind blew towards her, her shirt and hair swayed and fluttered wildly in the wind. Her slender figure appeared even more obvious.

She stood upright with her phone in her hand. Her beautiful, lovely face contained stubbornness and indifference.

Su Heng studied Shen Fanxing silently. Her fair skin, delicate features, beautiful face, and tall, slender figure completed her. She was lovely and wonderful.

The way Shen Fanxing was staring at him made his body stiffen. The check in his hand began to get crumpled.

“Su Heng…”

Shen Fanxing’s hoarse and clear voice sounded. It was so soft that the wind seemed to blow it away almost instantly.

“Can you not remind me over and over again how stupid I was in the past?”

Su Heng froze.

Shen Fanxing smiled coldly and clicked on the photos.

“The man in this photo is the infamous pervert from Eternity Capital Real Estate. Mr Zhou… I accompanied you to meet him and he forced me to finish two bottles of Five Grain Liquor…”

“This is CEO Qi from Herman Construction. He has a wife and a mistress. It’s most ideal that a woman is sent to negotiate a deal with him. I went and got completely drunk. In the end your assistant came to pick me up…”

“The man in this next photo is CEO Qian from Magnificence Investment. He owns a coal company and became rich overnight. After receiving his investment, his wife visited me the next day and I received a slap. But I didn’t dare to retaliate… CEO Qian felt bad and increased the investment by thirty percent two days later…”

“This is CEO Sun from Glorious Empire Corporation. Do you still remember him? In the room, each of them had their arms around a woman, and some even ripped off the woman’s clothes on the spot!

You were there back then, but you left silently before it ended. To protect myself, I was forced to drink glass after glass. If I didn’t end up with a gastric hemorrhage and someone had to call for the ambulance, can you imagine what would happen to me that night?”

Shen Fanxing smiled bitterly to herself.

“Oh, right. I only found out yesterday. That day happens to be the day in the photo where you sent Shen Qianrou home. You acted intimately with her in front of my family mansion…”

Su Heng’s eyes twitched violently and his heart felt like it was being gripped tightly by an invisible hand. He was slowly suffocating from the sharp pain.

“I… I was scared back then too…” His voice was hoarse.

Shen Fanxing smiled and replied, “You’re scared. Of course you’re scared that you’ll abandon me because of Shen Qianrou. If anything happens to me, you’ll feel the need to be responsible for me because of guilt. You won’t be able to get rid of me in this lifetime. That would mean that you won’t be able to be with my sister, Qianrou…”

Su Heng denied, “It’s not like that, Fanxing…”

Shen Fanxing kept her phone and stared at him coldly. “These photos are not fake. My hands, thighs were touched by them. I have to tolerate those drunk men and endure their hands roaming all over me. Why did I have to do that?”

Su Heng’s face turned white!

“I’ve fought so hard for your family and endured so much. But as a member of the Su family, you sneaked away to date my half-sister! Su Heng, don’t you feel any guilt towards me back then?”

Shen Fanxing’s voice turned sharp and shrill and she gave Su Heng a slap across the face with all her strength!

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