Stop Messing Around, Mr Bo!

Chapter 1817 - Will Do Anything  

Chapter 1817: Will Do Anything

Chu Yi raised an eyebrow. “Congratulations on moving in.”

“Thank you.”

“It’s just that I’m still the neighbor.”

Xu Qingzhi smiled and said, “Actually, I have to thank you for helping me find a house.”

She closed the door and followed Chu Yi into the kitchen. “It’s a little funny. I invited you to Rong City as a guest, but you found my new house.”

Chu Yi placed the bag on the counter. “In terms of connections, men are better than women.”

Who asked him to feel guilty towards her?

That damned witch only knew how to arrange things for him. In the end, she knew how to shirk her responsibility.

Being a capitalist had become the root of all evil.

“Wait outside for a while. I’ll call you when I’m done.”

“You don’t need my help?”

Xu Qingzhi shook her head. “The simplest meal in the world is hotpot.”

Chu Yi didn’t force her.

In just ten minutes, Xu Qingzhi’s voice sounded from the dining room.

Chu Yi walked over and exclaimed in his heart.

Women were really magical creatures. In such a short period of time, she had the ability to fill the entire dining table. It was really a powerful spell.

Steam rose from the pot in the middle of the table. It looked like the lights were different.

“You’re prepared so quickly?”

“Actually, this is just washing the vegetables. Have a seat.”

Chu Yi sat down. Xu Qingzhi had been busy cooking and adjusting the fire the entire time. She picked up a plate for Chu Yi.

After that, there was a second round of dishes.

Chu Yi watched her movements quietly with an ambiguous smile.

“There’s a rich young lady in T University who no one dares to offend. She’s noble and delicate, and she’s arrogant. I didn’t expect that the famous and influential person in the school could be so homely now, especially since she’s so good at taking care of others.”

Xu Qingzhi paused and placed the chopsticks aside. “No one owes me anything. They have no obligation or responsibility to take care of me unconditionally. I still need some life skills. Otherwise, I’ll starve to death living alone.”

Chu Yi paused and looked at her for a few more seconds. Then, he picked up his chopsticks, dipped a vegetable in sauce, and placed it in his mouth.

“Yes, it’s indeed healthy, convenient, and delicious. Chinese food is unparalleled.”

Xu Qingzhi was caught off guard and laughed. “To put it bluntly, it’s just boiling vegetables with sauce. Aren’t you exaggerating?”

“But the taste is indeed good. If we have to find a reason, it’s mainly because of the chef.”

Xu Qingzhi glanced at him angrily and said, “Your praise is too fake. Can’t you be more careful?”

“It’s all from the bottom of my heart. If I don’t say it now, they’ll be tired.”

Xu Qingzhi placed her hand on her forehead and laughed uncontrollably. Her shoulders trembled uncontrollably.

“A man’s mouth is a liar. That’s true.”

Looking at her, Chu Yi smiled and said, “Your dishes are ready.”

Xu Qingzhi raised her head and glanced at the pot before picking up the chopsticks.

The hospital did not dare to stop Li Mo at all. After leaving the hospital, he stopped at the entrance. His assistant followed behind him and snatched the car keys from his hand.

“Master, you’re injured. Let me send you…”

Li Mo had already strode down the stairs.

He couldn’t catch up to her in time. Li Mosen had already found a car and boarded it.

He ran over, but the car had already made a sharp turn and left the parking space.

He returned to the villa as quickly as he could.

The car stopped in the courtyard. Looking up at the dark villa, Li Mo frowned.

He closed the car door forcefully and walked to the entrance of the villa. He turned the doorknob but couldn’t turn it. Then, he pressed the doorbell.

He repeated it over and over again.

However, there was no response.

Looking at the dark villa again, Limo pursed his lips and found a spare key from the stone lamp at the entrance.

When he opened the door, it was pitch black.

Her brows furrowed even more tightly. From the hospital all the way here, her anger seemed to have been absorbed by a bottomless pit. What was left was uneasiness.

It was a clear feeling of unease.

Although he had only been back for a few days, he remembered clearly that Xu Qingzhi would never turn off the lights in the living room.

But this time, she said she was at home?

She was lying to him!

Without even changing his shoes, he crossed the living room and went straight upstairs.

He vaguely felt that something was wrong, but he didn’t pay much attention to it.

The voice-activated lights in the corridor lit up with the sound of his footsteps. When he opened the bedroom door, it was still dark and silent.

Turning on the lights, the flat bed was empty, let alone the bathroom.

His face was tense.

She turned around and looked at the bedroom, the guest room, and the study. However, she didn’t see Xu Qingzhi.

From the moment he entered, he felt that something was amiss. Only after seeing the furnishings in the study did he react.

In the past, there was Xu Qingzhi’s laptop on the desk, and beside it was her laptop. There were also some trinkets that she had bought. There were also a few parenting books on the coffee table…

But now, everything was gone.

His heart tightened as he turned around and strode back into the bedroom. He suddenly opened the wardrobe, including the cabinet.

There was only a row of his clothes inside. There were clothes of all sizes related to her. Not a single piece was left. There wasn’t even a sock.

The makeup in the bathroom, the toothbrush, the towel, the hairdryer, and even the hairbrush and hair clip. All of her things were gone.

What was missing in the living room—her glass, her shoes, her dog, all the decorative trinkets she’d bought, everything in the kitchen—her dishes, her utensils, and even the condiments she’d prepared herself. Everything was gone.

In the end, Li Mo stood in the living room and surveyed his surroundings. The villa was empty except for the lights.

His face was still sullen, but compared to his previous anger, he seemed to have calmed down.

He exuded a low and sinister aura.

He stood there for a long time before he took out his phone and clicked on the call history. The entire screen was filled with Xu Qingzhi’s name.

Most of the calls didn’t go through. There was only one, and the call history was only 36 seconds.

In the end, she hung up on him for a dog.

Dog, sofa…

His thin lips suddenly pursed tightly and his fingers pressed down.

When the phone rang, Xu Qingzhi was under the hot pot. When she heard the call, her movements quickened. Chu Yi put down his chopsticks and took it.

“I’ll do it. Go and answer the call.”

“Will you?”

Chu Yi raised an eyebrow and glanced at her. “Who are you looking down on?”

Xu Qingzhi smiled apologetically and handed him the noodles before heading to the living room.

When she saw the caller ID, she paused and took a deep breath before answering.

“Is there anything else?”

“Where are you now?” Compared to his previous anger, Li Mo seemed to be very calm. However, it was easier to sense his coldness and anger.

“… At home.”

“Which house?” Before she could finish speaking, Limo’s voice sounded.

Xu Qingzhi was silent for a few seconds. “… You’re discharged?”

“I’m asking you where you are now.” Her voice was as calm as before. It wasn’t like a windless lake, but a frozen sea. Even her words were filled with coldness.

Xu Qingzhi didn’t answer him directly. Instead, she said, “If you’re discharged now, don’t delay the divorce anymore. I’ve said everything that needs to be said. In short, it’s a happy ending. The sooner we settle it, the sooner we can be free of each other. Moreover, someone has been waiting for you.”

“It’s only Grandma and Mom. Don’t worry, I’ve already informed them. They shouldn’t stop you and Mo Xiaona…”

She paused and continued, “Limo, no matter what, I’m trying my best to make it up to you. Now that things have come to this, no matter how much I say, I only have those few words. I have no intention of becoming enemies with anyone, and I don’t want to be with you either. I was wrong in the past. I’m really sorry.”

Limo was silent for a long time before saying coldly, “Do you think I can’t find out if you don’t tell me?”

Xu Qingzhi pursed her lips and said, “I’m not trying to avoid you. After all, you have a lot of power in Rongcheng. It’s easy for you to investigate someone. After all, if we want to settle the procedures, we still have to meet…”

This time, it was Li Mo who hung up first.

Xu Qingzhi was interrupted. Looking at the phone that had cut off the call, Xu Qingzhi frowned slightly. However, she threw the phone aside and returned to the dining room.

Chu Yi looked up at her and scooped a few noodles for her.

“Have you really decided?”

Xu Qingzhi sat down and picked up her chopsticks, knowing that Chu Yi had heard her call.


“Are you willing? Are you really willing?”

“Back then, I did something wrong because I couldn’t accept it. Because I couldn’t bear to, I’ve delayed until now… The more I delayed, the more I felt that it was too difficult for me. After all, I’ve worked hard. It’s good for everyone to let go after I’ve gotten what I wanted.”

Chu Yi looked at the calm woman and felt a little shocked.

Indeed, once a woman hardened her heart, she would be ruthless.

He was ruthless to others, but even more ruthless to himself.

Li Mo hung up and called his assistant.

“President Li?”

“Investigate where Xu Qingzhi is now.”

“… What?” The assistant had long been frightened by Li Mo’s bone-chilling voice and did not react immediately.

“Are you deaf?”

The assistant quickly said, “I understand, CEO Li.”

Her hands trembled as she hung up the phone. She blinked her eyes and reacted. Her eyes widened and she quickly flipped through her contacts.

After finishing the hotpot, Chu Yi didn’t stay any longer and left.

After all, it was awkward for a man and a woman to be alone at night.

“Call me if anything happens. I’m right opposite anyway. Be careful by yourself.”

Xu Qingzhi smiled and nodded. “Thank you. I’m sorry to trouble you.”

“You’d better trouble me a few more times. Otherwise, I won’t have a reason to come to your house to freeload.”

“I don’t need a reason. I have to eat anyway. It’s very convenient to be another person.”

“Okay. Rest early. Goodnight.”


When Li Mo found Xu Qingzhi, it was two hours later.

Around ten o’clock, someone knocked on Xu Qingzhi’s door.

However, since she was living alone in the apartment and she was pregnant, she didn’t look for a double. The knock on the door was loud and she was jolted awake. It was followed by Moon’s cry.

She hurriedly put on her knitted sweater and went out. Little Moon ran to her side and skipped towards the door.


“Xu Qingzhi.”

Li Mo’s deep and cold voice sounded. Xu Qingzhi frowned.

She was indeed capable. In just two hours, she had found her way home.

“It’s late. What’s the matter?”

“Open the door.”

Xu Qingzhi was silent for a while before saying, “I think we can meet at the Civil Affairs Bureau tomorrow.”

“Are you going to open it?”

His voice sounded threatening.

Xu Qingzhi didn’t say anything, but she heard the door open.

“Oh, you’re discharged?”

Hearing this, Limo turned around abruptly. Chu Yi was wearing a gray bathrobe with the belt tied loosely around his waist. His collar was unbuttoned, revealing his figure.

The moment Li Mo saw Chu Yi, the veins on his forehead bulged.

He turned slowly to face Chu Yi.

The hostility emanating from his body could almost destroy a person.

“You brought her out?”

Chu Yi neither admitted nor denied. “I helped her find a house.”

Chu Yi could clearly see his face turning colder and the muscles on his cheeks tightened.

He took his other hand out of his pocket. Chu Yi looked at it with a smile.

“Do you know that she’s my wife now?”

Chu Yi nodded. “But from what I know, she won’t be soon.”

A powerful punch landed on Chu Yi’s face.

Chu Yi endured the punch and his body was knocked to the side. He hit the wall and let out a muffled groan.

He wiped the blood from his lips and tightened the belt around his waist before standing up slowly.

Looking at the man’s dark face, the smile on her face darkened and she waved her hand at Li Mo.

Two tall and handsome men were fighting in the corridor in the middle of the night.

Xu Qingzhi, who was standing at the door, heard the sound outside. After confirming what it was, she opened the door abruptly.

The first thing she saw was two men fighting fiercely with each other.

Li Mo was the only son of the Li family and had received too much training when he was young.

Chu Yi was obviously at a disadvantage now. With another punch, he finally knelt on one knee.

She held onto the wall beside her and panted heavily.

Li Mo wasn’t any better. His suit was ruined and his hair was messy.

She had never seen him in such a sorry state, including Chu Yi.

Chu Yi laughed after a long while. “I’m very happy that you can fight with me.”

He supported himself against the wall and stood up slowly. There were obvious scars on his handsome face, but he looked at Li Mo sarcastically.

“This proves that I’m a threat to you, doesn’t it? But you should be afraid of me because once you get a divorce, I’ll definitely do whatever it takes to get Xu Qingzhi.”

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