Stop Messing Around, Mr Bo!

Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Who Are You To Criticize Me

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She did not blame those men for choosing Shen Qianrou, for losing their minds over her.

Everyone but Su Heng could do that.

Eight years ago, she was mediocre but he should know who she did it for.

She did not regard Su Heng as such a superficial man.

However, that was just her delusion.

“Why are you here?”

She only zoned out for a while before the mask of coldness covered her expression again.

Shen Qianrou bit her lips as her grip on Su Heng’s wrist tightened, her face showing sadness.

Seeing Shen Fanxing’s cold face that sought to keep everyone out, Su Heng frowned.

He walked into the ward, with Shen Qianrou beside him, her face full of timidity.

“Qianrou has recovered, she’s going to be discharged today. She’s here to bid you goodbye.”

Shen Fanxing gave a cold laugh and said, “Bid goodbye? If it’s not a life-and-death farewell, then get out.”


Su Heng scolded suddenly.

“Since when have you become so vitriolic? You’ve always been clear about rights and wrongs. Qianrou has never committed any wrongdoings…”

Shen Fanxing raised her head to look at Su Heng’s darkened face, his eyes full of disappointment and reproach.

She had never seen him stare at her like that. She had never expected the gentle man she used to know to look at her with such anger and coldness.

This expression was what he carried for the past three meetings.

She actually thought she would be overwhelmed with sadness. Yet, the absolute calmness and numbness she felt then surprised her.

Shen Fanxing placed the chopsticks down and carried the cup of water that she had poured herself earlier. Taking a sip, she interrupted Su Heng’s words calmly.

“Not her; is it me, then?”

Holding on to the glass of water, Shen Fanxing felt the scarring heat of the water.

She stood up and strolled towards the duo slowly. Staring at Su Heng, her lips turned upwards.

“I’m vitriolic? Who are you to criticize me now?”

“I…” Su Heng moved his lips, at a loss for words.

“Sister, please don’t blame Brother Heng. It’s all my fault…”

Before Shen Qianrou even finished speaking, the sharp gaze of Shen Fanxing landed on her face.

Shen Qianrou paused and froze.

“This is of course your fault. I didn’t say it’s not!”

Sensing the tension in Shen Qianrou’s body, Su Heng brought her behind him and said, “Fanxing, this is not Qianrou’s fault. Blame me if you want to…”

Shen Fanxing slowly shifted her vision to Su Heng’s face, her cold and unmoving gaze set on his face. There was no sense of anger, only coldness and numbness.

” You think you should not be blamed?”

Su Heng frowned once again.

” The two of you, who can take the place of each other’s wrongdoing?”

Su heng pursed his lips as he could not rebut Shen Fanxing’s forceful words.

“You think the two of you can be together? The whole city knows Su Heng is my fiance, and you’re on paper, my sister. What would people think of you both when they hear that my sister is dating her brother-in-law?”

Hearing Shen Fanxing’s words, Shen Qianrou’s face paled.

She had only started to gain some popularity in the entertainment world. Even though her true love was there, there would inevitably be discussions about their relationships.

Should there be a debate, her competitors in the industry would definitely use this against her.

Given then, things would be problematic.

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