Stop, Friendly Fire!



Hello, this is Toy Car, the one who always comes running in a flash. I'm truly, truly thankful that you've loved and supported 'Stop, Friendly Fire' for so long.

Ah... I feel truly moved for being able to write another afterword like this. I've made many mistakes, had many thoughts, and failed many times.

It was truly a long 1 year. No, perhaps I was trapped in an illusion after 'Everyone is a Returnee'.

One always has to honor their original intention, but it doesn't always work out that way. I've made several wrong choices and sometimes, I've hated my own work. As an author, that's the worst, and it also disqualifies me as a pro.

Nonetheless, I find it fun to write. I have nothing else but writing. This work, 'Stop, Friendly Fire' made me realize that.

Whenever Shin Woo did something ridiculous, I would snicker. I thought about what heroine I'd like to make this time around, and when I made the decision to make Jin, a skeleton horse, the heroine, all the other authors aside from me went crazy. That's right. To be honest, Jin became the heroine as soon as I added her in.

You all didn't believe me, but I really went with it. As a result... No, let's not talk about it.

Before this one, I went through two different novels, which were really different for me in a lot of ways, but... To be honest, it was just as difficult while writing them. I felt weak as I was writing them, and I had my doubts, like 'Is this right?', so I wasn't able to write for a month (You must be asking, 'Then why didn't you stop writing it?' To be honest, it was all stuff I'd had stocked up already!)

But because there were readers who loved and supported me and had their laughs when they read about Shin Woo, I was able to put my love into Shin Woo and the rest of the cast. I was determined to write even better.

Because of that, I was able to complete this story. I'm not sure how you feel about this, but I don't think I could've written a different ending. It's an honor if you like the ending.

Thank you very much for all the readers who stuck with me to the very end. I was able to keep going because of you. I was given the courage to try something new.

My next work will be a bit more bold than before. I've never written something like it before. The pace is a bit slower and the system's gone too.

It's the type of story that I want to write. The type of story where the laughs come naturally while I write it. When I let various things go, I found that my hands move themselves. I want to write it, so I'm writing it.

But the characteristic of the work... Mm, I'm not sure if it's going to be published on Munpia. In any case, I'll see you again in mid-January, so please wait for me. Once again, I sincerely thank you.

Then I'll get going now. Finally, I'll be leaving you with an illustration that Mr. Gyudon drew for me. The guy's this good looking.

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