Stellar Transformations

Chapter 3

B2C3: Secrets (1)

The East Vanquishing Prince mansion in Yan City today is decorated with lanterns and streamers. It is only the early morning at the moment but there is already heavy traffic on the outside of the mansion. Rich and powerful people, aristocrats and noblemen from every part of the whole Chu kingdom all exchange cordial greetings then enter the mansion carrying their gifts and invitation cards.

Today is the ceremony of adulthood for Qin Yu, the third son of East Vanquishing Prince’s.

In terms of importance, there is very little difference between a ceremony of adulthood and a wedding ceremony on the Qian Long continent. Compared to them, a birthday is not important at all. When Qin Yu celebrated his 10th birthday, some people in the princely mansion only congratulated him a bit. However, to prepare for his ceremony of adulthood, invitation cards were sent out extensively. Even the Chu emperor may attend it. 8 years ago, when the ceremony of adulthood for Qin Yu’s big brother Qin Feng was held, the Chu emperor Xiang Guang personally gave him his compliments.

In the morning, the 3 brothers Qin Feng, Qin Zheng and Qin Yu come to the outside of Qin De’s room together to send their father their greetings. Among the 3 brothers, the big brother Qin Feng is the tallest, about 1.9 m. His body has an air of chilliness and his face rarely has a smiling expression. Only when he is with his brothers can he smile. Qin Zheng and Qin Yu are nearly as tall as each other. Their heights are common.

‘’Your son pays his respects to father.’’

As soon as the 3 brothers see Qin De, they kneel down and greet politely.

Looking at the 3 sons before him, Qin De feels delighted because they are all handsome and refined. His eldest son Qin Feng chose the path of martial arts. Not only is he a general in the army, he also became a Xiantian expert last year. His name has become known very quickly. There are no more than 100 Xiantian experts in the whole Chu kingdom so to become a Xiantian expert at the age of 23 is an extremely outstanding achievement.

His 2nd son Qin Zheng is better than even Qin De in such areas as governance, politics and so on. Today, his 2nd son is in charge of nearly all the matters of the 3 Eastern region counties, whether important or simple.

As for his 3rd son Qin Yu … Qin De casts a look at Qin Yu. Seeing Qin Yu, Qin De cannot help feeling a bit guilty in his mind.

‘’No matter how he practices external techniques, at best he can only reach the peak of the Houtian level. Since he can’t become a Xiantian expert, his path is a dead end after all.’’ Qin De secretly sighs. In Qin De’s view, his 3rd son Qin Yu will not have much chance of success even if he worked harder.

‘’If he can reach Zhao Yunxing’s level, even though it isn’t the Xiantian level, his offensive force will be as good as that of an early-phase Xiantian expert. What a pity it will take him 30 years to reach that level. Until now Yu’er has been training for 8 years, so there are still 22 years to go.’’

Too bad, Qin De does not know that Qin Yu’s flesh has been absorbing internal energy and that he has been improving fast, much faster than Zhao Yunxing’s estimation.

‘’All of you stand up first,’’ says Qin Du with a smile. Then he looks at Qin Yu and says: ‘’Yu’er, today is your ceremony of adulthood, a big day of your life. After this day you’ll be an adult and, whatever happens, you’ll have to strive to face it on your own.’’

‘’Don’t worry, father.’’ Qin Yu nods and says with a smile.

Facing his life alone? Qin Yu has been soaring in all directions on his black eagle alone for 3 years. Thanks to the speed of the black eagle, he has roamed around nearly the entire Chu kingdom. Having experienced many things, Qin Yu has already gained his own understanding of life.

‘’All right, there are already many guests outside at the moment, all of you follow me to greet them.’’ As Qin De is saying he goes out first. The 3 brothers Qin Feng, Qin Zheng and Qin Yu also go out after him.

Today, the East Vanquishing Prince mansion is extremely noisy. Every aristocrat, nobleman, and also magnate and the like comes forward to congratulate. These people of course show absolute respect for East Vanquishing Prince in front of him. However, there are still 2 other princes with the same level of authority as East Vanquishing Prince. One is South Vanquishing Prince and the other is North Vanquishing Prince.

South Vanquishing Prince Mu Lan of the 3 Southern region counties personally congratulates Qin Yu. North Vanquishing Prince Shangguan Hong of the 2 Northern region counties also congratulates Qin Yu personally. The 4 Western region counties are under the complete control of the Xiang royal clan. This time Emperor Xiang Guang does not come personally. Instead, he let his own younger brother Xiang Shuo congratulate Qin Yu.

Qin Yu does not know how many tables have been set for the feast and how many guests there are in the end. But he knows one thing, that is, the gifts he received have filled 2 whole rooms, and therefore he can imagine how large the number of the guests is. After all, this is the ceremony of adulthood for a son of East Vanquishing Prince’s.

After a noisy day, late at night, the princely mansion is very quiet because all of the guests have left.

In a secret room,

Qin Yu has never entered this secret room. It is already after midnight at the moment. There are only 5 people in the secret room: Qin De, Qin Feng, Qin Zheng, Qin Yu and Xu Yuan. Except for Qin Yu, who has a doubtful expression on his face, the other people all seem to know something.

Qin De first goes to an armchair and sits down then he waves his hands and tells the other people: “Everybody sit down first.’’ Qin Yu and the other 3 people also sit down around the long table. Xu Yuan, who is still holding a folding fan, slightly smiles at Qin Yu.

‘’Father, what do you let me come here for?’’ asks Qin Yu. At the moment his mind is still in a fog.

Qin De calmly nods and says: ‘’Yu’er, haven’t you always been wondering what your father is doing and what plans I’m carrying out? Indeed, I’ve been concealing quite a few things from you. Today you already turned 16 so I’ll tell you some secrets.’’

Qin Yu’s eyes immediately brighten.

He knew early that his father is carrying out some plans. He has also been wondering why Qin De has never told him anything. Now, having heard his father’s words, he realizes there seems to be many things he himself does not know about. But today his father has finally decided to tell him about them.

‘’Yu’er, do you know that in the history of the Qian Long continent there was once a dynasty which unified the whole Qian Long continent?’’ Qin De asks Qin Yu.

Qin Yu says with a smile: “This goes without saying. A long time ago, the Qian Long continent had always been in a state of fragmentation. It was not until 3000 years ago that the whole Qian Long continent was brought into a state of unprecedented unity. It was none other than the Qin dynasty which unified the whole Qian Long continent. Qin Shi Huang Ying Zheng’s famous name is still reverberating like thunder, only that the Qin dynasty was too short-lived. 100 years after its unification of the continent it fell to pieces. Then the Ying clan of the Qin dynasty was eliminated completely.’’

Qin De slightly nods and says: “The 1st secret I’ll tell you today is … our Qin clan is made up of Qin Shi Huang’s direct descendants!”

Qin Yu only feels as if his head has been struck by a series of thunderbolts. For the moment he was dumbfounded.

Only after a long time has Qin Yu become a bit more clear-headed. He looks at his father in disbelief then looks at his big brother, second brother and Uncle Xu Yuan. But all of these people are all looking at Qin Yu. He totally understands the implication in their eyes.

“Shouldn’t Qin Shi Huang’s direct descendants have the last name Ying?” Even though Qin Yu is somewhat stirred, he still asks.

Qin De shakes his head and says with a sigh: “After the destruction of the Qin dynasty, people in the whole world tried to eliminate the Ying clan, how could we still dare to use the last name Ying? We changed out last name to Qin also to prevent us from forgetting that Qin Shi Huang was our ancestor. Yu’er, you may know that our Qin clan’s heirloom internal technique wasn’t called the Ancestral Dragon Art originally, but it was called the Shi Huang Ancestral Dragon Art. Yu’er, remember that the blood flows in the veins of the Qin clan’s people is the same as Qin Shi Huang’s.” Qin De’s eyes radiate sharp rays of light.


End of b2c3.

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