Stellar Transformations

Chapter 22

B2C22: Gold-card mission (1)

It is late at night. Qin Yu is sitting with legs crossed on the back of the black eagle, which is flying through the clouds.

Cold winds are whizzing and hitting Qin Yu in the face like sharp blades but he remains motionless. His whole body is being surrounded by thick holy energy streams which are astonishingly real and look like smoke. The world’s holy energy continuously permeates into Qin Yu’s entire body.

Using the method of the Ancestral Dragon Art, he transforms the holy energy in his body into internal energy then lets it permeate through his entire body. Every fiber in his entire body, and even every cell of his body, is transforming nonstop. His body is undergoing changes which other people cannot know.

This kind of change has started since he absorbed that warm stream from the Meteoric Tear on the top of a pavilion in the East Vanquishing Prince mansion that day…

Suddenly, Qin Yu opens his eyes, shooting out 2 fierce rays of light which are extremely shocking.

“What a wonderful feeling.” Qin Yu’s eyes glitter. This is a kind of feeling he has never experienced before. As an external practitioner, he has always been pursuing this feeling. However, by now he has already found it. “My entire body has achieved unity. Flexibility, toughness, strength, sensitivity and so on, everything … everything has been united into one. Now everything is in the palm of my hand!”

Control, Qin Yu is having a feeling of control.

Even if his body is trained better, his strength is greater, and his bones are tougher, it will be pointless if he cannot make good use of them. Therefore, Qin Yu has continuously been training his flexibility and toughness so that he can control his every movement more easily. However, after experiencing that indescribable transformation, the current Qin Yu’s flexibility and toughness have reached a level which Qin Yu himself considers perfect.

Everything in his body is just like one thing. When he throws a punch, his body’s entire power can be concentrated in a point. His control of the body has reached a new level.

“Xiao Hei, go down.” Qin Yu suddenly burst out laughing. The black eagle immediately dives down. Gradually, Qin Yu sees a huge city below. He once bought a house in this city under a false identity.

All of a sudden, the muscles and bones in Qin Yu’s entire body start moving slowly. His face’s muscles, however, only move a bit. In a short while, he has changed from a manly, sunny, 1.8 m high young man into a 1.75 m high cold man.

The Appearance and Bone Changing art!

“Xiao Hei, you can go play alone, but don’t expose my identity, ha-ha ~~” Qin Yu gives a laugh then jumps down from several hundred meters high in the air.

He would not have been able to jump down from such a height in the past. However, now he is very confident of himself.

He closes his eyes, enjoying the winds of his extremely fast fall.

Suddenly, with a swaying movement, Qin Yu’s body starts drifting in the air like a falling leaf. His terrifying falling speed unexpectedly decreases in an instant. Qin Yu’s body then makes another swaying movement and he unexpectedly accelerates again. Moving extremely fast and slowly alternately, Qin Yu, however, is coming down without causing any wind sounds.

Qin Yu, whose eyes have always been closed, suddenly opens his eyes.


Like a sharp arrow, he shoots down toward the ground directly in a completely straight line, causing a sharp whistle through the air. At this moment, he is simply not using his body-maneuvering skill. The moment Qin Yu lands, he props a hand on the ground skillfully and easily like a wild cat.

By simply discharging the kinetic energy into the ground through the muscles of his legs and hand, the pressure of the dive on his entire body is unexpectedly removed completely.

“Indeed, I can control every muscle in my entire body finely.” Qin Yu looks at his palm. A happy expression appears on his face. If Zhao Yunxing were here, he would have totally understood how formidable this move by Qin Yu was. This is also Zhao Yunxing’s idea about the peak of external practice but it is a pity that he has never been able to reach this level for several decades.

By simply using the muscles of the legs and a hand, Qin Yu could even neutralize the impact force of such a dive. This shows that his control of the muscles has reached an extremely high level.

“The feeling at the Xiantian level is really different.” Qin Yu gives a faint smile. Suddenly, he slightly frowns because he hears clearly a bandit running toward him very fast from several hundred meters away. Not wanting to meet this person, his body immediately disappears like a flash on the street in the middle of the night.

The Xiantian level,

After leaving the princely mansion a few days ago, Qin Yu guessed that his sudden transformation could mean he was on the threshold of the Xiantian level but he had no way to confirm it. Afterwards, he remembered that Xiantian experts are capable of one thing — Xiantian Fetus Respiration.

Qin Yu immediately jumped down to the bottom of a lake and held his breath. However, he did not know that in fact he had barely reached the threshold of the Xiantian level. He held his breath until his entire face was very red. Eventually, he could only rely on his willpower to persevere. He then even felt dizzy at the bottom of the lake … to the extent that he lost his sense of direction. When his mind was in a state of extreme confusion and obliviousness, his entire body finally shook once. Every single pore in his body seemed to open wide and started to absorb the world’s holy energy. Qin Yu had finally transcended that limit.

Qin Yu does not know at all that, even though his soul was very strong thanks to his external limit training, only after his mind inexplicably entered a state of vague blankness in the mansion, causing the fantastic Meteoric Tear to send out a stream of a mysterious warm energy and allowing his soul to absorb that energy stream, did he start to undergo very fast transformations.

Qin Yu’s soul was very strong, even stronger than ordinary Xiantian experts’ souls therefore, in theory, had things gone on like this, he would have been able to enter the Xiantian level after some time. But Qin Yu was so impatient that he forced himself to that extent at the bottom of the lake. Luckily for him, he succeeded in the end.

Thus, Qin Yu became the first Xiantian external expert in the history of the Qian Long continent.

How powerful is a Xiantian external expert? No one on the Qian Long continent knows the answer to this question, not even Qin Yu’s father Qin De. At the moment, because of Zhao Yunxing’s estimation, Qin De even thinks that Qin Yu is merely a common external practitioner who can lift about 300 jin at most with one arm.

Not even Xiuzhenists can estimate how strong the muscle power of an external expert, especially Qin Yu, is. His muscles have been absorbing internal energy and the Meteoric Tear’s miraculous clear streams so their power is concentrated inside completely. Judging by his appearance alone, one can only say that Qin Yu looks powerful like a leopard.

Qin Yu stops outside a grand residence. At the moment, he is wearing a silvery mask.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! …..

After he knocks several times, a person opens the entrance in a short while. Seeing Qin Yu’s silvery mask, they instantly stand aside to let him come in. This grand residence is none other than a relatively important branch of the no. 1 assassination organization — the Heavenly Net.

“So powerful, there are 5 Xiantian experts and many Houtian experts as well.” As soon as Qin Yu comes in, he senses that there are some experts in the grand residence.

When his soul absorbed that mysterious stream of energy in the princely mansion, Qin Yu’s perception became much stronger than before. Now, no one can escape his sense within a radius of several hundred meters, except when that person has a better sense than his.

Qin Yu does not know that this marvelous kind of perception is none other than the ‘holy sense,’ which can only be seen in Xiuzhenists.

The Heavenly Net has made several important large branches of its known to the public, one of which is this place. However, for over 1000 years, no one has ever been able to find out the location of the Heavenly Net’s headquarters. At the moment, because there are already 5 Xiantian experts in this important branch alone, Qin Yu can imagine how powerful the Heavenly Net actually is.

When Qin Yu is still shocked by the true strength of the Heavenly Net, he has already entered a specialized small courtyard where assassins receive their missions. There is a stunning woman in the center of the courtyard.

“Silver card assassin, this is the list of missions. You can choose one you like,” says the stunning woman in a very cold and clear voice while putting a list of missions before Qin Yu, who immediately opens the list of missions.

A silver card assassin can receive any gold card mission. If he succeeds, he will become a gold card assassin. Of course silver card assassins generally do not risk their lives doing so because gold card missions are all claimed by the Heavenly Net to be achievable only to Xiantian experts.

Today, Qin Yu turns directly to the ‘Gold Card Missions’ section.

There are not many gold card missions, only 13. Among them, only 5 are Chu-kingdom-based missions. And there is only one of these whose location is in the 3 Eastern region counties —

“Zhen Xu!” Qin Yu raises his eyebrows.

He immediately remembers the discussion that day between his big brother and 2nd brother, which he overheard without doubt. This Zhen Xu is obviously the intelligence chief of the Xiang royal clan in the 3 Eastern region counties. However, there is very little information in this mission’s introduction to Zhen Xu.

After reading the data on Zhen Xu, Qin Yu slightly frowns. This mission is really very difficult. In principle, as someone who just reached the Xiantian level, he should perform a simple mission first, but after thinking for a while, he says coldly: “The 12th gold card mission.”

As soon as the stunning woman hears that, her eyes brighten. She then says smilingly: “Please wait a minute. I’m sorry. The information about Zhen Xu’s movements isn’t at my place.” Almost as she finishes saying, an old man appears. He gives Qin Yu a look then puts a letter before him.

“This is the information about Zhen Xu’s movements in the last few days. Tut-tut … challenge a gold card mission. Too bad this mission is very difficult. A gold card assassin even died while carrying it out. Do you want to give up?” says that old man while staring at Qin Yu.

Qin Yu takes the letter and gives the old man a cold look. He then turns around and leaves immediately.

The beautiful woman takes out a black book whose front cover has 2 words — Liu Xing!

“On the 8th of the 11th month, at 2.10 am, assassin Liu Xing received a gold card mission — to kill Zhen Xu!” A beautiful line of a small regular handwriting appears on a new page.


End of b2c22.

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