Stellar Transformations

Chapter 15

B2C15: The Xiuzhen world (2)

Holding a teacup in his hand, but Qin De is looking outside through the window.

“Xu Yuan, that Shangguan Hong has already come as well, hasn’t he?” Qin De slowly asks.

Standing in the dark behind Qin De, Xu Yuan says with a nod: “According to intelligence, North Vanquishing Prince Shangguan Hong has already arrived. Since tomorrow is the day of negotiation, given this Shangguan Hong’s foxiness, he definitely can’t arrive on the last day.”

Xu Yuan suddenly says: “Your Highness, there are still 3 years until our great undertaking is started, why do you want to meet Shangguan Hong this urgently?”

Xu Yuan also knows that South Vanquishing Prince’s Mu clan is very loyal and will definitely stand by the Xiang royal clan. East Vanquishing Prince Qin De simply has no hope that he will be able to persuade South Vanquishing Prince to join him. Only a fence-sitter like North Vanquishing Prince can be persuaded. Therefore, he wants to draw the Shangguan clan to his side.

Qin De puts the teacup down. The corners of his mouth slightly curve upward: “Xu Yuan, there’s no other way. Today leader of the Xiang clan’s secret service in the 3 Eastern region counties has been replaced with Zhen Xu.”

“Zhen Xu!” Xu Yuan immediately has a mental picture of an eerie cold pair of eyes.

“Yes, it’s exactly Zhen Xu. In the past I knew very clearly about the level of that leader. He definitely wouldn’t be able to find out the real power of our army. But this Zhen Xu isn’t useless like him. In my estimation, a half year will already be enough for him to discover the real number of troops we have in the 3 Eastern region counties,’ says Qin De with a somewhat solemn expression.

Xu Yuan is also very intelligent so he instantly understands what Qin De means.

“Your Highness, then this time isn’t your trump card in negotiation …” In his mind, Xu Yuan cannot help admiring Qin De.

“Yes, it’s just like that.” Qin De’s face only has a smiling expression. “After seeing his reactions following this event I’ll have to decide which side this Shangguan Hong will go to and seek refuge with. Of course, we mustn’t entrust our hope to him regardless.”

Xu Yuan nods and says: “To be able to make Shangguan Hong remain neutral will already be enough.”

“Your Highness, I still have a piece of good news.” Xu Yuan is all smiles as he hands Qin De a letter.

“Oh!” Qin De receives the letter. As soon as he looks at it, his eyes brighten. He then laughs out loud: “Yu’er has been a big help to me. It’s such a big chunk of ore, and it’s even the high Xian-grade. Many superb weapons can be forged out of such a big chunk of ore. This is really good news.”

This letter was written by Lian Yan. Lian Yan also wrote for Qin Feng and Qin Zheng, who then returned to the princely mansion. However, Qin De has not returned because of an important matter. He simply does not know that the flaming red crystal is definitely not a high-Xian-grade ore. Rather, it is In-rock Flaming iron, which is even much more precious than high-Xian-grade ores.

“Good, good, when I return I’ll definitely give Yu’er a handsome reward.” Qin De is immediately in high spirits. “Xu Yuan, you go make careful arrangements for tomorrow event once again. There mustn’t be a mistake.”

“Yes, I take my leave!” Xu Yuan folds his hands and says. Then he leaves the room.

Qin De grasps the letter in his hand. His face has a faint smile of an affectionate father.


In Yan City, in Fengyuzi’s specialized secret forging room in East Vanquishing Prince mansion,

The roof of the secret room is a dome and its floor is square, implying the notion that the sky is round and the ground is square. In the center of the room, there is a gold-plated symbol of the Eight Diagrams. Various rays of light are moving between the Eight Diagrams. A billowing current of air is naturally spreading out from the symbol and sweeping through the entire secret room. There are 3 bulrush mats outside the 8 Diagrams. At the moment, Fengyuzi is sitting on the middle mat while Qin Yu is sitting on one side.

“Go!” Fengyuzi points with a hand and the In-rock Flaming iron chunk is sent flying directly into the center of the 8 Diagrams. As it arrives, he withdraws his internal energy. That chunk of In-rock Flaming iron unexpectedly keeps floating above the 8 Diagrams as if being supported by a miraculous power from the gold-plated 8 Diagrams.

Seeing this miraculous scene, Qin Yu is very shocked and becomes even more curious about the world of Shangxian.

Flying swords, Jindan-stage Xiuzhenists, the Samadhi flame, and the miraculous 8 Diagrams before him …

Any of those things makes Qin Yu wonder in curiosity what the world of Shangxian actually is.

“Xiao Yu, you found this chunk of In-rock Flaming iron so it’s naturally yours. I wonder if I can take a small piece of it, about the size of a fist,” say Fengyuzi in a somewhat embarrassed manner. As a Shangxian, he is very ashamed to ask his junior for a piece of the treasure.

However, Fengyuzi really thirsts for a piece of In-rock Flaming iron. Even though his flying sword is pretty good, in terms of material, it cannot compare with In-rock Flaming iron. To Xiuzhenists, both medicinal pills and good crystals are the most desirable things.

“Of course you can. Just take as you wish, Uncle Feng.” Qin Yu is no longer a kid. He understands very well that this Fengyuzi is the ultimate expert on his father’s side. Moreover, if Fengyuzi has an even better flying sword, his overall power will increase. In addition, since the chunk of In-rock Flaming iron is so large, Qin Yu does not care about a piece as small as a fist.

“Of course, since I can take a piece of In-rock Flaming iron the size of a fist, I now owe you a great favor. If you have any request, just say it. Uncle Feng will promise you anything,’ says Fengyuzi hurriedly. As a Shangxian no less, he naturally has to return the favor after being given a piece of treasure by another person.

“Any request is possible?” Qin Yu’s eyes brighten.

Fengyuzi nods smilingly: “Yes, any request that I can fulfill is possible.”

“Then please tell me about the world of Shangxian. You’ve mentioned things like Xiuzhenist and Samadhi flame, I’m very curious about them,” says Qin Yu hurriedly.

“Only this request?” Fengyuzi is startled.

Qin Yu says smilingly: “Yes, only this request. In fact, what I want the most is that my dantian will become normal so that I can accumulate internal energy and become a Xiantian expert, or even a Shangxian. Uncle Feng can pick one of these 2 requests.” Qin Yu gives a he-he laugh.

Fengyuzi shakes his head with a forced smile.

“I too can do nothing about your dantian. Alright, then I’ll explain the world of Xiuzhenists to you.” Fengyuzi arranges his mind a bit then says: “Actually, the so-called Shangxian on the Qian Long continent are not real immortal beings at all. They are merely Xiuzhenists, that is, people who seek to become immortal beings.”

“Xiuzhenists?” Qin Yu says doubtfully.

Fengyuzi says: “Yes, if a mortal wants to become an immortal, he’ll have to go through countless tribulations. At the completion of the Xiantian level he will encounter the 4-in-9 Minor Heavenly Tribulation. If he can overcome this minor heavenly tribulation, he will join the ranks of Xiuzhenists and become a Jindan-stage Xiuzhenist. Your Uncle Feng is none other than a Jindan-stage Xiuzhenist.”

“4-in-9 Minor Heavenly Tribulation?” Qin Yu does not understand this name at all.

Fengyuzi says with a smile: “Practicing is an act of rebellion against Heaven so the practitioner of course must endure heavenly tribulations. The 4-in-9 Minor Heavenly Tribulation is even much easier than the succeeding 2 major heavenly tribulations. The extent of Xiuzhenists’ power is divided into the Jindan stage, the Yuanying stage, the Dongxu stage, the Kongming stage, the Dujie stage, and the Dacheng stage. Each stage is divided into 3 phases: early, middle and late. Only by going through countless tribulations and reaching the Dacheng stage will the practitioner be able to ascend to a higher world and finally become an immortal. To be frank, I’ve joined the ranks of Xiuzhenists for only a short time, but on the Qian Long continent I’m already called Shangxian. I’m really deeply ashamed.”

Only now does Qin Yu understand. It turns out these experts who are thought to be Shangxian on the Qian Long continent are merely Jindan-stage Xiuzhenists. They are still a long distance from becoming immortals.

“The path of a Xiuzhenist is beset on all sides by dangers. After going through the 4-in-9 Minor Heavenly Tribulation, his lifespan will increase to over 1000 years. A Yuanying-stage Xiuzhenist can live more than 5000 years. After reaching the late phase of the Yuanying stage, upon his completion of this phase, he will call forth the 6-in-9 Major Heavenly Tribulation. Only by overcoming this 6-in-9 Major Heavenly Tribulation can he enter the Dongxu stage, where his yuanying and his soul can merge together. Only from this point can his yuanying leave his body, which makes him practically immortal.” Fengyuzi’s eyes glitter.

“Pity the 6-in-9 Major Heavenly Tribulation is too terrifying. Moreover, the 6-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation is not something everyone can encounter. To reach the Dongxu stage from the Yuanying stage, the practitioner’s soul must experience the most fundamental transformation. Many experts have reached the late Yuanying stage for several thousand years. Eventually they will only die if they can’t make a breakthrough in their souls and call down the 6-in-9 Major Heavenly Tribulation,” says Fengyuzi with a sigh.

Qin Yu’s mind is in turmoil.

A thousand years?

A Xiuzhenist’s lifespan is counted by the thousand and upon reaching the Dongxu stage he is practically immortal. What kind of world is that?


End of b2c15.

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