Stellar Transformations

Chapter 14

B1C14: High-speed transformations (1)

Thanks to his internal energy fusing with his flesh, Qin Yu’s flesh and bones immediately undergo transformations nonstop. Absorbing internal energy, the flexibility and toughness of the flesh as well as its potential continuously heighten. This allows Qin Yu’s body training to improve at such a fast speed which no one could have thought possible.

As time goes by……

Qin Yu’s overall power also increases at a very fast speed……

About a half year later.

Zhao Yunxing has left for a year. Qin Yu is already 10.

On the side of Mount Donglan, with eyes which look like those of a falcon, Qin Yu is staring forward while running in long strides. Bystanders basically cannot imagine that each of his arms is wearing a 5-jin iron piece of armor and each of his legs is wearing a 10-jin iron piece of armor. His iron undershirt also weighs about 20 jin.

Qin Yu is running at his fastest speed. He simply does not stop.

The difficulty of weight-carrying running varies depending on which body parts the weights are fastened to. If he only carries a weight on his back, at least his legs can still run a bit easily. But if there are more weights fastened to his arms and legs, the legs will require a great amount of his strength to run.

Also, this is the method Qin Yu uses to train the explosiveness of his arms.

With the top of the mountain already in sight, Qin Yu cannot help having a hint of a brilliant smile on his face.

‘For the last half year my strength has improved more than it did in over a year of training before. The muscles’ potential and toughness both have heightened greatly. Moreover, absorbing internal energy is much better for the muscles’ flexibility and toughness than the other training methods. Well, keep striving!’ Qin Yu’s eyes are full of excitement. For the last half year, he has been doing internal practice every day. Even though his dantian cannot accumulate internal energy, the flesh of his body has absorbed part of the dispersed internal energy.

At this moment, Qin Yu’s muscles’ explosiveness, flexibility, toughness and even potential have all increased quite a lot.

The 3 great internal experts who have always been following Qin Yu in secret are all extremely astounded.

These 3 great internal experts have always been safeguarding Qin Yu secretly. They have been worried that when Qin Yu trains alone he might get injured due to continuous running or faint. If something happened, they would spring to his aid. But for the last half year, they have only seen Qin Yu raise the level of his training nonstop. The degrees by which the training load increased even shocked the 3 great internal experts. However, Qin Yu has really been able to endure.

Under the waterfall,

Still carrying the same weights as before, Qin Yu is standing in a horse stance under the waterfall, enduring the constant attack of the water.


Under the attack of the waterfall, Qin Yu is punching continuously at a very fast speed while uttering low shouts. His punches are fast like lightning and every punch hits the water. This is how Qin Yu is training the offensive force of his arms. The water sprays are being scattered around even more due to his attacks. Sunlight shines down on them, creating dazzling 7-colored rays of light.

Once Qin Yu takes a horse stance, he is as stable as an old pine.

‘When the weights increased, the pressure on the legs really increased a lot.’ Qin Yu nips his lips and tries hard to make his legs stand more stably.

At this moment, not only are Qin Yu’s legs enduring the hitting force of the waterfall, they are also enduring the pressure of the weights on his body, so it is extremely hard for him to persist. But carrying the weights also increase the force of gravity on Qin Yu, stabilizing his center of gravity quite a lot. Under the constant attack of the waterfall, Qin Yu’s legs endure more and more pressure.

If he wants to reach his limits, he must persevere.

Reaching the peak of his physical limits, Qin Yu feels clearly warm streams coming out from the depths of his muscles one after another. Thanks to them, his legs have strength again. Because his flesh has been absorbing internal energy, every time Qin Yu transcends his limits like this time, he feels that the released strength is considerably greater than in the past. This has also enabled him to progress much faster.


Qin Yu is sitting with eyes closed and legs crossed on the table. He continuously absorbs the universe’s holy energy, changes it into internal energy and channels it into the dantian. Soon afterwards, the internal energy disperses and goes away in all directions. But Qin Yu’s trained muscles still absorb it nonstop like a hungry and thirsty traveller on the road.

After a night, Qin Yu opens his eyes.

‘Just as I thought, when the training load increases, the amount of internal energy absorbed by the muscles also increases. Today the amount of internal energy absorbed is about a fifth of the total.’ Qin Yu’s face is full of excitement. His internal energy disperses very fast. Most of it disperses into the air and only a very small part is absorbed. It is already a very high proportion that he can absorb a fifth of the total at the moment.

Qin Yu suddenly gets up. He immediately feels that his whole body is full of power.

As the internal energy is absorbed into the flesh, it greatly heightens the potential of the flesh.

‘A new day has come. Let’s continue training,’ smiles Qin Yu, then dashes out of the room.


Training day after day, Qin Yu’s body has also been changing quietly. As his age increases, he has reached puberty!


This is the stage during which the human body develops at a very fast speed physically.

Immediately, Qin Yu’s appetite increases greatly, enabling his various bodily functions to improve even faster. The whole year from age 10 to age 11 was the year during which Qin Yu progressed the most in the last 3 years of training. During this year, his bones grew and his muscles developed. Moreover, the amount of internal energy his flesh absorbed increased a lot every day.

Qin Yu is 11 now. He has reached about 1.6 m in height. His overall power can be said to have increased exponentially.

On the training ground, Qin Yu, dressed in black training clothes, sits down at his convenience, taking a very rare break.

Because he is wearing training clothes, just by looking at him, basically no one can tell that he is wearing two 10 jin arm guards on his arms, two 20 jin leg guards on his legs and a 40 jin undershirt. All in all, he is carrying 100 jin. However, to Qin Yu who has gone through 3 years of limit training, this is simply nothing.

‘This puny strength is still very far from alright.’ As soon as Qin Yu remembers the 8 external experts at that time, he feels he himself is sadly lacking in power. That Man Dong could lift 800 jin with one arm and carry 1000 jin easily with his whole body. Compared to him, Qin Yu is indeed much weaker.

However, Qin Yu forgets that he has only been training for 3 years. If he had not discovered the fantastic effects of internal practice after Zhao Yunxing left, it would have taken him a minimum of 6 or 7 years to reach his current level. Moreover, the path which Qin Yu takes is different from those of the other external experts.

To assess a body, not only does one need to look at strength, he also needs to look at many other things such as flexibility, toughness, agility, explosiveness, attack resistance, and so on.

Qin Yu’s strength is weaker than Man Dong’s. But in terms of speed alone, that wild man Man Dong is even inferior to Qin Yu because Qin Yu is extremely agile. Moreover, his body’s flexibility and toughness are also very good and far superior to ordinary external experts’.

How much water a wooden cask contains rests on its lowest plank rather than the highest. To keep a balance between different attributes is very important!

Qin Yu is sitting in a chair. At first glance, his whole body looks like that of a mighty leopard.

Thanks to 3 years of training, add to that his reaching puberty, Qin Yu is already 1.6 m tall now. He has also become a juvenile from a kid. Moreover, this is a juvenile who is even much more capable than ordinary adults. At the moment, this juvenile is contemplating.

‘Master said, in external practice, first I have to train until my body becomes perfect. Then I will learn different fighting techniques using this body. But close-quarters fighting techniques can’t be mastered in a mere day or two. I should start to learn them right now.’

Qin Yu’s eyes shine with wisdom.

For the last 3 years, he has read many medical books and other books in the study. The more books he read, the better his rationality became. And the way he considers a matter now is to the point. Thanks to that, he understands what Zhao Yunxing said at that time even more.

‘From now on, I’m going to use half of the daytime to train my body. During the other half I’m going to try to figure out my own offensive methods.’ Qin Yu suddenly stands up and leaves the training ground at once. He goes toward the study. His body is still carrying 100 jin of weights. During the 24 hours of a day, Qin Yu seems to never take off the weights, except when he has to take a bath.

The basics of a perfect body have already come into being. But how does he capitalize on this body to attack?

Zhao Yunxing has his own techniques. Qin Yu can certainly have his own custom-made techniques as well. Only the techniques which are created based on his body are the best, most powerful offensive techniques. What Qin Yu must do now is figure out this kind of offensive techniques!


End of b1c14.

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