Stellar Transformations

Chapter 13

B2C13: Forging grandmaster (3)

The black-clad middle-aged man examines for a long time, then, with his face full of extreme satisfaction, he turns to Qin Yu and exclaims in admiration: “Originally I thought this kind of priceless treasure could only be seen in the Immense Wilderness, the most dangerous place in the world. But 3rd Prince found this priceless treasure on the ordinary Dong Lan Mountain. This is really unbelievable.”

“I was just lucky,” says Qin Yu with a smile.

The black-clad middle-aged man turns to Lian Yan and says: “Senior Lian, since Mount Dong Lan had such a priceless treasure, you’ve searched again in the surroundings of this crystal, haven’t you?”

“Of course I searched.” Lian Yan shakes his head and says with a sigh: “But this kind of rare natural treasure can only be obtained by people with a predestined affinity with it. Xiao Yu found this treasure accidentally, but the several hundred experts I sent didn’t see a bit of ore even after turning the whole rocky forest over and shattering all the huge rocks.”

But Qin Feng says: “This flaming red crystal alone should already be enough for us. It was Xiao Yu’s destiny to find this flaming red crystal. So, when we searched again relentlessly, we shouldn’t be disheartened despite getting nothing.”

“That’s right. I’ve never heard of such a big chunk of first-class ore.” The black-clad middle-aged man stares at the flaming red crystal as if he is a cat looking at a fish.

“Mr. Hei, are you sure you can forge this flaming red crystal?” Qin Yu on one side asks. All the other people immediately stare at this forging grandmaster. Forging is not simple at all. Even when good materials are ready, it still requires a good forging expert.

East Vanquishing Prince actually had to pay a very high price in the past to obtain the services of this Mr. Hei. He has been staying in the princely mansion for over 10 years.

Mr. Hei shakes his head. All the others are stupefied.

“I can’t be certain without trying first.” With a grab, Mr. Hei takes off his black gown, revealing the naked top half of his body. He cannot help smiling slightly. It is only because he is extremely excited that he smiles. “It’s been a long time since I was in action with my entire power.”

“Bring me the Blue Flaming Water.” Mr. Hei gives an order.

“Yes!” A bare-chested large man immediately goes back to his room. After a while, he brings out a glass bottle. The bottle is containing a blue liquid. The strangest thing is that there is unexpectedly a light-colored layer of flames on the surface of this blue liquid.

Mr. Hei receives the glass bottle. Suddenly his hands start to redden. A heat flow starts to permeate through the air.

The eyes of the 3 bare-chested large men on one side all glitter.

“Master is finally getting into action. It’s been a very long time since we saw he was this serious.”

“Master’s Sky Burning Art has already reached the highest level. How formidable it is in action, I wonder?” The 3 large men are discussing with each other. These men are none other than Mr. Hei’s 3 personal disciples so naturally the East Vanquishing Prince mansion has placed emphasis on training them as well.

Qin Yu, Qin Feng, Qin Zheng, Lian Yan and Ge Min are all also watching this Mr. Hei.

Mr. Hei removes the glass bottle’s stopper. At the same time, he slightly tilts the bottle in his hand. The Blue Flaming Water immediately drops onto the flaming red crystal at once, causing a series of “ss ss” noises. The Blue Flaming Water is changing violently.

“This flaming red crystal is truly formidable. Even the Blue Flaming Water can’t leave a mark on it.” A disciple of Mr. Hei’s says in amazement.

After a while, that Blue Flaming Water has turned into a membrane which completely covers the flaming red crystal.

“Humph!” Mr. Hei utters a cold humph. His eyes suddenly glitter. His 2 hands immediately spew 2 streams of incandescent flames out directly onto the membrane on the surface of the flaming red crystal. That membrane is what the Blue Flaming Water changed into. However, the flaming red crystal unexpectedly remains unaffected.

“Martial brother, even Master’s Sky Burning Flames coupled with the Blue Flaming Water couldn’t leave a mark on it. How is this possible?” A disciple of Mr. Hei’s is shocked.

“Not even high-Xian-grade crystals can remain intact under Master’s Sky Burning Flames. This …” Another disciple also becomes doubtful.

The excitement in Mr. Hei’s eyes heightens. Suddenly his face becomes very red then turns ashen. At the same time the flames on his hands start to shrink. However, the temperature in the courtyard suddenly increases.

“So strong.” Qin Yu is shocked. He can totally feel how terrifying the flames are. In his mind, he has a feeling that … he is definitely no match for Mr. Hei. He even feels that the air in the entire courtyard has started to vibrate because of the high temperature.

Qin Yu’s guess is totally correct. Not only is this Mr. Hei a forging grandmaster, he has also reached the peak of the Xiantian level. He is one of the very best experts among East Vanquishing Prince’s subordinates.

“The special flames produced from Xiantian internal energy are much more formidable than ordinary flames. General Xian-grade ores can only be melted by flames like these.” Qin Yu praises Mr. Hei highly in his mind. But as soon as he takes a look at that flaming red crystal, he is dumbfounded.

Under such conditions, the flaming red crystal is still unimpaired.

“Humph!” Mr. Hei’s face suddenly blackens. “Bang!” With a loud bang, Mr. Hei’s entire body sends forth flames, which even burn away all of his clothes, except for his shorts. This pair of shorts is unexpectedly made of black gold threads.

Mr. Hei’s school obviously knew that when he utilized his internal energy to the utmost his whole body would send forth flames, therefore this black gold pair of shorts was passed down to him. Because they were knitted out of black gold threads, they are a real masterpiece. Only after saving for a long time did the elders in Mr. Hei’s school have that much black gold.

“That pair of shorts seems to be made of the same material as my black gold undershirt.” Qin Yu thinks to himself.

At the same time, the flames on Mr. Hei’s hands shrink even more, but they also become increasingly more incandescent. Heat waves start rolling in the entire courtyard one after another. All of the people around cannot help backing away a long distance.

“What flames! Even Xiantian experts’ bodies will be burnt up by them without leaving any ashes.” Qin Yu praises highly in his mind. Such flames can even melt Xian-grade ores, not to mention the human body.

Qin Yu and his 2 brothers, Lian Yan … and the 3 disciples as well all stare at the flaming red crystal, hoping that this crystal can melt. If it cannot even be melted, how are they going to forge something out of it? As every second goes by, everybody’s eyes totally focus on the flaming red crystal.

Suddenly —

“Pu!” Mr. Hei spits out a mouthful of blood. The color of his face changes from being black to very white. In an instant, the flames on his whole body disappear as well.

“Master!” A disciple from behind immediately hands clothes to him. After getting dressed, Mr. Hei looks at the flaming red crystal and lets out a deep sigh. Then he turns around, looks at Qin Yu and the other people and says: “Gentlemen, I have no way to deal with this flaming red crystal.”

Seeing that Mr. Hei’s face is so pale, everybody knows that this forging grandmaster has tried his best.

“How is this possible? Mr. Hei, didn’t you forge this superb high-Xian-grade weapon for me some years ago? How come you can’t even melt the crystal now?” Qin Feng, grasping the battle knife on his waist, asks Mr. Hei. When Qin Feng reached the Xiantian level, in order to reward him, Qin De had a chunk of a high-Xian-grade ore forged into a superb weapon and gave it to Qin Feng.

Mr. Hei looks at the battle knife, shakes his head and says with a smile: “Idiot, you still don’t get it? This is certainly because this flaming red crystal is already superior to the high Xian-grade.”

Startled, Qin Yu asks doubtfully: “Could it be the highest grade of ores isn’t the high Xian-grade?” In Qin Yu’s mind, weapons are divided into mundane-grade ones and Xian-grade ones. In theory, the high Xian-grade should represent the best quality possible. How can there still be something ranked higher than the high Xian-grade?

“All of you know nothing.” Mr. Hei’s eyes radiate loftiness.

In the forging business, he is definitely a figure at the top of the pyramid.

“That so-called division of weapons into the mundane grade and the Xian grade only applies to us mortals. I’m asking you, what weapons do Shangxian use? Humph, even a high-Xian-grade battle knife, when coming up against a Shangxian’s flying sword, will be pierced through easily like paper.” There is a hint of loftiness on the corners of Mr. Hei’s mouth.

Everybody present is immediately shocked.

That is true. Because Shangxian can hover on the 9th level of the sky and kill an enemy from thousands of li away, what must the grade of their weapons be? Actually, Qin Yu and the others have heard that those flying swords can fly extremely far and kill someone from thousands of li away and, moreover, not even high Xian-grade weapons can withstand them.

“Mundane grade and Xian grade are merely terms coined by us mortals. The scope of our understanding is only that big. It’s simply impossible for us to imagine the world of Shangxian. This flaming red crystal, if I guess correctly, should be a material to forge Shangxian weapons.” Staring at the flaming red crystal, Mr. Hei says very firmly.

Qin Yu looks at the flaming red crystal. It is still intact and emits a light red glow.

“What’s the use of this flaming red crystal? It can’t even be melted, how can it be forged into weapons?” Qin Feng shakes his head and says. Everybody, including Lian Yan and Qin Yu, has a powerless expression on his face. That is right. They cannot even melt it, how can they make weapons out of it?

Qin Yu shakes his head and says with a smile: “Forget it. When even Mr. Hei can’t melt it, there aren’t any people in the world who can melt and forge it.”

“Well, don’t be so disappointed, Third Prince. I have no way to melt it. But there’s still a real forging grandmaster who can melt and forge it,” says Mr. Hei with a smile. Hearing this, everyone looks at him in doubt, including his 3 disciples.

A real forging grandmaster?

“There’s still a forging grandmaster more capable than Mr. Hei?” Qin Zheng says doubtfully. All the people present are looking at Mr. Hei in doubt.

Mr. Hei says with a confident smile: “All of you don’t know about this so I’ll tell you a secret, but don’t spread it. Actually, not only is a Shangxian an invincible expert, at the same time … he is definitely a forging expert as well.”

“Oh?” All of the people present know that Shangxian are invincible and that their flying swords can kill people very easily. However, they do not know anything about Shangxian’s level in forging.

“All Shangxian can use a kind of flame. That flame is much more formidable than the flame of my internal energy. With that kind of flame, won’t it be very easy to forge a weapon? In fact, you’ll all understand if you think about it. Every Shangxian has at least a flying sword, but where do their flying swords come from? Could they be dropped from the sky, or are they forged?” Mr. Hei says to everyone in a mysterious manner.

Only now does everyone realize what he means.

“Right, I’ll send for Shangxian Fengyuzi at once,” says Lian Yan immediately.

However, Qin Yu looks up and gives a whistle. He then looks at everyone and says: “Xiao Hei has the fastest speed. Xiao Hei and I will go to invite Uncle Feng.” In a moment, a beam of black light shoots down directly from the sky. It is none other than the black eagle. Qin Yu gets on its back like a flash. The black eagle then utters an eagle cry and flies outward directly extremely fast.


End of b2c13.

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