Stealing The Protagonist’s Yandere Lovers

97 Successful Manipulation

Under the expectant eyes of both, I nodded.

‘Since this world is only focused on raising their physical strength to get strong, they lack the concept of any other form of energy. But with my practice, channelling some internal energy to her should be no big deal.’

“Help me get her sit-up.”

Radhika didn’t dare to be negligent and carefully held her mother’s waist from the other side as we made Michelle sit up.

“Now what?”

Radhika’s thoughts were mixed. Logically, she should have doubted Elandor’s words since he was a stranger but Elandor’s approach was too meticulous.

He cleverly attacked them by giving her hope that he could help her mother.

Even if the hope was fake or he was telling a lie, it still lowered their guard against Elandor.

After all, it is said hope is the most contagious thing of all human emotions.

“Just hold her firmly there is gonna be some pain which is a necessary part of treatment.”

Obeying my words Radhika held her mother firmly.

I placed one of my palms on Michelle’s chest and placed the other on her back.

With some concentration, I let the energy slowly channel from my body inside hers, then I guided it to flow steadily inside her.

“Aaah”, Michelle groaned in pain.

“Mother, it’s okay…just hold on”, Radhika held her mother’s arms from shaking me off.

Her meridians were badly clogged and it took me an effort to channel the energy correctly.

The beads of sweat and my panting breathing were evidence of how hard of a job it was.

The treatment went through for 30 minutes.

“I am exhausted.”

Breathing heavily, I separated my palms from Michelle’s body.

By this time, my entire clothes were drenched in sweat.

There was a layer of impurities all over Michelle’s skin.

“You should be feeling a lot better now? Try standing up?”

Hearing my remarks, under Radhika’s bewildered eyes, Michelle slowly got up on her feet.

“Im-impossible, I can stand again on my own?”


Tears of happiness started pouring out from her once hopeless eyes.

“Wow Mother, are you cured?”

-unable to hold back her excitement Radhika held her mother’s hands and started jumping out.

“Hey, easy! Your mother is only slightly better than before, she needs at least 4-5 times the same treatment I did just now over a period of 3 weeks.”

“Only then can she fully recover.”

Feeling inexplicably so happy, Radhika came and held my hands in gratitude.please visit panda(-)

pA n,dan(-)0ve1.c0m “Thank you Sir Elandor, without your help we would have lost all hope.”

Like Radhika, Michelle was too filled with gratitude.

“Yes, it’s our greatest luck that Shouta had a friend like you.”

But soon both of their faces became saddened.

“B-but we are sorry, we know that such treatment must have cost you a lot. We don’t have anything to pay you back”, Michelle started weeping once again.

“Aunty it’s okay, didn’t I say that I already think of Shouta as one of my dearest friends. I already think of you as part of my family.”

“Saying such words, will only sadden my heart that both of you don’t consider me part of such a beautiful family.”

“No-No brother, you did such an important thing to us without any bad thoughts. Mother, how can we alienate such a person.”

“Yes, you are right my dear daughter. Elandor, you let me stand on my foot once again without asking for anything. Your place is no different than a son in my heart.”

Seeing them lower their guard against me even further I rejoiced further in my heart.

‘This is perfect, the strategy to treat her over time will help me to ask the next thing.’

‘But I still don’t understand the fact? With Claire’s investigation, this Shouta guy is living merrily, drinking in bars at night with bad guys and even earning some decent money….but why has he not sent any financial help to his family? Did he really feel too disgusted by his mother who he thought had no hope of getting well and completely gave up on her? Fuck! That Shouta guy has been smiling so happily and chasing girls every day instead of calling home and asking what is happening to them!’

‘I got it, that after he becomes a successful and capable person he will come back and help this younger sister and mother, after all, that’s how the plot-armour is! The protagonist’s halo must never be underestimated. But till he becomes successful, must the sister and mother suffer?’

‘This is such hypocritical behaviour, that’s why I don’t like these so-called protagonists.’

“What happened Elandor?”

“Why are you looking so blankly?”

Radhika’s question brought me back to reality.

I knew if right now I asked for anything that won’t affect their bottom line, they would agree to it immediately.

This was what I wanted when I came here in the first place.

The fact that I could cure Michelle and gain their trust was something completely unexpected and a bonus.

“Well since I am already like a son in your heart…”

“…..I do have a request that only both of you can fulfil.

Taking a slight pause, I finally spoke the plan I had in my mind.

Seeing me still hesitating to speak, Radhika was first to respond.

“Elandor, feel free to speak. As long it is something within our capacity, we will definitely fulfil your request.”


“Actually, it’s pretty simple. I live alone in the hostel outside the university. In fact, the place where I live is very big, plus it also has an attached kitchen and bathroom. It’s really quite spacious~”

It was as I said, I had indeed bought the most expensive living place in the entire hostel.

I still remember the gatekeeper asking me why I bought a room which had space for 4-5 rooms inside. He said I was wasting my money. At that time, I remembered, I told him that I loved to live in a spacious environment. Never knew it would come in handy.

“According to rules I am allowed to let one of my family members accompany me and because I bought the most expensive room which is equivalent to buying 4-5 hostel rooms indirectly, I am even allowed to let a maid live with me.”

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