Starting With One Million Luck Points

Chapter 988 - regret  

Chapter 988: Chapter 988-regret

She couldn’t help but curse in her heart!

Could it be that the group of bastards went back on their word and came back to capture him?

The gray-haired man had risked his life to save her life. If she were to be captured again, wouldn’t that be a waste of the gray-haired man’s painstaking efforts?

When she thought of this, Jonina immediately used the last of her strength and jumped into the deep pool in the cave, preparing to hide herself temporarily.

Her combat uniform was already in tatters, so she could no longer hide her aura.

He could only rely on the advantage of the surrounding environment to conceal himself.

When she thought of this, Jonina jumped into the cold pond without hesitation.

There was no light in the deep pool in the cave, so the water in the pool was bone-chillingly cold, just like ice. It made people feel cold all over, as if they were frozen.

Even though it was so painful, Jonina did not dare to make a sound. She hid in the pool and did not dare to climb out.

The icy cold water of the pond continuously gushed against Jonina’s body. The wounds on her body were also stimulated to the point that they were in unbearable pain.

Jonina’s face gradually turned pale, but she still did not dare to make a sound. She could only bite her lips tightly, her entire body trembling, not daring to make a sound.

As the footsteps got closer and closer, Jonina’s breathing gradually became more nervous and uneasy.

She held her breath and listened carefully to the voice, which was getting closer and closer to her.

The next second, she saw a figure appear at the entrance. It was Zhou Hao!

The moment Qiao Nina saw Zhou Hao, all her defenses, nervousness, and uneasiness were instantly dispelled.

She immediately shouted at Zhou Hao,”Zhou Hao, it’s me, I’m Jonina!”

After she finished speaking, Jonina tried her best to climb out of the cold pond.

However, perhaps it was because she had been soaking in the cold pool for a long time, she could not exert any strength at all. She only felt that her whole body was stiff and she could not exert any strength.

Seeing that Jonina was about to fall into the cold pond due to her lack of energy, Zhou Hao immediately rushed over and grabbed Jonina’s arm, pulling her out of the pond.

Jonina was lying on the ground, choking on a few mouthfuls of water. She looked extremely pathetic and weak.

Her wound was still bleeding. Seeing this, Zhou Hao immediately took out a pill from his storage space and fed it to Jonina.

Fortunately, the pill melted in her mouth. Even if Jonina was in a dazed state, she could just swallow it without chewing.

After the pill entered her mouth, the wounds on Jonina’s body started to heal at a speed that was visible to the naked eye.

Zhou Hao finally heaved a sigh of relief when he saw this.

He picked up some firewood in the cave. After starting a fire, he put Jonina aside so that she could feel a little warmer.

After about half an hour, Jonina finally opened her eyes in a daze and woke up.

When she saw Zhou Hao sitting beside her, her expression suddenly changed to surprise and joy. Then, she became extremely excited and said in a choked voice,””Zhou Hao, is that you? is that really you?”

As she spoke, Jonina suddenly stood up and hugged Zhou Hao tightly.

Zhou Hao’s face turned red and he quickly comforted her,””It’s me, it’s me. Don’t worry, I’ve brought the Milky Way star back. ”

“That’s good …”

When Jonina heard that Zhou Hao had already obtained the Milky Way star, her face lit up with joy. She then said excitedly,””It’s good that you got it. Zhou Hao, you’re really good. You even managed to defeat the mutated black bear.”

Jonina was immersed in her excitement. For a moment, she had actually forgotten about her sorry state.

“Right, where’s Xiao Hui?”

Zhou Hao looked around and did not see the gray-haired man. He could not help but ask,””And why are you here? why are you in such a sorry state?”

After saying this short sentence, Jonina’s expression immediately became nervous and uneasy.

She grabbed Zhou Hao’s arm anxiously and said,””Not good, something has happened, something big has happened!”

“Xiao Hui was taken away by that group of people. They know that you went to find Milky Way star, so they captured us on purpose and wanted to use us to threaten you.”

“It’s Xiao Hui. He gave himself up and led them to the Flying Ship in exchange for them to let me go …”

As Jonina spoke, the tears on her face rolled down her face. She looked extremely aggrieved and panicked, and she could not even speak properly.

After hearing these words, Zhou Hao’s expression suddenly became extremely serious.

His eyes were filled with solemness. Then, he slowly opened his mouth and said, word by word,””It seems that this group of people has already planned it out. They are the Mantis stalking the cicada, unaware of the Oriole behind.”

“Is there any way to save him?”

Jonina’s face was filled with tears and her voice started to choke up as she asked anxiously.

“Don’t worry, I’ll find a way. ”

Zhou Hao’s eyes were filled with determination. He looked at Jonina and said, word by word, in a comforting manner,””Don’t worry, it’s not a big deal. I have a way to save him. ”

“Isn’t he on the other side of the spaceship? let’s go and find him now.”

When Jonina heard this, she nodded. Her heart that was hanging in the air finally settled down.

At this moment, under Zhou Hao’s careful care, she had almost recovered. She immediately said to Zhou Hao,””Alright, let’s go and find him now!”

Looking at Qiao Nina’s anxious expression, Zhou Hao knew that she was a good girl.

Even though she had schemed against Leiting and caused its death, it was undeniable that Jonina had only done so for the sake of her people.

When he thought of this, Zhou Hao’s approval of Jonina was now much higher than before.

After all, how bad could a person who would really consider her friends and family be? everything she did was just for the sake of her friends.

At that thought, Zhou Hao immediately took out a combat suit from his inventory and handed it to Jonina.

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