Starting With One Million Luck Points

Chapter 976 - intimidation  

Chapter 976: Chapter 976-intimidation

Zhou Hao furrowed his brows and thought for a moment. Then, he smiled and slowly said,””It seems like the mutants who want to kill you are already on their way here.”

That short sentence made Liang Wenyuan’s entire body tense up.

He was shocked and looked at Zhou Hao in fear. His breathing began to Quicken.

“I … I … I …”

Looking at Zhou Hao’s reaction, Liang Wenyuan, who was in front of him, only smiled gently. Then, he waved his hand and said anxiously,””Save me! Are you going to watch me die like this?”

This short sentence made the gray-haired man’s face become even more proud. Then, he slowly said,””It’s very simple. Didn’t my boss just say it?”

“As long as you’re willing to give us your treasure, we’ll definitely save you. We won’t go back on our word. But if you’re not willing, don’t blame us for not showing you any mercy.”

After Liang Wenyuan heard it, his face suddenly became anxious. Cold sweat dripped from his forehead. Then, he said in fear,””Alright, I’ll give it, I’ll give it to you, alright?”

“But … You guys have to let me go first before I can take the things, right?”

After Zhou Hao heard this, he smiled and nodded. He immediately Cut the Rope that was tied around him.

Liang Wenyuan didn’t know how long he had been locked up here. As soon as the rope broke, he seemed to have lost all his strength and fell to the ground.

He took deep breaths and suddenly took out a pill from the storage dimension and threw it into his mouth. A moment later, he had recovered his mental power and energy.

Seeing this, the gray-haired man walked over with a look of dissatisfaction. He then said anxiously,””Aren’t you going to hurry up and take out the thing?”

However, before the gray-haired man could finish his sentence, Liang Wenyuan quickly started the aircraft and prepared to escape.

“You want to run?”

Zhou Hao had his eyes on Liang Wenyuan for a long time. How could this kid’s every move escape his eyes?

Just a second before Liang Wenyuan started the aircraft, Zhou Hao kicked the aircraft at his waist. The next second, Liang Wenyuan staggered and fell to the ground.

However, this was not the end. Zhou Hao stepped on Liang Wenyuan’s chest and looked down at him. He said coldly,””You still dare to play mind games with me, don’t you?”

“Alright, since you don’t want to leave, then you might as well stay here.”

Zhou Hao’s actions were extremely Swift. He immediately subdued Liang Wenyuan and used the magnetic key to open Liang Wenyuan’s storage space. Then, he quickly took out the treasures inside.

“Stop, you guys, stop …”

Liang Wenyuan’s chest was stepped on, and a large amount of blood seeped out of the corner of his mouth. Even the veins on his forehead were popping out. His breathing began to become rapid, and then he opened his mouth and begged,””I was wrong, I won’t dare to do it again!”

“Please save me … I’m no match for these mutants …” He begged.

Liang Wenyuan continued to plead, but Qiao Nina suddenly grabbed Zhou Hao’s hand and said in a serious tone,””Zhou Hao, after you get the item, leave immediately. Don’t worry about this kid.”

“This brat really knows how to scheme. If we let him live, he’ll definitely find another chance to scheme against us in the future. We can’t let this happen.”

The gray-haired man couldn’t help but nod after hearing this. He said,””Yes, boss, I think Mr. Zhou is right!”

“If we really keep this kid, he might take advantage of the situation to plot against us. We’ll be in big trouble then.”

After he said this, Liang Wenyuan’s expression suddenly became anxious. He was so anxious that tears were about to flow out. Then, he began to plead.

Zhou Hao glanced at Liang Wenyuan indifferently. Then, without hesitation, he kicked Liang Wenyuan’s body heavily, sending him flying.

Liang Wenyuan wailed in pain. Zhou Hao did not continue to care about her. Instead, he stood up and said to Qiao Nina and the gray-haired man,””Let’s go,”he said.

In the distance, the ground was still shaking.

This meant that there were still a lot of mutants chasing after them because of the two mutated beasts ‘information.

Jonina was so nervous that the cold sweat on her forehead was about to fall. She really did not expect this to happen.

“Mr. Zhou, we’re in danger,” she couldn’t help but ask anxiously.

“Not necessarily,”

Zhou Hao looked around and said in a serious tone,””Perhaps this is a good thing for us.”

“After all, we’re going to Milky Way star’s barrier. The fewer mutants there, the better. That way, we’ll have enough time to get Milky Way star.”

Jonina’s expression relaxed a little after she heard that.

The three of them started the aircraft and quickly headed towards the location of Milky Way star’s barrier.

Ten minutes later, the three of them arrived. They quickly placed the treasures in their hands on the nine pillars.

However, after he put it on, the barrier still existed and there was no change.

When she saw this, Jonina’s expression immediately became hesitant.

She couldn’t help but look around in confusion. Then, she said,””This is strange. Why can’t it be opened? could it be that we guessed wrong and the method to open the barrier isn’t this at all?”

“No, that’s the way. But we’ve overlooked the most important point, which is the order in which these treasures were placed on the spaceship.”

Zhou Hao’s expression darkened. He then looked at Jonina with a frown and said,””Do you still remember where you placed this treasure when you took it?”

“I remember, boss! My position is here!”

The gray-haired man immediately switched the treasure in his hand with one of Jonina’s treasures. He then said anxiously,””Miss Qiao, do you still remember where you were?”

“It’s a little fuzzy, but I’ll try my best!”

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