Starting With One Million Luck Points

Chapter 47 - Luck Points, Here I Come!

Chapter 47: Luck Points, Here I Come!

“What? Commander Zhao, you actually have such a precious thing on you?”

Sensing the aura, President He and the others turned their gazes to the green crystal.

Zhou Hao was puzzled as to what the Life Stone was, but he did not say anything.

Commander Zhao stared at the Life Stone and said with a sigh, “I was lucky to obtain one when I was adventuring in the depths of the wilderness.”

President He and the others looked at Commander Zhao in envy.

“The Life Stone is extremely rare. Not only can it improve one’s genes and increase one’s lifespan, but it can also subtly increase one’s control of the body. With it, one will definitely be able to reach peak-level grandmaster and even break through to a higher level!” Grandmaster Yu couldn’t help but say.

Commander Zhao nodded. “That’s right. It’s precisely because I relied on the Life Stone that I slowly improved to a high-level grandmaster. However, my potential has already reached its peak. It’s very difficult for me to rely on the Life Stone to continue breaking through!”

“I took it out as a reward for this cleanup operation.”

Upon hearing this, President He and the other grandmasters were excited.

“Commander Zhao, may I know how to obtain it?” a grandmaster asked immediately. After all, there was only one Life Stone and they all wanted it.

Commander Zhao smiled. “It’s very simple. The cleanup operation will divide us into four teams. If you include me and Old Zhou, there will be a total of six groups. Whichever group cleans up the most shadow insects will receive the Life Stone.”

The other grandmasters heaved a sigh of relief when they heard this.

In terms of numbers of foreign beasts they could kill, they were definitely inferior to Commander Zhao and Zhou Hao.

But if it was killing shadow insects, things would be different.

It had to be known that shadow insects were the most secretive type of insect beast in the Insect Race. Even the city’s detection equipment was unable to detect them. The grandmasters could only barely detect a trace with their senses.

Therefore, killing the shadow insects was similar to grinding stone. It relied on hard work and luck, and strength did not matter as much.

“I didn’t know that the Life Stone could improve the body.” Zhou Hao couldn’t help but feel excited. His father’s work environment was terrible and his body had been severely injured. Zhou Hao had always been worried about how to improve his father’s body. Now, after finding out that the Life Stone had such a miraculous effect, he knew it would be able to help his father.

“Any objections?” Commander Zhao looked around.

No one said anything.

“Alright, in that case, let’s do it this way. In a while, I’ll get the Intelligence Department to distribute a detailed map of the wilderness area to the screens on each of your arms. Everyone, establish a common channel to facilitate communication.”

Zhou Hao’s Black Tortoise Set was also equipped with technological equipment and was much more advanced than other armors. Therefore, Zhou Hao was not worried that he would not be able to connect to the channel.

Di di.

The channel was successfully established, and the detailed map was sent to the arm screen.

Zhou Hao opened it and saw a dense map of the wilderness areas outside the city. Among them, general-level demons and insect beasts were marked with blue circles.

King-level demon beasts and insect beasts were marked with red circles.

There weren’t any foreign beasts stronger than king-level demon beasts in the wilderness outside the Huadong City.

“Let’s go now!”

The group soared into the sky one after another.

The other Battalion Commanders at the Eastern Station defense line looked enviously.

Area 217.

This was a canyon area with extremely deep canyons.

Waves of cold wind mixed with low roars were constantly emitted. Even ordinary grandmasters did not dare to approach.

Especially in the middle of the night, there was not a single hunting team around.


Zhou Hao landed here. There were a total of more than two hundred regions in the wilderness area of the Huadong City. Among them, there were only thirty plus regions with king-level demon beasts.

Among them, the Iron Tooth Dragon Alligator in the Red Swamp Forest had already been killed by him.

The area with king-level demon beasts closest to them was Area 217.

Zhou Hao, who wanted to save time, naturally chose to travel to this canyon first.

“Luck points, here I come !” He was in no hurry to find the shadow insects. After all, it was too difficult for him to find them.


As he rushed down with an afterimage, the blood essence in his body emitted a bang. A powerful and terrifying pressure suddenly swept through the entire valley like a storm.


A shocking roar immediately sounded from the darkness of the gorge.

Zhou Hao could clearly sense the bloody aura of the king-level demon beasts that swept over from all directions.

“An intermediate king-level demon general, a Four-Winged Shadow Leopard!” Although Zhou Hao did not see the shadow of the demon beast, his eyes narrowed.

The Four-Winged Shadow Leopard was clearly a flying demon beast and was extremely fast.

Usually, even high-level grandmasters like Commander Zhao did not dare to rashly provoke them. Unless a peak-level grandmaster was extremely fast, they were also unable to do anything to a Four-Winged Shadow Leopard.


Suddenly, a sharp wind blade that contained cold killing intent slashed through the air from the side, heading straight for Zhou Hao.

“I was waiting for you to take action!” A smile appeared on Zhou Hao’s face as he disappeared from his spot in the blink of an eye.


When he appeared again, he had appeared in front of a huge monster.

It was the Four-Winged Shadow Leopard!

Sensing Zhou Hao’s figure, the Four-Winged Shadow Leopard’s wings slashed over like blades.

However, Zhou Hao reacted in time.

The blood essence in his body surged furiously, and the saber in his hand flashed with a cold light.

The Four-Winged Shadow Leopard’s wings were sliced apart as if it had been cut by laser.


The Four-Winged Shadow Leopard roared in pain. It instinctively wanted to pull away from Zhou Hao, but it was stunned to see Zhou Hao suddenly appear in front of its head.


The sharp saber beam carried a death aura as it sliced through everything in front of Zhou Hao.

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