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Chapter 45 - Coward

Chapter 45: Coward

After a long while, Chief Zhao sighed with emotion. “If I didn’t see it with my own eyes, I really wouldn’t believe that there was such a genius in this world!”

He Biao nodded heavily and chimed in, “That’s right. That saber technique is simply shocking. His movement technique is also unpredictable!”

Zhen Hong smiled bitterly. “I’m good at using sabers and have also created my own saber secret techniques. I was originally quite proud, but compared to this student, I feel that my saber techniques are too uncoordinated and too trashy.”

The other grandmasters nodded in agreement.

“Old Shen, I was wrong about you!” Commander Zhao patted Shen Jing’s shoulder.

Shen Jing shook his head. “Commander Zhao, it’s not your fault. Even I wouldn’t have believed it.”

Commander Zhao’s eyes revealed excitement. “The heavens have given a chance for us humans. For such a peerless genius to appear, as long as we nurture him well, he will definitely overpower the foreign races when he grows up!”

“That’s right. We have to nurture him well!” The other grandmasters chimed in.

Shen Jing sighed. “Chief Zhao, the sudden attack on Qu City High School this time is probably because the foreign races obtained information regarding the genius. That was why they were willing to pay a price to infiltrate.”

Commander Zhao was stunned for a moment before his expression darkened. He said angrily, “I was wondering why the Insect Race suddenly attacked the southern station of the city last night. It was very suspicious. I understand now. Their true goal was to cover for the Demon Race and infiltrate the base.”

He Biao could not help but say, “Commander Zhao, the only insects in the Insect Race that can conceal their detection are the shadow insects. To prevent them from infiltrating the defensive line again, we have to take action.”

“Moreover, since the Insect Race has failed this time, they will definitely realize the potential of that peerless genius. I’m afraid that the next attack will be even more terrifying!”

Shen Jing’s heart tightened as he hurriedly looked at Commander Zhao.

“Don’t worry, I won’t let anything like this happen again!” Commander Zhao gritted his teeth. “Old Shen, I’ll leave the nurturing of the genius to you. Also, Zhen Hong, you’ll be holding down the fort in Qu City for the time being. If anything happens, you can immediately provide support!”

Zhen Hong nodded. He knew very well the seriousness of the matter. If not for that peerless genius, the entire Qu City would probably have been turned into ruins.

On the ground floor of the school’s hall, the lights shone on the dense crowd of students.

However, other than the year one students who were afraid, the year three students were all excited.

“How powerful!”

“He suppressed the high-level demon generals and the insect beast the entire time!”

“I’ve decided. This peerless genius will be my idol from now on!”

“The commotion outside seems to have stopped. Has the battle ended?”

Many students discussed in low voices. Even if the teachers berated them, they still couldn’t suppress the excitement in their hearts. They could not wait to share what had happened at the training grounds with other people.

After all, every student here felt deep pride for being able to witness the rise of such a shocking peerless genius!

In the auditorium, participating students in standard armor were leaning against the window.

They did not open their masks until the roars of the training grounds disappeared.

Not long after, the school leaders ran over.

“Students, the battle has ended. The foreign races have all been killed. The grandmasters of the city have also rushed over. There’s nothing to be afraid of now!” The dean shouted excitedly.

“Tch, we’re not afraid!”

“That’s right. I even killed a beast warrior with my own hands!”

“What’s there to be afraid of? We still have that year three genius. Even if a few more high-level demon generals came, they still wouldn’t be a match for us!”

“That’s right. Those foreign beasts should be considered lucky to have suffered so few casualties.”

They all flattered the genius and sounded as if they had been the ones that killed the high-level demon generals.

Xu Ling kept looking around. Seeing that Zhou Hao was not around, she asked anxiously, “Zhang Yi, did you see Zhou Hao?”

Zhang Yi was also looking for Zhou Hao. “No, it was too chaotic just now.”

Xu Ling was stunned.

She couldn’t help but wonder if Zhou Hao was that peerless genius. However, she quickly shook her head and dismissed it.

Zhou Hao had just broken through to the first level of blood essence, so how could he be that peerless genius?

However, Xu Ling was still worried when she didn’t see Zhou Hao. She couldn’t help but shout, “Zhou Hao, Zhou Hao…”

“I’m over here.”

A gust of wind blew past the window and Zhou Hao quickly appeared in the crowd of students.

When Xu Ling saw Zhou Hao, she was furious. “Where the hell were you?”

Of course, Zhou Hao wouldn’t say that he had gone to kill high-level demon generals. He laughed dryly and said, “I was too afraid. I went to the toilet behind the auditorium and hid for a while. I just entered from the back door.”

As soon as he said this, many students around laughed.


“What a waste of your standard armor.”

“He actually hid in the washroom. What a weirdo.”

Laughter rose and fell.

Xu Ling’s appearance and figure were all top-notch. Previously, when facing high-level beast warriors, she was the first to stand up, making countless students feel admiration.

Therefore, many people couldn’t help but feel jealous when they saw Xu Ling being so anxious about Zhou Hao.

Zhang Yi was indignant. “Stop laughing at Zhou Hao. You guys were just as scared! When Xu Ling stepped forward, only a third of you guys responded. Hmph, if not for the peerless genius behind her stepping forward to stop the crisis, the rest of you would definitely have escaped faster than a rabbit!”

Most of the students who were sneering at Zhou Hao fell silent. They did not dare to refute.

After all, they couldn’t say anything after seeing that Zhang Yi’s armor was covered in blood.

Xu Ling glared at Zhou Hao. In front of so many students, she chose not to say anything mean.

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