Starting With One Million Luck Points

Chapter 43 - Massacre

Chapter 43: Massacre

Countless students shouted crazily, their eyes revealing worship and gratitude.

Seeing that there was no danger, Xu Zhenhua and some leaders rushed to the training ground and helped Shen Jing up.

“Cough cough…”

Shen Jing took off his armor and mask, his face covered in blood.

“Quick, get some water and a towel!” The bureau leader shouted.

With Zhou Hao in front, it was indeed much easier for them. They even had the time to deal with other matters.

Shen Jing waved his hand and endured the pain. “I, I’m fine. Quick, evacuate the students first. Move them away to prevent any accidents!”

Only then did the bureau leaders react. They immediately sent the teachers to organize the students to quickly leave the training grounds.

Many students were unwilling to leave. They wanted to see the peerless genius kill the high-level demon generals with their own eyes, but under the intense pressure of the teachers and martial artists, they still left obediently.

Almost all of the beast warriors that surged out from the tunnel had been killed by Zhou Hao alone. Therefore, the remaining participating students also moved away one after another.

Department Director Hong held Shen Jing and blamed himself. “I didn’t expect such an accident to happen.”

Shen Jing shook his head. “It’s not your fault. The Insect Race must have worked extremely hard to infiltrate the school by avoiding the defense line of the base.”

As he spoke, he looked at Zhou Hao, who was still fighting the two demon generals, and said in a low voice, “He’s that genius, he’s definitely that peerless genius! I was right to come this time. Judging from his aura, he seems to be still in the martial artist stage, but his combat strength is extremely strong. Furthermore, I’ve never seen such a saber technique. It has the shadow of the Shadow Saber Stance, but it’s definitely much stronger!”

Department Director Hong could not help but be shocked. “Instructor, you… you’re saying that he suppressed the two high-level demon generals with his saber?”


Shen Jing nodded heavily and exclaimed, “His saber technique seems to be of a high level, and his movement technique is also unpredictable. Although the two high-level demon generals are fierce and powerful, they can’t even catch up to him.”

“Indeed, his movement technique is shocking!”

Department Director Hong agreed. Although he could not tell what was going on with the saber, he still knew how impressive the mysterious movement technique was.

After all, it had been three to four minutes since this peerless genius had attacked, but the two high-level demon generals had yet to injure him in the slightest.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The battle continued as more and more saber injuries appeared on the Three-Eyed Demon Tiger and the Black Scale Demon Python.

They constantly let out shocking roars of pain and chased after Zhou Hao crazily, smashing the surrounding buildings around the training grounds into pieces.

Zhou Hao’s heart ached when he saw this. After all, the school had worked hard to build those buildings.

“Damn it. If not for the fact that I don’t want to be exposed, I would have killed you guys long ago… However, you guys won’t be able to last much longer either!” The saber in his hand was too low-level, and he had only been able to break through the two demon generals’ defense because he had used a little of his own strength.

Zhou Hao did not dare to use too much strength. This was because the saber could not withstand his full strength. He could only limit his strength and take it slow.

As time passed, the two high-level demon generals became slower and slower.

Since they were intelligent beings, they gradually regained their senses and calmed down from the intense pain.

Therefore, after missing their last attack, they immediately changed directions and rushed towards the tunnels on the training ground.

Seeing this, Zhou Hao sneered. “You want to escape?”

If these two beasts had tried to escape from the beginning, he really wouldn’t have been able to do anything because he wouldn’t want his identity to be exposed.

But things were different now.


After giving chase, Zhou Hao raised his saber and slashed at the Black Scale Demon Python’s head with a flash.

The Black Scale Demon Python, which was slow to react, was slashed in the scarred neck area and was cut into two. Its huge body smashed heavily into the training ground.

The Three-Eyed Demon Tiger not far away was so frightened that its soul flew out as it rushed crazily towards the tunnel.

After killing the Black Scale Demon Python, Zhou Hao chased after the Three-Eyed Demon Tiger.

Seeing the Three-Eyed Demon Tiger jump into the tunnel, he followed without hesitation.

“Be careful!”

Shen Jing’s shout sounded from the training grounds, but Zhou Hao didn’t care at all. He chased after the Three-Eyed Demon Tiger along the tunnel and directly slashed with his saber when he saw its butt.


The Three-Eyed Demon Tiger roared in pain.

Zhou Hao did not show any mercy. He continued to slash with his saber and the Three-Eyed Demon Tiger fell in the end.


After killing the Three-Eyed Demon Tiger, his ears twitched. He sensed the Iron Armor Worm that was the first to escape. The latter was not slow and was drilling crazily.

Without hesitation, he gave chase at full speed.

Two to three minutes later, he found the swollen body of the Iron Armor Worm.

As if sensing Zhou Hao’s aura, the escaping Iron Armor Worm started to speed up.

Unfortunately, it was only a high general-level insect beast. Even if it burrowed into the ground, it would still be unable to outrun Zhou Hao, who had peak-level combat strength.

Soon, the Iron Armor Worm died miserably under Zhou Hao’s saber.

At this point, the three high-level general-level foreign beasts that had attacked Qu City High School had all been killed by Zhou Hao!

Standing beside the corpse of the Iron Armor Worm, Zhou Hao opened the virtual screen and scanned the luck points.

Luck Points: 67,200 (Current level: overwhelming luck)

“Not bad!”

In total, all the foreign beasts had contributed nearly 70,000 luck points. Furthermore, Zhou Hou also got the chance to test out the strength of his “Shadow Seven Sabers”.

The saber secret technique improved by the silver mystery box was indeed very powerful. The effects were even stronger than he had imagined!

It had to be known that Zhou Hou had suppressed his strength the entire time and only relied on his saber to kill two high-level demon generals and a general-level insect beast!

Suddenly, he sensed movement in the tunnel.

It was the aura of a human grandmaster!

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