Starting With One Million Luck Points

Chapter 31

Chapter 31: Advancing To Supervisor

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“District Head Wu, you’ve arrived?” Supervisor Han saw Wu Tao and immediately went up to welcome him warmly.

Yan Xue was the same. She smiled as she welcomed him. “Mayor Wu…”

However, Wu Tao ignored the two of them and walked straight to Zhou Hao. He asked nervously, “My friend, may I ask if you were the one who killed the two low-level demon generals, the Red Spot Python and the Iron Tooth Alligator, yesterday in the Red Swamp Forest?”

Zhou Hao hesitated for a moment and nodded. “Yes, what’s wrong?”

Wu Tao was excited. His hands were trembling. “Did… did you also kill an Iron Tooth Dragon Alligator?”

He stared intently at Zhou Hao, afraid that he would not answer.

Zhou Hao fell silent.

Supervisor Han and Yan Xue, who were behind Wu Tao, were stunned.

This was the Iron Tooth Dragon Alligator they were talking about!

That was a king-level demon beast.

Only high-level grandmasters could kill such a powerful beast!

Was this person in red armor actually a high-level grandmaster?

The two of them almost broke down.

However, seeing that Zhou Hao did not reply, Yan Xue could not help but say, “Um, District Head Wu, are… are you mistaken? Are you sure… he is someone who is capable of killing an Iron Tooth Dragon Alligator?”

Supervisor Han also rushed forward. “Yes, District Head Wu, you’re probably mistaken!”

“Shut up!!” Wu Tao berated.

At this moment, Zhou Hao swept a glance at Supervisor Han and Yan Xue, then looked at the despairing Qiao Ying’er and sighed. “Forget it, I have to sell the corpse anyway. Yes, I killed an Iron Tooth Dragon Crocodile!”

As he spoke, Zhou Hao shouted at the technical staff in the warehouse, “Move away.”

The technical staff hurriedly retreated.

Zhou Hao waved his hand.


A three-hundred-meter-long Iron Tooth Dragon Alligator appeared.

Click, click, click.

The warehouse exploded.

Although the Iron Tooth Dragon Alligator was dead, its terrifying might had not disappeared.

As soon as it appeared, the monstrous demonic flames swept out, causing the faces of many people in the surroundings to turn pale. All of them could not hold on any longer and fell to the ground.

Supervisor Han and Yan Xue looked at the Iron Tooth Dragon Alligator that suddenly appeared in fear.

“How… how is this possible?”

“He, he actually killed an Iron Tooth Dragon Alligator?”

Disbelief and despair appeared on their faces.

The appearance of the Iron Tooth Dragon Alligator shattered the last bit of hope in their hearts.

A high-level grandmaster!

They had actually offended a high-level grandmaster!!

In despair, Qiao Ying’er was completely dumbfounded as she looked at the incomparably terrifying Iron Tooth Dragon Alligator.

She had never expected that the client she had received was someone who was capable of killing an Iron Tooth Dragon Alligator!


That was a king-level demon beast.

In the entire Huadong City, the only person who could kill a King level demon beast was the legendary war prodigy, Commander Zhao!

In other words, this person in front of him was comparable to the war prodigy of the Huadong City!

When Qiao Ying’er thought of this, her mind went blank.

As for Wu Tao, he was unable to restrain his excitement. His voice was trembling as he said, “Yes, yes, the Iron Tooth Dragon Alligator. Then, you… you must be that peak-level grandmaster!”

“What? peak-level grandmaster?!”

Supervisor Han and Yan Xue’s faces turned pale again.

Especially Yan Xue, whose entire body was trembling.


Suddenly, Supervisor Han slapped Yan Xue hard on the face.

Then he crawled in front of Wu Tao, hugged Wu Tao’s thigh, and cried, “District Head Wu, it’s all Yan Xue’s fault. She was the one who made me enter Qiao Ying’er’s warehouse. All of this has nothing to do with me!”

Wu Tao kicked Supervisor Han out forcefully and said in disgust, “Get lost!”

Supervisor Han quickly crawled to Zhou Hao and kowtowed. “I-It’s my fault, Senior. Please spare me, please spare me!”

Zhou Hao said indifferently, “Miss Qiao, this is your warehouse. You should throw the unrelated people out!”

Wu Tao chimed in immediately, “Yes, yes, Miss Qiao, you call the shots here.”

Qiao Ying’er was still in a daze.

Hearing this, she finally recovered from her shock. Thinking of the despairing pressure that Supervisor Han had given him previously, she gritted her teeth and said mercilessly, “Get them out!”


Four staff members walked forward and carried Supervisor Han and Yan Xue away.

Wu Tao also smiled. “Miss Qiao, from now on, you are the supervisor of the 12th floor’s materials department.”

Qiao Ying’er was stunned again.

“Me, the supervisor?”

Wu Tao nodded solemnly.

Zhou Hao ignored this.

He said calmly, “Miss Qiao, how much do you want for this Iron Tooth Dragon Alligator?”

Qiao Ying’er did not react for a moment.

Wu Tao hurriedly signaled to Qiao Ying’er with his eyes. Seeing that she was still in a daze, he could only say, “Sir, although the Iron Tooth Dragon Alligator is only a low-level beast king, its defense is powerful and not inferior to a middle-level beast king. Our materials department can give you 45 million yuan for it. What do you think?”

Qiao Ying’er finally regained her senses and nodded like a chick holding rice in its mouth.

Seeing this, Zhou Hao pondered for a moment.

The price of king-level demon beasts generally ranged from 20 million to 30 million. It was indeed not bad for Wu Tao and Qiao Ying’er to offer 45 million.

“Alright, 45 million then. Including the Red Spot Python and the Iron Tooth Alligator. That’s a total of 52.2 million, right?” Zhou Hao said.

Qiao Ying’er took a deep breath. “That’s right.”

She took out her crystal card.

Zhou Hao also took out his crystal card.

He entered the number on it and bumped it with Qiao Ying’er’s card. The number in the crystal card increased by more than 50 million.

Zhou Hao smiled and stretched out his hand. “Nice working with you.”

Qiao Ying’er hurriedly stretched out her fair hands and shook Zhou Hao’s. “Likewise.”

Then, she asked carefully, “Um, sir, may we have a chance to work together in the future?”

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