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Chapter 299 - Good Things Have To Be Shared By Everyone

Chapter 299: Good Things Have To Be Shared By Everyone

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As Zhou Hao spoke, he took out many platinum-level Energy Bars.

“Damn! You even have this!”

Yun Yan was dumbfounded, and Xu Ling also looked at Zhou Hao in surprise.

Looking at the two of them, they clearly knew what it was.

“What’s this?”

Yuan Cheng displayed the expression that a normal person should have. The platinum-level Energy Bar was still being circulated among supernatural experts.

Under normal circumstances, martial artists below the supernatural level should not know anything about platinum-level Energy Bars.

“What a pure energy fluctuation. What kind of treasure is this?”

Zhang Yi was stunned. If he did not see it with his own eyes, he would not dare to believe it.

“This is a synthesized crystal. My master gave it to me.”

Zhou Hao said casually. He had already hinted many times that he had a master who was a supernatural expert.

Of course, this was not to show off, but to explain something that seemed unreasonable.

This reason was good enough to explain why he was able to take out the platinum-level Energy Bars. Moreover, he could also use this reason to give Xu Ling more good stuff in the future.

“Synthetized crystal? What is that?”

Yuan Cheng and Zhang Yi both expressed that they were only ordinary folk and did not know such a high-end item.

“I actually don’t know. Xu Ling, tell me.”

Yun Yan did not explain this time because she did not know much either. Xu Ling probably knew more than she did.

“I don’t know much either, but this treasure is called a synthesized crystal. At present, it should still be popular among supernatural experts…”

At this point, Xu Ling’s expression suddenly brightened.

At present, many people already knew that Zhou Hao had a master who was a supernatural expert. It was even very likely that he was President Zhou of the legendary Supernatural Council.

If that was the case, it was not surprising for Zhou Hao to have a synthesized crystal.

Of course, the matter of a supernatural expert was not something casual.




For a moment, Zhang Yi, Yuan Cheng, and the others were all shocked.

Damn, these were actually items from the supernatural experts’ circle. What was even more terrifying was that Zhou Hao had actually taken out so many!

“Brother Hao, is this really a synthesized crystal?”

Yuan Cheng looked at Zhou Hao expectantly, his eyes filled with admiration.

He was simply impressed by the fact that Zhou Hao could even get something that circulated among supernatural experts.

He suddenly felt that Zhou Hao was not simple at all!

“Is this used to recover blood essence energy?” Zhang Yi asked curiously.

“Each of you will get ten. On the battlefield, the speed at which you use this synthesized crystal to recover your blood essence is very fast.”

Zhou Hao nodded. His words shocked Yun Yan and the others to the point their hearts almost jumped out.

She had already heard from the elders in her family that the market price for synthesized crystals was more than 3 million yuan. Due to high demand and short supply, it was basically priceless.

Yun Yan knew that after martial artists cultivated to the supernatural level, they gradually no longer needed to use money to measure prices. Instead, they used colored energy crystals.

But even so, these synthesized crystals were still freaking expensive!

“Why do you have so many synthesized crystals?” Xu Ling asked curiously.

The price of this synthesized crystal was almost 5 million. How could Zhou Hao have the ability to buy so many?!

“My master gave it to me.” Zhou Hao had long thought of an excuse.

“This thing is worth at least 3.5 million yuan each, and the average price is 5 million yuan. There’s even a low supply of it right now. Be careful not to get robbed!”

Although Yun Yan was somewhat embarrassed, she still could not refuse this powerful temptation. She stretched out her hand and received the Energy Bar.


Zhang Yi retracted his hand with a struggling expression.

Xu Ling was Zhou Hao’s girlfriend. Zhou Hao’s things naturally also belonged to Xu Ling.

Moreover, Yun Yan also seemed to be interested in Zhou Hao. In a martial world, it was very normal for some powerful martial artists to have multiple partners.

After all, after one’s cultivation level increased, their lifespan would also increase. In such a situation, it was naturally very normal to have multiple partners.

Based on Zhou Hao’s current situation, it was not impossible for him to take Yun Yan in as a second wife in the future.

Therefore, Zhou Hao and Yun Yan could also be considered as family.

However, he wasn’t planning on marrying Yuan Cheng. Although he was Zhou Hao’s good friend, how could he just take something worth 35 million?

“Actually, at my master’s level, three to five million yuan is no different from our three to five yuan. Take it.”

Zhou Hao naturally saw Zhang Yi and Yuan Cheng’s concerns and was afraid that they would feel guilty.

“How about this? Consider it a loan from me.” Zhang Yi was a very principled person. Even though Zhou Hao had already said so, he did not plan to take it for free.

Soon, Yuan Cheng also followed suit.

At this moment, it would be too awkward for them to refuse Zhou Hao. For Zhou Hao to take out such a good item meant that he treated the four of them as friends.

“Let’s go in and buy some laser weapons.”

After carefully putting away the platinum-level Energy Bar, Zhang Yi continued.


Yun Yan nodded. Although they now had platinum-level Energy Bars, they were still entering the true frontline battlefield this time.. They needed as much help as they could get.

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