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Chapter 284 - Saving People

Chapter 284: Saving People

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An explosion sounded and a huge rock was instantly shattered.

“This guy is so fast!”

Zhou Hao kept flying in the air as he pondered how to deal with this Red Gold Flame Lion.

This Red Gold Flame Lion’s entire body was shining with golden light and raging flames. It looked majestic and domineering.

Suddenly, Zhou Hao had a bold idea.

Last time, he had opened seven rare-level mystery boxes in a row.

One of the rare items was called the Beast Control Ring.

“I wonder if this Beast Control Ring can subdue this guy and make him my mount?”

Zhou Hao thought as he dodged in the air.

“Quickly go and help President Zhou!”

“Everyone, be careful. This beast is too powerful!”

“Let’s gather our strength and finish this beast first!”

“Let’s attack together!”

As Zhou Hao was thinking to himself, the other peak-level supernatural experts had already decided to gather all their strength and kill this powerful quasi Heaven Realm demon beast first!


Hearing the other supernatural martial artists’ words, Zhou Hao nodded.

His strength was not weak, but it was about the same as this Red Gold Flame Lion.

However, usually, this quasi Heaven Realm demon beast had already activated a portion of its bloodline power. When the Red Gold Flame Lion used its bloodline power, he might not be its match.

Therefore, he would be more confident with help.

“Martial artists below the fifth-grade of the supernatural level, retreat!”

Although they needed to gather their strength and take down this Red Gold Flame Lion, its strength was still too powerful. In front of it, supernatural experts and low-level fifth-grade martial artists were simply like vegetables.

“I’ll restrain it head-on. You guys find an opportunity to attack!”

A martial artist from the Green Cloud Division roared and took the initiative.

It was undoubtedly very dangerous to restrain the Red Gold Flame Lion head-on.

“No need, I’ll do it.”

Zhou Hao did not agree to this suggestion.

After beating the Red Gold Flame Lion to death, he was prepared to take it as his underling.

At its peak, the Red Gold Flame Lion might not be able to control its Beast Control Ring. However, it would be much easier when the Red Gold Flame Lion was half-dead.

“Yes, President Zhou!”

The other martial artists naturally would not disobey Zhou Hao’s words. Moreover, among them, Zhou Hao was probably the most qualified to make decisions here!


Zhou Hao roared as the essence energy in his body surged. His blood essence surged like a rainbow like a furnace!

Crack! Crack!

Waves of explosive sounds sounded out as his physical strength was constantly activated.

“If I can take this big guy as my mount this time, I’ll be able to walk freely in the spatial rift in the future.”

Zhou Hao thought to himself.

Generally speaking, outside the various spatial rifts, most of the foreign races’ strength was at most at the peak of the supernatural level, which was the level of a ninth-grade supernatural expert.

Now, not to mention an elementary-level spatial rift like the spatial rift in the thirteenth spatial rift, such a foreign race expert was even uncommon in high-level spatial rifts.

They really did not know if they were unlucky or if something had happened in the spatial rift. They originally wanted to attack from a weak spot, but they ended up encountering a tough nut to crack.

However, it was too late for regrets now. Zhou Hao could only grit his teeth and endure.

On this side, Zhou Hao was still thinking about how to take this quasi Heaven Realm Red Gold Flame Lion as his mount.

On the other side, Zhu Zao felt a headache coming up.

“Heavenly King Zhu, how’s the situation inside?” A burly man with three crisscrossed scars on his face asked anxiously.

This burly man was called Situ Lei and was the junior brother of Minister Zhang of the Green Cloud Division.

Situ Lei was the same as Zhou Hao. They were both quasi-Heaven Realm martial artists. However, approximately 16 years ago, after Situ Lei was severely injured, his strength had suffered a huge loss. Even now, he had yet to recover.

Situ Lei was like an ant on a hot pan, unable to sit still. He wished he could directly rush in and contribute his strength.

Unfortunately, he had been too severely injured back then. Even now, he had only recovered to the strength of a fifth-grade supernatural expert.

If he went in now, the chances of him getting killed were the highest.

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