Starting With One Million Luck Points

Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Selling Materials to Make Big Bucks

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All the Year Three classes were noisy the entire day.

Some agreed with the combat assessment and felt that it was natural since their goal in practicing martial arts was to kill foreign races and protect the city.

Some disagreed, thinking that high school students should focus on laying the foundation. Actual combat should only be considered after one became a martial artist.

In front of Zhou Hao’s seat, Xu Ling was also discussing with her deskmate.

“Fortunately, I didn’t enroll. Otherwise, my legs would have gone weak at the thought of fighting a mutated beast.” Xu Ling’s deskmate rejoiced.

However, Xu Ling shook her head and said, “The purpose of practicing martial arts is to fight the foreign races. By coming into contact with actual combat in advance, it can also hone our mental state. This way, we won’t be frightened when we encounter the foreign races in the future.”

She thought of the Blue Horn Blood Wolf she had faced last night. She did not want to experience that despairing fear again, so she yearned for actual combat even more.

Only through actual combat could an individual be trained properly.

Zhou Hao could see the determination in Xu Ling’s eyes from the side of her cold face.

“Good luck.”

He thought to himself.

The combat assessment did not affect him much.

As for this reward, to be honest, after figuring out his strength, he really didn’t care.

After all, the material of any low-level demon general would fetch him at least three million yuan.

Moreover, he still had a king-level demon beast corpse in his Black Tortoise Set backpack. If he sold it, it would fetch a sky-high price.

However, he planned to sign up for the combat assessment and perform a little.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to explain the money he earned to his parents.

After school, he took the subway to the Underground Alliance Mall again.

The Martial Artist Union also accepted demon beast materials. However, it was more regulated compared to the Underground Alliance Mall.


After entering the hall on the 1st floor of the mall, he turned around and went to the washroom. With a thought, the Black Tortoise Set immediately covered his entire body, forming a red armor.

Walking out, many martial artists looked over.

Zhou Hao’s red armor was clearly high-grade armor. To be able to wear such armor, others could tell that his strength was not low.

When he arrived at the 12th floor, almost 90% of the people here were collecting foreign race beast materials.

In fact, there were only materials trading shops above the 7th floor of the mall. However, the shops on the 12th floor only traded with general-level materials and above.

He casually chose a shop.

As soon as he walked in, a tall and hot woman immediately greeted him with a smile.

“Welcome. Are you selling materials, making custom weapons and battle armor, or buying armor… My shop’s price is absolutely fair, and the quality is not low,” the woman said with a smile.

Zhou Hao pretended to have a deep voice and said. “I want to sell materials and also make a custom weapon.”

The woman’s eyes lit up. The cost of making weapons was not low.

She quickly reached out. “Please come with me.”

She immediately brought Zhou Hao into the inner room and quickly received a cup of hot tea before handing it to him.

“May I ask what’s the level of the material you’re selling?”

Zhou Hao was in no hurry to answer. He swept his gaze across the room and frowned. “Is there a bigger room?”

The woman was stunned. “Do you…”

“It’s like this. I haven’t had the chance to cut the corpse and collect the material,” Zhou Hao replied. He added, “And this room is simply too small.”

The tall and fiery woman’s mouth gaped open.

The room they were in was more than a hundred square meters and could even fit the corpses of ordinary general-level demon beasts.

After thinking for a moment, she hesitated and said, “This is the biggest indoor room, but we have larger warehouses outdoors that are specially used for dealing with demon beasts. If you don’t find it troublesome, you can come with me.”

Zhou Hao nodded. “Alright.”

A smile appeared on the woman’s exquisite face as she enthusiastically led Zhou Hao out of the shop.

After entering the elevator, before she could answer Zhou Hao, a woman with heavy makeup walked in.

When this woman saw this, she couldn’t help but sneer. “Yo, Qiao Ying’er, not bad. You actually lowered yourself and began to “receive” guests?”

“Tsk tsk, I thought you were always so arrogant. It’s not that people in our materials industry have no pride, but in the end, you just have to do what you can to survive. It looks like you finally understand.”

Qiao Ying’er’s expression turned ugly, but she did not reply.

After all, the client was right next to her. It would be bad if she left a bad impression.

Soon, they arrived at the 1st floor.

Zhou Hao followed Qiao Ying’er out of the Alliance Building.

The woman with heavy makeup snorted and secretly followed behind. She wanted to see if Qiao Ying’er was really “receiving” a guest.

The warehouse that Qiao Ying’er mentioned was not too far away.

This was also a concentrated area with many warehouses that were used to deal with demon beast materials.

Entering the warehouse on the 3rd floor, a staff member who was chatting saw Qiao Ying’er and immediately greeted her.

Qiao Ying’er waved her hand and looked at Zhou Hao with a smile. “Sir, this place should be big enough, right?”

“Hardly.” He waved his hand.

Two 34-meter-long demon beast corpses appeared out of thin air.

Qiao Ying’er nodded secretly. The armor that came with spatial storage were at the very least general-level. Thus, she deduced that the person before her should be a master-level expert.

As she was thinking about how to rope him in, she looked at the corpse.

“Miss Qiao, these two are the Red Spot Python and the Iron Tooth Alligator. There are no injuries on the surface of the corpses. They should have been killed by a strong force,” a technical worker whispered.

“Killed without injuries?”

Qiao Ying’er’s exquisite face revealed shock.

To be able to kill the Red Spot Python and the Iron Tooth Alligator without leaving any injuries on the body would require strength that was at least that of a high-level grandmaster!

The woman with heavy makeup behind also revealed a shocked expression.

She was surprised to see that Qiao Ying’er was not actually “receiving” guests and selling her body. Instead, she was really doing business and was even dealing with such a high-level client.

Zhou Hao frowned and said, “Can we deal with the corpses now?”

Qiao Ying’er returned to her senses and hurriedly ordered the personnel to cut the corpses. At the same time, she said respectfully, “Sir, the Red Spot Python and the Iron Tooth Alligator are both low-level demon generals. Since the corpses are intact, I’ll give you a price of 7.2 million yuan for both of them. What do you think?”

“7.2 million?” Zhou Hao muttered. This price was not low.

The low-level demon generals were usually only about 3 million each.

Just as he was about to agree, a voice sounded, “I’ll pay 8 million!”

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