Starting With One Million Luck Points

Chapter 253 - Endless Life, Endless Battle

Chapter 253: Endless Life, Endless Battle

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Zhou Hao’s strength lay in the Heaven Dao software and luck points.

Therefore, although many data were tested in the Green Cloud Research Institute, they still weren’t able to obtain any meaningful results.

Minister Zhang and Zhu Zao were not disappointed by this outcome. They had long expected this.

If Zhou Hao really had some secret that could be discovered and replicated in bulk, Zhou Hao would definitely not have come to Green Cloud Base so quickly.

After the test ended, Zhou Hao naturally returned to the Seventh Elite Base.

Although the consumption of energy in the battle in the first spatial rift was huge, the gains were also huge.

By now, Zhou Hao had more than 80 million luck points!

It was not far from 90 million.

According to his previous experience, if he wanted to obtain more rare-level Energy Bars, he would have to spend around 30 million luck points at a time.

Therefore, Zhou Hao planned to find a place to vent his anger.

After killing some demon beasts, Insect Race, and Machine Race beings, he accumulated 90 million luck points.

In this way, he could obtain three batches of rare-level Energy Bars.

In this battle, the use of a rare-level Energy Bar could be said to be vividly displayed.

If he did not have enough rare-level Energy Bars this time, he would be in big trouble.

Moreover, the first spatial rift would definitely be lost.

After thinking for a moment, Zhou Hao still chose to go to the seventh spatial rift. His luck points were not much different now. It was also fine for him to go to the seventh spatial rift to kill some foreign races and reduce the pressure on the seventh spatial rift.

Xiao Jiangtian and the others in the seventh spatial rift naturally welcomed Zhou Hao’s arrival.

However, everyone was surprised by Zhou Hao’s appearance. After all, according to the information they had previously spread, this President Zhou of the Supernatural Council had just killed to his heart’s content in the first spatial rift not long ago.

Not long after, he recovered his essence energy and returned to the spatial rift to hunt the foreign races again.

This recovery ability was indeed impressive.

Seeing Zhou Hao kill the foreign races so enthusiastically, many martial artists felt that Zhou Hao should hate the foreign races very much. Many martial artists also felt that this President Zhou of the Supernatural Council was definitely an out-and-out battle maniac.

After all, he could always be seen fighting.

He was always either fighting or on the way to battle.

Just as everyone was guessing his motive, Zhou Hao had already killed everyone in the seventh spatial rift and finally gathered enough luck points.

He immediately felt happy and refreshed.

Seeing Zhou Hao’s appearance, Xiao Jiangtian and the others were even more certain that Zhou Hao was a battle maniac.

After the other martial artists fought such a big battle, they were already exhausted. In the end, when it came to Zhou Hao, he actually had a satisfied expression.

Indeed, the world of experts was not something they could understand.

While everyone was still talking about Zhou Hao, he had already returned to his villa to lay down.

This was because the rare-level Energy Bars had already been consumed. This time, he went straight to the point after entering the Heaven Dao software.

The popularity of Fairy Yue Ling’s live-stream has gradually increased over the past few days. However, because she didn’t have many loyal high-level users to support her, her ranking was also in danger.

When Zhou Hao went online, Fairy Yue Ling was singing to the users in the live-stream.

Her voice was ethereal and sweet, sounding very pleasant.

Among all the female streamers, there were only a few who surpassed Fairy Yue Ling in terms of voice, appearance, and aura.

However, some high-level users would often make unreasonable demands. Because Fairy Yue Ling was unwilling to accept these demands, there were very few high-level users in her live-stream.

“Welcome, welcome. The big shot is here again! @ I’m just an ordinary person!”

As soon as Zhou Hao entered Fairy Yue Ling’s live-stream, it was as if a nuclear bomb had been dropped in Fairy Yue Ling’s live-stream, instantly livening up the entire scene.

“Look up to the big shot! @ I’m just an ordinary person!”

“Is the big shot going to spend money forcefully again this time? @ I’m just an ordinary person.”

As soon as Zhou Hao entered the live-stream, he became the main character. It was as if these users did not seem to be here to see Fairy Yue Ling, but to see Zhou Hao.

“Is the big shot here to get another rare-level Energy Bar?”

“Big shot, please teach me. Do you have any secret recipes that I can buy at a high price?”

Fairy Yue Ling: “Welcome, big shot. @ I’m just an ordinary person.”

Zhou Hao’s arrival made Fairy Yue Ling very happy.

During this period of time, she was afraid of disturbing Zhou Hao and had not contacted him much.

In fact, Zhou Hao had already helped her a lot. Every time he appeared, her ranking would rise sharply.

Therefore, now that Zhou Hao had come to her live-stream room, even if he did not buy any gifts and only came to chat, she would still be very happy.

I’m just an ordinary person. “I’ve been busy recently, so I haven’t been here much. @ Fairy Yue Ling.”

Zhou Hao also replied to Fairy Yue Ling. He had been either busy with battles these past few days. Naturally, he did not have the time to come to Fairy Yue Ling’s live-stream.

“Fairy Yue Ling, quickly dance for the big shot.”

“That’s right, that’s right. If you want to enter the top 50,000, won’t it be easy?”

“Fairy Yue Ling, you’ve finally gotten better. You have to seize the opportunity well.”

In the live-stream, everyone kept giving advice to Fairy Yue Ling.

It had to be known that a big shot like Zhou Hao was like an honored guest, even if he went to the live-stream room ranked in the top 100.

In the entire Heaven Dao software, only Zhou Hao had obtained a legendary item.

He was basically a living legend..

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