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Chapter 240 - Purchasing Energy Bars at a High Price

Chapter 240: Purchasing Energy Bars at a High Price

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After Minister Zhang showed the analysis report to everyone, the higher-ups of the Green Cloud Division did not know whether to laugh or to cry at Zhou Hao.

Zhou Hao had clearly spent a huge price to refine his blood essence energy and instill it into the crystal bit by bit.

They were also very speechless that a peak-level supernatural expert would actually do such a thing.

“Old Zhang, this brat clearly did all this to sell this synthesis crystal this time.”

“After analysis and testing, the results are almost the same. In that case, why don’t we directly buy it from this kid?” A pale, beardless, and fat Heaven Realm martial artist said with a smile.

A Heaven Realm expert was also known as a Heavenly King. Now, this person was known as Heavenly King Zhu.

“What does Heavenly King Zhu mean?”

Minister Zhang narrowed his eyes thoughtfully.

Zhou Hao’s extraction of this energy crystal was completely unpromising.

Of course, despite them thinking that Zhou Hao must have been extremely bored to have come up with this, it was not impossible for him to earn money in this way.

The Green Cloud Research Institute used its own technology to produce such synthetic crystals. The cost was 10 million yuan per piece.

However, this price was too high, and it was not worth it.

“What I mean is to buy this synthesis crystal directly from President Zhou at the price of 5 million or even 3 million per crystal.”

“No matter how much he has, our Green Cloud Division will buy it all.”

“Not only that, if he has a lot, we’ll buy it from him in bulk for 3 million yuan each and sell them to other parties for 6 million to 8 million yuan.”

“In this way, we can also control this energy crystal without any cost.”

Heavenly King Zhu had done all the calculations. Hearing his words, the other Heaven Realm experts in the meeting room felt that this Heaven Realm expert had some potential to become a businessman.

“Alright, let’s do that.”

Although the price of 3 million each was a little high, the Green Cloud Division could still afford it.

Moreover, this thing yielded such good results. Of course, it couldn’t just be used by the martial artists in Huaxia. All the martial artists in the world should share it at the price of 8 million yuan each.

After Minister Zhang made up his mind, the matter was decided.

In the Green Cloud Division, as a representative, Heavenly King Zhu left the Green Cloud headquarters for the first time and went to the first spatial rift to discuss this matter with Zhou Hao.

Now that the situation in the various spatial rifts had improved, he could finally leave.

Moreover, this was a matter that was beneficial to all the martial artists in the world. He could not let anyone steal the deal from him.

In the meeting room of the first spatial rift, Zhou Hao looked at the smiling fatty and was speechless.

The fatty looked at him as if he had discovered a treasure.

The two of them stared at each other for a while, and the atmosphere was a little strange.

“Senior, you’re a Heaven Realm expert. Why didn’t you help the first spatial rift to resist the danger?”

Zhou Hao was the first to break the silence and directly asked his question.

That’s right. The fatty opposite him was Heavenly King Zhu, who had rushed over from the Green Cloud Division to discuss a big business deal with Zhou Hao.

“Hahaha, don’t call me senior. Heaven Realm or not, we’re brothers everywhere. All the martial artists in the world are one family. My surname is Zhu, and my full name is Zhu Zao. You can call me Brother Zhu, or you can call me Heavenly King Zhu.”

Zhu Zao was very casual but did not answer Zhou Hao’s question.

“Heavenly King Zhu, what’s the matter?”

Zhou Hao knew that this Heavenly King Zhu did not want to answer his question, so he did not pester him any further. As for the reason, he could not be bothered to think about it.

However, this Heavenly King Zhu seemed to be too approachable. He did not have the slightest arrogance of a Heaven Realm expert.

“Of course. Do you know this thing?”

Heavenly King Zhu went straight to the point and took out an energy crystal. However, it was not Zhou Hao’s platinum-level Energy Bar. Instead, it was a sample developed by the Green Cloud Research Institute after working overtime.

Seeing this, Zhou Hao almost vomited blood.

Good lord. He had just taken out the platinum-level Energy Bar not long ago and was about to start selling. In the end, it had only been a short while before other people started making fakes.

How ridiculous!

He was also a peak-level supernatural martial artist now and could see a lot of information. Therefore, he was very certain that before this, Planet Earth did not have such an energy crystal.

This was the high-level replica of his platinum-level Energy Bar!

“Hehe, don’t be surprised. I came to find you this time to discuss a big business with you.”

Heavenly King Zhu naturally saw Zhou Hao’s constipated expression. He did not care and still smiled as he spoke.

Heavenly King Zhu showed all his sincerity and squeezed out a smile that he thought was the most amiable.

Little did he know that his charmingly naive smile made Zhou Hao feel like he was up to no good.

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