Starting With One Million Luck Points

Chapter 229 - There’s No End To The Big Shot’s Heaven Dao Coins!

Chapter 229: There’s No End To The Big Shot’s Heaven Dao Coins!

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Therefore, on Planet Earth, if one wanted to quickly recover their essence energy, they could only use essence crystals.

The exchange rate for essence crystals and colored energy stones was very exaggerated. One hundred colored energy stones could only be exchanged for one essence crystal.

Zhou Hao estimated that essence crystals could only be used as currency and could not be used as cultivation resources at all. Otherwise, who could afford to use them?

However, things were different now. In the live-stream, one could get rare-level Energy Bars.

If he sold this rare-level Energy Bar, it would definitely fetch a sky-high price.

“Is the big shot going to try gifting the rare-level Energy Bar? I’m looking forward to it! @ I’m just an ordinary person.”

“Big shot, how many will it take to win? @ I’m just an ordinary person.”

After Zhou Hao entered Fairy Yue Ling’s live-stream, this live-stream no longer seemed to have anything to do with her.

Whether it was the old users or the new users, all the conversation topics were related to Zhou Hao.

“Chi, are you kidding me? If the big shot knew how he needed to give away to win, Fairy Yue Ling would have long been ranked first on the broadcast rankings, alright?”

A user called Brother Sanpang acted like he knew what was going on and began to educate the other users.

“Idiot, do you really think you can understand a big shot? A big shot is a big shot because he can win without knowing how many it takes. Do you understand?”

Another user shook his head. What this user meant was that as long as the big shot gave enough, he would get the reward.

It was just like buying a lottery ticket. If one really wanted to win the first prize of the lottery, wouldn’t one be able to do so if they bought all the tickets?

“Stop bothering the big shot. Actually, the big shot has already helped me a lot. Moreover, after the big shot came to my live-stream room, he also brought me a lot of popularity.”

“Thank you very much!”

Fairy Yue Ling was not a greedy person. Previously, she was already satisfied that Zhou Hao could help her rankings get past 80,000.

Now, she treated Zhou Hao like a good friend and did not want to ask for anything from him.

Moreover, Zhou Hao was now the leader of the mystery box industry. No matter which live-stream he appeared in, he would bring extremely terrifying popularity to that live-stream.

Although there had always been a steady stream of users entering Fairy Yue Ling’s live-stream, Zhou Hao still made a big difference. Moreover, after entering, Zhou Hao would attract a lot of attention.

“Fairy Yue Ling, this is your fault. Does the big shot lack this bit of Heaven Dao coins?”

“That’s right, that’s right!”

“That’s right. There is no end to the big shot’s Heaven Dao coins!”


Seeing these users typing crazily on the public chat, Zhou Hao almost spat out blood.

Who said that there was no end to his Heaven Dao coins? Last time, in order to resolve the problem of his cultivation technique, Zhou Hao had spent all his Heaven Dao coins.

Zhou Hao had only been able to obtain more Heaven Dao coins after killing many foreign races not long ago. After that, he directly used the colored energy crystals he obtained to top up his Heaven Dao coins.

With a thought, Zhou Hao did not delay and directly spent 10 million luck points to get the Energy Bar reward.

Because the various live-stream rooms were connected, there were also many users who gifted platinum-level Energy Bars to the other live-stream rooms.

Therefore, the numbers behind the Energy Bar simply changed indefinitely.

At this moment, there was the number 50 next to the Energy Bar. In other words, Zhou Hao could win if he gave away 50 Energy Bars.

However, the number 50 did not even last for half a breath before it instantly became another number.

In this situation, if the next number was not a big number, Zhou Hao would still have to rely on his hand speed.

When the number behind the Energy Bar got to 179, Zhou Hao prepared to give it a try.

Almost as soon as this number appeared, Zhou Hao made a move. In the end, the reward still exploded in other live-streams.

However, the multipliers should be very low, and there was no announcement floating in the entire live-stream.

“Wow, wow, wow. The big shot is making a move!”

“In one move, the big shot spent 1.79 million Heaven Dao coins! Big shot, you’re awesome!”

“Why would the big shot care about such a small amount of Heaven Dao coins? Seriously!”

As many users discussed, Zhou Hao could only smile bitterly.

What he needed the most now were rare-level Energy Bars.

Unfortunately, each Energy Bar cost 10,000 Heaven Dao coins. Ordinary players couldn’t afford it, but high-level users could.

The number behind the Energy Bars kept fluctuating.

Zhou Hao could even imagine that before this number completely appeared, the other live-stream users would have already gotten the reward.

However, there was nothing he could do now. He could only attack continuously.

In any case, he had 60 billion Heaven Dao coins now, so he had nothing to worry about.

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