Starting With One Million Luck Points

Chapter 211 - Big News!

Chapter 211: Big News!

“The number of spatial rifts in many areas has increased by a lot. Even some areas that did not have spatial rifts before are starting to have them.”

“I’m basically certain that in a month, there will be thirteen more extremely troublesome spatial rifts in the entire Huaxia territory.”

After the square-faced middle-aged man finished speaking, he looked at everyone.

“Thirteen? So many?”

The other experts couldn’t help but reveal shocked expressions. The current situation in Huaxia was very serious. Be it inside or outside the spatial rift, there was insufficient manpower.

If there were thirteen more spatial rifts, the defensive pressure would undoubtedly be unprecedented.

“Have any foreign races appeared in these spatial rifts?”

An expert quickly asked for the key information. After all, some of the spatial rifts that appeared earlier did not have any foreign races.

Naturally, there was no need for such a spatial rift to be heavily guarded.

“Yes. Now we can almost be sure that there are foreign races living in all thirteen of these rifts.”

“Then, as the spatial rift gradually takes shape, the foreign races will definitely appear.”

Upon hearing this, the meeting room fell silent for a moment as an intense pressure surged towards them.

They had long known that they did not have much time left!

Therefore, he had been making all kinds of preparations.

It was just that they did not expect the changes to happen so quickly. The younger generation martial artists did not have enough time to grow at all.

This made them feel somewhat helpless.

“The most important thing now is to do three things quickly. First of all, we have to nurture the elites of the various elite training camps as soon as possible. They are all the future pillars of humanity.”

“Secondly, we need to mobilize all the martial artists in Huaxia and all the available resources to defend the thirteen spatial rifts.”

“Finally, the martial artists in the depths of the spatial rift will also need to increase the speed of their hunting of the foreign races and reduce the external pressure.”

The square-faced middle-aged man broke the silence and said his opinion.

The other experts regained their senses and nodded forcefully.

Zhou Hao did not know about the meeting of the Green Cloud Division.

Now, he was still in the training area, waiting for the upgrade of the Heaven Dao software to be completed.

After all, there might be new opportunities inside.

Although Zhou Hao did not know what the upgraded Heaven Dao software would be like, he did not have to worry at all. After all, he now had more than 100 million luck points.

The upgrade of the Heaven Dao software was probably nothing major.

As long as the mystery box lucky draw function and the live-stream function were still available, Zhou Hao could use his luck points to continue accumulating more and more.

The night passed uneventfully. At noon the next day, Zhou Hao opened the Heaven Dao software punctually.

At the same time, the other users logged in.

However, to everyone’s disappointment, the new opportunity that everyone had imagined did not appear.

In other words, it was basically the same as before.

On the chat channel of the Heaven Dao software, many users continued to complain.

“What kind of upgrade is this? Nothing has changed!”

“It can’t be said that nothing has changed. Look, the interface is now divided into four panels. There should be something on the third panel.”

“Isn’t the third panel blank?”

While everyone was busy complaining, Zhou Hao was carefully checking the upgraded Heaven Dao software.

The front page of the Heaven Dao software now had four transparent panels.

In the upper left corner was the mystery box, and in the upper right corner was the live broadcast. In the lower left corner was the third panel that others had mentioned.

However, this panel was somewhat special.

On the public chat, many people said that the third panel was blank.

However, Zhou Hao’s third panel displayed the word “shop (Unactivated)”.

It was obvious that opening this panel in the Heaven Dao software required certain requirements.

The fourth panel was the backpack.

The entire interface was as simple as usual.

At this moment, Zhou Hao’s message icon suddenly flashed.

Opening it, he saw that it was a message from Fairy Yue Ling.

“Big shot, can you see what the third panel is? It’s said that some people can see it. I’m clearly not one of these lucky people. Wuwu.”

After gradually getting familiar with Zhou Hao, Fairy Yue Ling also became a little playful.

“You can’t see it too?”

Zhou Hao was rather surprised. Originally, he thought that the qualifications to see the third panel should be related to financial resources.

For example, all the users complaining right now were actually low-level users.

However, now that even Fairy Yue Ling was unable to see it, that meant that the appearance and activation of the “shop” function might not have anything to do with financial resources.

“Big news! Big news!”

As Zhou Hao and Fairy Yue Ling were chatting, a diamond-level user suddenly said excitedly on the public chat.

“Big shot, what’s the big shot news?”

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