Starting With One Million Luck Points

Chapter 209 - Never Admit Defeat

Chapter 209: Never Admit Defeat

If this continued, what level of expert would Zhou Hao become in the future?

Not far away in midair, Zhou Hao was secretly delighted as he attacked.

He had really made a killing this time. These second mutation illusionary sound insects were extremely valuable.

Every time he killed a group of Illusionary Sonic Bugs, he would obtain 50,000 luck points, directly increasing his luck points by five times.

At this rate, he would have another 15 million luck points.

If not for Ling Shuying fighting with him, the number would have been multiplied by two.

However, no martial artist was an isolated island.

Although Ling Shuying had some small personality flaws, it was still fine. He could just think of it as the price for making a friend.

In the depths of the forest, Xiao Jiangtian was worried that if they continued to watch, their hearts might not be able to take it. After observing for a while, he decided to return with Dean Shi Zhi.

It couldn’t be helped. Be it Zhou Hao or Ling Shuying, they were both too heaven-defying.

How infuriating!

As a peak-level supernatural expert, he was still somewhat inferior to Zhou Hao and Ling Shuying.

What Zhou Hao was using at this moment was naturally not the Green Wood Spring Autumn Art, but the Grand Yan Record.

On the surface, he was only circulating the Green Wood Spring Autumn Art. In fact, the essence energy he used had long been refined by the Grand Yan Record.

Unfortunately, Ling Shuying did not know any of this.

Ling Shuying was so shocked that she could only look at Zhou Hao in disbelief.

After fighting for an hour, she retreated to the side and regulated her breathing to recover.

In the end, Zhou Hao continued to fight as if nothing had happened. It seemed like he did not even spend any energy.

Comparisons were indeed odious.

After fighting for a long time, Zhou Hao also finished off the 300 and more illusionary sound insects that he was responsible for. Then, he looked to the side enviously.

Seeing Zhou Hao’s gaze, Ling Shuying immediately panicked.

“Don’t even think about it. These are all mine!”

With that said, she ignored the fact that she had not fully recovered and charged into the insect groups again.

“Actually, if you give me the materials, I can help you kill a portion of them. The final merit points will be yours.” Zhou Hao thought for a moment and said.

He did not need any materials at all, only luck points. However, it would be more strange if he said he didn’t want the materials.

“Dream on.”

Even though Zhou Hao said that he only wanted the materials and would give the merit points to Ling Shuying, Ling Shuying was still unwilling.

This was the pride of an expert!

He was helpless as well and could only watch Ling Shuying suffer.

Her cultivation speed was far inferior to Zhou Hao’s. Her compatibility with the cultivation technique was even worse.

However, Zhou Hao also saw how tenacious and persistent this woman was. There were several times when her essence energy was almost exhausted, but she still continued to fight these illusionary sound insects.

After the battle ended, Zhou Hao did not have the intention to laugh at Ling Shuying at all.

His talent shocked Ling Shuying, and her tenacity and persistence also moved him.

“Did you see that? I didn’t need your help at all.”

Ling Shuying curled her lips proudly. Even though her essence energy had been completely exhausted and his meridians had been injured, she was still unwilling to admit defeat.

All along, she had always been the best among her peers and was extremely competitive. Therefore, she did not easily admit that she was inferior to others! She also was not one to easily give up!

After completing the mission, the two of them exchanged greetings and quickly parted ways.

When the sun set, Zhou Hao had already returned to the training ground at the outermost edge of the frontline defense line.

Xu Ling and the others were still training here.

Now, he had already learned the relevant information regarding supernatural experts. The urgent matter at hand was to continue cultivating essence energy and increase his cultivation.

Of course, the problem with his cultivation technique could now be resolved.

Although the Grand Yan Record he was currently cultivating was not bad, the Grand Yan Record was still not a top-notch cultivation technique.

There were two reasons why the Grand Yan Record was so heaven-defying when Zhou Hao used it. One reason was because he had a very high compatibility with the Grand Yan Record.

The second reason was because the martial artists Zhou Hao encountered were all cultivating ordinary cultivation techniques In comparison, the Grand Yan Record would naturally appear to be heaven-defying. Thus, there were still no problems with the Grand Yan Record at this moment.

However, as Zhou Hao’s strength continued to increase, he would definitely come into contact with higher level martial artists.

At that time, the Grand Yan Record would definitely not be enough.

Otherwise, the previous owner of the Grand Yan Record, Si Nanxun, wouldn’t have been complaining endlessly about this cultivation technique.

Now, Zhou Hao had already accumulated 100 million luck points. No matter how high-level a Heaven Realm cultivation technique was, he would definitely be able to obtain it.

This was because his compatibility with the Grand Yan Record was extremely high. When it came to the cultivation of the Grand Yan Record, he was at least two levels higher than his peers.

If he could use the Heaven Dao software to upgrade the Grand Yan Record this time, the difference would be even greater.

By the time he advanced to become a Heaven Realm martial artist, even if he was only at the elementary level, his strength would definitely be unprecedentedly powerful.

At that time, entering the spatial rift would undoubtedly be much safer.

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