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Chapter 202 - Imagination

Chapter 202: Imagination

Zhou Hao’s heart skipped a beat. The question he was expecting had indeed been asked.

It seemed that the many ninth-grade supernatural grandmasters entering the depths of the spatial rift was not a tradition. Instead, it was an arrangement made by those in a higher level.

Or rather, it was at least related to this mysterious Green Cloud Division.

Before today, Zhou Hao really could not answer what realm was above the ninth-grade supernatural level.

However, now, due to a coincidence, he even had the cultivation technique that was most compatible with him. How could he not know about the realm above the ninth-grade supernatural realm?

Zhou Hao even felt that he knew more about the realm above the ninth-grade supernatural level than Ling Shuying.

While Ling Shuying was waiting for Zhou Hao to be dumbfounded, Zhou Hao suddenly raised his hand and pointed.

As a force pierced through the void and killed an Insect Race expert hundreds of meters away, Ling Shuying was stunned.

“That was you?”

Wasn’t the technique Zhou Hao was using right now the same as the one she had discovered on the Insect Race and Demon Race beings outside the spatial rift?

“No! That person used essence energy, and you just used blood essence. It’s only because of the secret technique that you were able to activate the Heaven and Earth essence energy!”

In the beginning, Ling Shuying was somewhat shocked. Now, she was completely shocked.

What the hell was going on?

Shouldn’t Zhou Hao cultivate the cultivation technique first and only cultivate the corresponding secret technique after obtaining the foundation of the cultivation technique?

What kind of demon was Zhou Hao? He actually cultivated the secret technique first without even knowing what the cultivation technique was!

Ling Shuying was certain that as long as Zhou Hao had not entered the spatial rift, he would definitely not know about the Heaven Realm cultivation technique.

Therefore, Ling Shuying was very dumbfounded at this moment. She originally wanted to see Zhou Hao’s shocked and lost expression, but now, she herself was shocked and at a loss.

“Did something happen?”

Zhou Hao probably knew what Ling Shuying was thinking, but he still pretended not to know.

“Did… did you once cultivate with an expert, or even the disciple of that expert?” Ling Shuying combed her hair and asked uncertainly.

In her opinion, this was the most reasonable explanation.

Ling Shuying had already imagined a lot of information.

For example, she started imagining that Zhou Hao was definitely the disciple of a Heaven Realm expert, so his methods were very similar to this expert.

More coincidentally, not long after Zhou Hao appeared, she discovered the traces of that Heaven Realm expert.

This meant that this master and disciple had definitely met recently!

Zhou Hao did not know that Ling Shuying had such a rich imagination.

The reason why he had taken the initiative to use the Ultimate Breaking Finger just now was simply because of what he wanted to say next.

“I was originally not too sure what realm is above the peak of the supernatural level.”

“However, after cultivating the Ultimate Breaking Finger, I think I probably guessed something correctly.”

Zhou Hao was very helpless at this moment. This woman was very erratic.

Just now, she was still asking him if he knew anything about the realm above a peak-level supernatural expert.

In the end, she even asked him curiously if he had a master who was an expert. It made him extremely speechless.

Ling Shuying felt that Zhou Hao had agreed by not answering directly.

Zhou Hao did not refute that he had an expert master, which further proved her guess.

She figured that Zhou Hao had suddenly appeared here and was very active at the frontline defense line because he needed to meet up with his expert master.

Of course, the Green Cloud Division did not care about such things.

Every martial artist had their own responsibility and life.

Even the Green Cloud Division would not interfere with a martial artist’s personal life as long as they shoulder the responsibility that they should bear.

However, if Zhou Hao had such a powerful master, wouldn’t he know that the realm above the peak-level supernatural experts was the Heaven Realm?

Thinking of this, Ling Shuying quickly dismissed this thought.

Actually, that might not be the case.

It was very likely that Zhou Hao’s master had not become a Heaven Realm expert before entering the spatial rift. Therefore, since the other party did not know about the Heaven Realm, Zhou Hao naturally did not know either.

The two of them had agreed to meet at a certain time for the master to pass on his subsequent legacies. And that was why she had discovered traces of Zhou Hao and the Heaven Realm expert.

The more Ling Shuying thought about it, the more reasonable she felt.

This made more sense. After all, why would a Heaven Realm expert suddenly come out from the depths of the spatial rift?

It must be because he was worried about his precious disciple!

“Hey, why aren’t you talking?”

Zhou Hao waved his hand in front of Ling Shuying’s eyes, feeling very speechless.

This woman was too easily distracted when talking to others.

“Cough cough…”

“Alright, let’s talk business.”

Ling Shuying’s face also changed unnaturally. She had been too smug just now and had nearly forgotten about the important matter.

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