Starting With One Million Luck Points

Chapter 18

Chapter 18: So You’re Already a Grandmaster-Level Expert

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Zhou Hao turned around and saw the tall burly man, the temporary team members, the body guards, and Xu Ling and the other six students. They were all standing respectfully at the side, their eyes filled with burning worship.

“If only a grandmaster is capable of killing a Blue Horn Blood Wolf, then I suppose you can consider me as a grandmaster-level expert.” Zhou Hao said indifferently.

The tall burly man, Xu Ling, and the others were excited as they hurriedly said, “Thank you, Grandmaster, for saving our lives!”

The group bent over at a 180-degree angle.

Their gratitude and admiration for Zhou Hao had reached a peak.

After all, when they were in despair and on the verge of collapse, it was Zhou Hao who had killed the Blue Horn Blood Wolf and saved them.

“Cough cough, quick, run!!”

Suddenly, a weak cough sounded from afar.

Everyone looked over and saw the unconscious Battalion Commander Chu gradually waking up. He struggled to stand up and shouted towards Zhou Hao and the others.

“Quickly help Battalion Commander Chu up,” said Zhou Hao immediately.

As the battalion commander of the base’s defense line, Battalion Commander Chu had contributed greatly to the well being of the city. Zhou Hao had a lot of respect for him.

The tall burly man and the other martial artists hurriedly rushed over.

“No need, don’t worry about me… cough cough, what are you all waiting for? Run!”

Battalion Commander Chu revealed an anxious expression. His armor’s defense had been weakened. However, since the Blue Horn Blood Wolf had not used much strength in its attack, Battalion Commander Chu’s injuries were not serious.

“Um, Battalion Commander Chu, the Blue Horn Blood Wolf is dead!” the tall burly man said.

“Why are you still joking with me at a time like this? Nonsense!” Battalion Commander Chu was anxious.

The tall burly man was speechless. He pointed at the corpse of the giant wolf that was more than a hundred meters in size. “Battalion Commander Chu, I’m really not joking!”

Battalion Commander Chu followed his finger and turned his head.

With one look.

His mind went blank!!

After a long while, Battalion Commander Chu finally reacted. He hurriedly dodged over and carefully approached the Blue Horn Blood Wolf. He probed it in various ways to confirm that the high-level demon general-level Blue Horn Blood Wolf was really dead.


“The path of the heavens does not end!”

Battalion Commander Chu laughed and looked at the tall burly man. “Which grandmaster came to help? To be able to kill the Blue Horn Blood Wolf, one has to at least have the strength of an intermediate-level grandmaster!”

As he spoke, he continued to guess. “In the entire Huadong City, probably only President He has the strength and also the time to arrive on time and resolve the matter. After all, he’s an intermediate-level grandmaster who’s in charge of a Martial Artist Union branch!”

As soon as he finished speaking, a rumbling sound suddenly sounded from the horizon, and a figure in yellow armor rushed over crazily with a large amount of air waves.

The figure quickly landed not far from Zhou Hao and the others.

Waves of air surged, blowing against Xu Ling, the tall burly man, and the others as they hurriedly stabilized themselves.

“Battalion Commander Chu, you’re still alive? That’s great, where’s the Blue Horn Blood Wolf!” The person was first delighted when he saw Battalion Commander Chu and the others before he shouted anxiously.

Battalion Commander Chu was stunned when he saw who it was.

“President, President He, why, why is it you?”

“What? Other than me, who else could it be?” He Biao glared at Battalion Commander Chu angrily.

“Among the seven publicly known grandmaster-level experts in the entire Huadong City, six of them have their own roles. As for Commander Zhao, he has to oversee the entire city and can’t move around easily. Therefore, the only one who is able to rush over to help is me!”

“I rushed over as soon as I received the distress signal from the South Station… Damn!!”

Halfway through his sentence, He Biao cursed. His eyes widened as he stared fixedly at the huge wolf corpse not far away.

When he arrived, he was so anxious that he did not notice the huge corpse lying on the ground.

Seeing that Battalion Commander Chu and the others were fine, only now did he finally size up his surroundings. That was when he saw the huge wolf corpse lying there.

“Chu… Battalion Commander Chu, d-did you kill the Blue Horn Blood Wolf?” He Biao looked at Battalion Commander Chu in disbelief.

Battalion Commander Chu was also dumbfounded.

He had originally thought that President He had rushed over and killed the Blue Horn Blood Wolf, saving everyone.

That was why he was so surprised when he saw President He arrive at the scene.

“Um, President He, Battalion Commander Chu, actually… it was this grandmaster-level expert who had killed the Blue Horn Blood Wolf.”

Just as He Biao and Battalion Commander Chu were feeling dumbfounded…

A weak voice sounded.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

He Biao and Battalion Commander Chu’s gazes first gathered on the talking Xu Ling, then swept over and finally focused on Zhou Hao.

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