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Chapter 1232 - crazy space-ripping beast

Chapter 1232: Chapter 1232-crazy space-ripping beast

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Zhou Hao was completely fine. In other words, Zhou Hao had already reached a height that they could not hope to reach.

“Zhou Hao, you always surprise me!”

Orcas heaved a sigh of relief. She wasn’t worried anymore.

Zhou Hao was still the same as before, always coming to the rescue at the critical moment.

Mai Junjie and old Wu’s faces turned pale. They had not expected Zhou Hao to be stronger than them.

Now, mai Junjie and old Wu were also very regretful. If they had not done that before, they probably would not have offended Zhou Hao.

This was great. If Zhou Hao were to find out about this, they would probably not have a good ending.

However, it was useless to regret it, because this matter could not be changed.


The space-splitting beast soon discovered that a human had appeared in its territory.

The space-splitting beast was furious. Entering the domain, whether it was a mutated beast or a human, was a challenge to her.

“Human, you’re not afraid of death?”

Zhou Hao sneered.”I’m not someone who’s afraid of death. I should be the one asking you that. If you’re afraid of death, then get out of this area!”

The space-splitting beast was furious. She had just woken up from a deep sleep, and someone actually dared to speak to her like this. He was simply courting death.

“Human, you will pay a heavy price for your words!”

Zhou Hao laughed in disdain. He actually wanted her to pay the price. What a joke.

Zhou Hao didn’t waste any time. He clenched his fist and punched upwards.

The space-splitting beast snorted and flapped its wings.

In the next moment, the sky suddenly split open, as if it had been split into two.

A black light was like a sharp knife, and wherever it passed, a smooth and neat mirror-like cut appeared.

This was the space-ripping beast’s tearing skill. Even a harmonization realm expert would be split into two if they were hit by it.

The space-splitting beast was disdainful. It didn’t put Zhou Hao in its eyes at all. Now, it felt that Zhou Hao wouldn’t be able to escape.

As long as he was struck, Zhou Hao would die.

Zhou Hao could tell that the space-ripping beast was very arrogant and was very confident in its skill.

Hence, Zhou Hao decided not to Dodge. He decided to let this beast know that his skills were nothing to her.

Although it was easy to kill the space-ripping beast, she thought of another method. She could torture it before killing it.

“Boss, quickly Dodge!”

The three girls behind him were worried. They didn’t understand why their boss didn’t have any intention of dodging even though they were so close.

“Hahaha, that kid must be scared silly!”

Mai Junjie laughed coldly. If Zhou Hao, his love rival, died, then okas would be his.

“That idiot!”

Old Wu and the others couldn’t help but curse in their hearts. Even at this point, he was still thinking about okas.

Now that Zhou Hao was dead, they were going to die Here as well.

“What is he doing? is he crazy?”

Not only did Zhou Hao not Dodge, but he was also looking very interested.

Immediately, these people thought of this possibility.

“Boss, quickly Dodge!”

No matter how the three girls tried to remind him, Zhou Hao still did not move.

In the end, the black light struck Zhou Hao’s body in front of everyone.

At this moment, the three women hurriedly closed their eyes, their faces pale.

“Human, you are too arrogant. Die. When you die, your power will belong to me, and you will become a part of me!”

The space-splitting beast grinned, thinking that Zhou Hao was dead for sure this time.

However, the smile on the space-splitting beast’s face soon froze. It had seen something.

Zhou Hao’s body was still intact. His face was expressionless, and he was completely fine.

The space-splitting beast thought it was seeing things. It carefully looked for the wound on Zhou Hao’s waist, but after a long time, it still couldn’t find any signs of injury.

Immediately, the space-splitting beast knew that Zhou Hao was definitely fine.

“How can you be fine!”

The space-splitting beast exclaimed.

Mai Junjie was dumbfounded as well. Zhou Hao was actually fine.

The three girls were also stunned. When they realized that he was fine, they were also in disbelief.

Old Wu and the others were all experienced. At first, they found it hard to believe but they quickly understood what was going on.

“He’s definitely an immortal state warrior!”

If old Wu said this before, she wouldn’t even believe it. But now, she was very sure that it was most likely the case.

The other people couldn’t believe it.

Such a young immortal state warrior?

Mai Junjie was extremely excited and found it hard to accept.

“Impossible, that’s impossible. Elder Wu, you’re lying to me, right? how could she be an immortal state warrior?”

Old Wu suddenly felt that this young master of his family was lying to himself. It was already at this point and he still couldn’t recognize the reality.

“Young master, I also find it hard to believe, but I’m sure that it’s only at the immortal state. It’s perfectly fine after being hit by the space-ripping beast’s tear skill!”

Although he didn’t want to hurt this young master, old Wu felt that it was better to let this young master wake up. If he continued to be immersed in his own world, it would only make this young master more and more arrogant.

“How could this be …”

Mai Junjie, who had always prided himself as the youngest genius on the scorching sun planet, only felt a sense of defeat now. His face was full of dejection.

She was the youngest genius, and this answer was hard for her to accept. However, she knew that she had no choice but to accept it.

“How can you be completely fine? human, did you use some kind of trick on me?”

They weren’t the only ones in disbelief. The space-ripping beast was also in disbelief.

The space-splitting beasts found it hard to accept as well. They were overlords, yet they could not hurt a human.

“If you think this is a trick, then take this. After you catch it, you can see if it’s a trick!”

Zhou Hao’s words were like a cannonball as he charged forward.

So fast!

The space-splitting beast’s eyes widened. It was the first time it had discovered that a human could disappear from its sight without leaving a trace.

This brat was very likely to be in the deity realm.

Although the space-ripping beast was also conceited, it was not an idiot like mai Junjie.

Even if what the eyes saw was wrong, there was absolutely no problem with the perception of the five senses.

The space-ripping beast immediately knew that this human boy was a threat to it.

“I will never lose to a human. I will kill you. I will kill all humans!”

How could the space-splitting beast not have thought that after sleeping for a year, it would encounter such a thing just as it wanted to come out and dominate the world?

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