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Chapter 1212 - complete suppression  

Chapter 1212: Chapter 1212-complete suppression

Zhou Hao’s eyes were sharp. These researchers were all crazy. They were already crazy enough before they joined the mutant beasts, but after joining them, they would do anything.

Therefore, there was only a strong killing intent in Zhou Hao’s mind. He wanted to kill the researcher in front of him.

“Hahaha, commander Jiang knew you would come. This serum was specially prepared for me. I’ve been waiting for this moment. According to commander Jiang’s plan, you would be captured alive. I didn’t expect you to become stronger. But even so, according to the plan, you will still die!”

Zhou Hao smiled contemptuously. This Research Institute was only an expert at the starry sky wandering realm. Even if they used the blood serum now, they would only reach the harmony realm at most.

In other words, this researcher was 100% no match for him.

Zhou Hao took the initiative to attack. He was as fast as lightning, wrapped in terrifying energy. In a short while, he had arrived in front of the Research Institute, only one step away.

At this time, the injection syringe had been completely injected. The Research Institute’s body began to grow, and the muscles began to bulge. Pimples also appeared on their faces one after another.

This wasn’t a perfect harmonization realm. It was a type of loss of control, which meant that he could use the power Of harmony realm.

“You bunch of lunatics!”

Zhou Hao was furious. It had been so many years, but these people were still the same. It was fine if they hadn’t grown up, but they had even fallen to such a low level.

Suddenly, Zhou Hao thought of the embarrassing past on Earth Star. At that time, all the soldiers on Earth Star were in the most difficult situation. They were supposed to step forward, but they were sentenced to Earth Star.

They thought that by killing a lot of mutated beasts and protecting their homes, they would change their minds and at least restrain themselves.

He didn’t expect them to not restrain themselves at all. On the contrary, they were even crazier now.

Zhou Hao’s anger rose to its peak. He only had one thought in his mind, and that was to kill them all.

Furthermore, it was a method that he was most unwilling to use.

“You’re in the harmonization realm, which is a good strength. Unfortunately, commander Jiang didn’t treat you as his right-hand man. What he gave you was a failure!”

Zhou Hao could feel that there was a force in the Research Institute that was rising without any signs of slowing down.

At that moment, Zhou Hao knew that these people must have been tricked by commander Jiang to come to this place to work for him.

The sad thing was that these people didn’t seem to know that they were in such a situation, and they didn’t even know that they had been deceived.

“That’s impossible. Commander Jiang said that as long as I have this serum, I can complete the mission, and he will promote me!”

Li Meng roughly knew what the Research Institute meant, but he still chose to believe in commander Jiang.

“Don’t even think about wavering my determination. Are you afraid? if you are, you can just tell me now. If I’m in a good mood, I might let you Live!”

Li Meng immediately steeled his heart. The only thing on his mind now was to get rid of Zhou Hao and complete commander Jiang’s mission. That way, he would be able to obtain a place in the ten starry sky prefectures.

For that quota, he would do anything, he would dare to do anything, just like now.

Zhou Hao didn’t waste any more time. He knew that Li Meng wouldn’t believe him no matter what he said. He was still immersed in his own world.

Li Meng was a very conceited person. Hence, Zhou Hao knew that there was no need for him to say anything else.

The next moment, Zhou Hao clenched his fist and used spatial flash.

Originally, he wanted to use soaring void, but after some thought, he gave up. It was a waste to use this move at this time.

Therefore, he did not want to use his skills against Li Meng.


Li Meng’s face was filled with madness. One of his hands was now smashing over. His arm had become a powerful hand, and his explosive muscles were rippling like a Swimming Dragon, bringing with them a terrifying power.

Harmony realm cultivators could absorb the elements within a ten-mile radius and use them for their own use. They could be said to be god-like existences to most people.

If it was someone else facing the crazy Li Meng of Rui Chang, they would definitely not be able to stop him.

Unfortunately, his opponent this time was Zhou Hao, so the outcome would be completely different.

Zhou Hao’s body flickered, and then he teleported again, disappearing in front of Li Meng.

What was going on?

Li Meng was stunned. He suddenly realized that his target had disappeared, and his fist had missed.

Li Meng was only in the harmonization realm. In front of Zhou Hao, the difference between them was two whole realms. He was like a frog in the forbidden land.

How could he have known about the current situation?

Before Li Meng could figure out what was going on, Zhou Hao jumped out of another blind spot. Like a flash of lightning, he appeared at the side and threw a punch.

Zhou Hao was an immortal state warrior. Compared to before, his space jump was much easier now.

In his current state, Zhou haodang would not consume too much divine power when he used this skill.


This punch contained two-tenths of Zhou Hao’s strength. Even if it was only two-tenths, it was not something that Li Meng could withstand.

Li Meng was indeed capable now, but unfortunately, he could only be reckless and could not use this power flexibly.

Zhou Hao quickly found the exact position and smashed it on Li Meng’s face.

Li Meng’s entire body was sent flying like a sandbag.

Bang! Bang!

Li Meng, on the other hand, felt as if a mountain had crashed into his body. He was caught off guard, and by the time he reacted, his entire body had already been sent flying.

Half of Li Meng’s face caved in. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

What kind of amazing power was this? the netizens in the live broadcast room all sucked in a cold breath.

Although they knew that Zhou Hao was very strong and might have even surpassed the harmonization realm, they had never thought that Zhou Hao would open their eyes once again.

This was completely beyond their expectations. They had thought differently before.

In their eyes, no matter how strong Zhou Hao was, even if he had already reached the higher realms of the harmonization realm, he would at most have a slight advantage.

It was not as simple as having a slight advantage. He had complete control of the entire scene and crushed Li Meng in all aspects.

“How tragic!”

Many netizens began to pity Li Meng. He was in such a miserable state. Half of his face was bloody and his eyeballs were about to pop out.

“Waa waa!”

Li Meng kept vomiting blood. He realized that half of his face had lost feeling. This feeling made him wish he was dead.

“Brat, you’re dead. I’ll torture you before you die. I’ll make you wish you were dead!”

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