Starting With One Million Luck Points

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Starting With One Million Luck Points

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“I’m speechless. This Heaven Dao software’s mystery box is too scammy. I’ve opened more than a hundred boxes and all I’ve gotten is trash. There’s not a single high-level item, let alone a rare-level item!”

“That’s right. I’ve been opening mystery boxes for almost half a month, but I only managed to get one intermediate-level item!”

“It can’t be helped. It depends entirely on your luck whether or not you’re able to get a rare-level item!”


At Qu City High School, in Class 4 of Grade 12.

Zhou Hao looked at the podium expressionlessly, but his attention was focused on the virtual screen in front of him.

He, too, was one of the users of the Heaven Dao software.

After being invited to use the software the day before yesterday, Zhou Hao had thought that he had gotten lucky. However, he did not expect that there would be a large number of users in this software.

As for mystery boxes, they were a popular feature of the software. Users were only charged 10 Heaven Dao coins for each mystery box they opened.

There were all kinds of things inside the mystery box: Heaven Dao coins, roses, cultivation techniques, weapons, medicinal pills, and some special items.

Although intermediate-level items could be obtained from time to time and they also provided certain benefits, those things were not enough to change the fate of ordinary people.

One’s fate could only be changed by opening high-level items such as high-level cultivation techniques or medicinal pills.

As for the rare-level items, they were even rarer than a phoenix feather or a qilin horn. Until now, only one person had ever gotten a rare-level item. The item was a blood essence enhancer that directly increased that person’s blood essence by ten times, allowing that person to soar to the heavens in a single step and become one of the few experts in the area.

After Zhou Hao familiarized himself with the mechanics of the mystery box, he was excited.

After all, as long as he could draw a high-level item or a rare-level item, he could turn the tables and become the best of the best at his school!

However, the outcome was tragic.

Just like the users who were in a heated discussion in the main hall now, Zhou Hao had spent all his money and even borrowed 10,000 Chinese yuan from his classmate Xu Ling. However, up until now, he had only gotten some roses of unknown use.

“I can only rely on my luck points!”

Zhou Hao’s gaze swept to the gray sign at the bottom left corner of the virtual screen.

Luck Points: 10,000,000 (Unactivated)

These luck points appeared after he started using the Heaven Dao software, but it had always been in an unactivated state. Through chatting with other users, he also figured out one thing: the luck points system was something only he had.

However, up until now, he still did not know how to activate the luck points, nor did he know what it was used for.

“More than a hundred years ago, Planet Earth suffered a huge change. Large numbers of cracks appeared everywhere and civilizations were found within these cracks. Among these civilizations, the Demon Race, the Insect Race, and the Machine Race were the most aggressive. After discovering Planet Earth, they began to crazily kill the humans of Planet Earth and conquer our land…”

The history teacher’s impassioned voice interrupted Zhou Hao’s thoughts. He closed the virtual screen and lay on the table.

Those who were familiar with the personality of the history teacher knew that a lecture on the humiliating history of Planet Earth for nearly a hundred years was imminent.

Although the history teacher had good intentions and simply wanted to motivate his students to work hard in their cultivation, cultivation was still no easy feat and easier said than done.

Among the five thousand or so students in the entire Qu City High School, only five of them had relied on the basic cultivation technique, the “Dragon Elephant Wisdom Technique”, to cultivate to the third level of blood essence!

Moreover, all five of them were all students with good backgrounds.

Other students like Zhou Hao, who came from an ordinary family, could not even reach the first level of blood essence.

After three years of training, the students had long lost hope in cultivation. All of them were thinking about how to find a job that could help them in the cruel competition after graduation and live their lives happily.

However, Zhou Hao was unwilling to give up!

He did not want to stay in the city forever and live a cowardly life under the protection of martial artists.

The only way for him to change his fate was for him to get a rare-level item from the mystery box.

But in the end…

Zhou Hao shook his head helplessly and waited until class ended before leaving the classroom in a depressed mood.

Opening the Heaven Dao software, a virtual screen that no one else could see appeared in front of Zhou Hao. He took a deep breath as he swept his eyes over the luck points that were still gray.

As long as he could activate these luck points he might have a chance! However, he was at a loss as to how to activate the luck points.

Right at this moment, some small, green flies that were like flies buzzed over, making him unable to help but frown.

“It’s these Insect Race spies again.”

“How annoying!”

Many students nearby waved their hands in disgust and swatted these green insects to death.

This was a flying insect, the lowest-level handyman army of the Insect Rae. It did not have any attack power, but it could reproduce in large numbers like a mosquito. It was the most effective method for the Insect Race to spy on the humans on Planet Earth. Almost every two days, these flying insects would spread out like a net and infiltrate the various bases of the humans.

As long as humans saw such bugs, they would directly swat them to death, not giving them any opportunities.

Zhou Hao also slapped a cyan flying bug to death in annoyance. Just as he was about to close the virtual screen, he saw the gray luck points suddenly light up!

Then, a line of words appeared on the screen: The Luck Point System has been activated.. Initial Luck Points: 10,000,000 (Luck Explosion). Host is strongly advised to open the Heaven Dao Mystery Box!

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