Starting From Fooling the Elderly into Registering for a Cultivation Training Class

Chapter 49 - Bringing Ma Qingxue Home for the Second Time

Chapter 49: Bringing Ma Qingxue Home for the Second Time

Ma Qingxue got a private room alone.

She was in a bad state.

Ever since the media exposed Fang Yuke, Ma Qingxue’s personal information had been dug out as well.

Fang Yuke had a family and was a real estate tycoon. Now that it was exposed that he was dating Ma Qingxue, the majority assumed that she was a mistress.

Ma Qingxue was a very headstrong person.

But, no matter how strong she was, she could not withstand public opinion.

There were many posts scolding her online, and even her workplace and home address were exposed.

This morning, she submitted her resignation letter and planned to leave the city.

Around one in the morning.

Ma Qingxue held her forehead and walked out tipsily.

In the past, people rarely came to grab drunk girls at places like casual bars.

But things were different now.

Tonight, there were many men outside the bar.

These people were squatting on the ground, smoking and waiting. Their eyes were fixed on the entrance of the shop. Once there were women who were alone, they would surround them.

Ma Qingxue made their eyes brighten, and they fought to rush forward.

Just then, an extremely strange wind started blowing all of a sudden. Furthermore, the wind was extremely strong, enough to uproot trees.

The wind was only directed at those men, easily sending them flying.

They plummeted from the sky, clutching their heads and moaning in pain.

Ma Qingxue did not notice them at all as she tottered unsteadily towards the car parked in front of the bar.

But she was drunk and couldn’t tell which car belonged to her.

After searching for a long time, she still could not find her car.

Suddenly, her stomach churned like an erupting volcano.

She did not have time to run outside. She squatted on the ground and started vomiting violently.

At this moment, a figure appeared before her.

It was Qin Chuan.

He held a bottle of mineral water and a packet of tissues.

After Ma Qingxue vomited, Qin Chuan bent down and passed the tissue to her.

Ma Qingxue looked up.

She wasn’t completely drunk and could recognize Qin Chuan.

“It’s you?” She was clearly surprised by the appearance of Qin Chuan.

Qin Chuan scratched his head and smiled, “I happened to pass by.”

Ma Qingxue said in a daze, “What a coincidence. Since we’ve bumped into each other, let’s have a few more drinks.”

As she spoke, she started dragging Qin Chuan towards the bar.

Qin Chuan naturally wouldn’t go.

He pulled back his hand, and Ma Qingxue fell into his arms like a boneless animal.

Qin Chuan immediately felt that something was amiss, and he quickly pushed her away again.

At this moment, Ma Qingxue’s head started to pound.

Her head swayed left and right as she leaned back, unable to stand properly.

She was like a dried leaf in the wind, ready to fall at any moment.

Qin Chuan held onto Ma Qingxue’s waist and let her lean on his arm.

Ma Qingxue’s sight was blurred, and she was vaguely conscious. She was like a magnet, tightly glued to Qin Chuan.

Qin Chuan felt extremely awkward.

He still didn’t know where Ma Qingxue’s address was. He could only bring her to a hotel or a guest house.

After just a few steps, she completely dozed off.

Afterwards, Qin Chuan couldn’t help but sigh and grumble.

“Why did you drink yourself to this state?”

Then, he lifted Ma Qingxue and walked towards the hotel in sight.

When they arrived at the hotel, Qin Chuan headed straight for the counter.

The attendant at the counter was sleeping on the table, Qin Chuan coughed.

The man raised his head in a daze and was stunned for a few seconds before hurriedly getting up.

“Sir, welcome…” The steward wiped the drool from the corner of his mouth and lowered his head to speak softly.

Qin Chuan directly replied, “Please give me a room.”

“Please wait a moment!” The service staff clicked around on the computer. “Sir, I’m really sorry. We are currently out of rooms.”

Qin Chuan couldn’t help but be shocked. He asked in disbelief, “There isn’t a single one left?”

The waiter nodded and said seriously, “After the curfew was lifted, all the rooms in the hotel were booked within a few minutes.

“Sir, I’m really sorry to have made you come all this way for nothing.”

“It’s fine.” Qin Chuan could only hold Ma Qingxue and leave in disappointment.

After that, Qin Chuan found many hotels and guest houses, but none of them had empty rooms.

The reasons for the lack of rooms were more or less the same. It was all because of the curfew.

It was almost two in the morning. Qin Chuan walked down the empty streets with Ma Qingxue in his arms.

A cool breeze started blowing, making him feel a little cold.

Ma Qingxue was not in professional attire today. She was wearing a pair of loose casual pants and a thin T-shirt.

After being outside for a long time, her skin was getting a little cold.

Qin Chuan was worried that she would catch a cold, but he couldn’t find a hotel.

After much thought, he made a shocking decision: taking her home.

As he stood at the entrance of his apartment, Qin Chuan’s heart was filled with unease. He was hesitating.

If Xuanxuan weren’t around, he wouldn’t have any worries.

But it was different now.

He had taken the liberty to bring someone back without her agreement. She would definitely be furious.

Lowering his head to look at the sleeping beauty in his arms, Qin Chuan steeled his heart, opened the door and walked in.

Zhao Xuanxuan was still sleeping soundly.

Meanwhile, Huang Huang sat upright on the bedside table, like a stone lion in front of a wealthy family’s residence. It looked very dignified.

When it saw Qin Chuan return, it wagged its tail and ran over.

Huang Huang’s large eyes blinked as it held its head up, staring at Qin Chuan as though it was asking for a reward.

Qin Chuan was fair in giving out rewards and punishments. If it did a good job, he would definitely reward it.

He exchanged an inferior-grade spirit stone from the Merchant Shop and threw it to Huang Huang.

Huang Huang opened its mouth and sucked the spirit stone into its mouth. It chewed it a few times before walking away happily.

Qin Chuan carried Ma Qingxue to the bed.

Zhao Xuanxuan’s sleeping posture was not bad. There was still some space beside her.

Qin Chuan carefully placed Ma Qingxue down, took off her shoes, and covered her with a blanket.

When he saw the two people sleeping soundly on the bed, Qin Chuan didn’t know how they would react when they woke up. In any case, it won’t be anything good.

It was a sleepless night.

Qin Chuan did not sleep the entire night. Instead, he sat in the living room and meditated.

The sky gradually brightened.

Qin Chuan went downstairs early to buy some ingredients to prepare breakfast for Ma Qingxue and Zhao Xuanxuan.

At the same time, Wang Zhixing had given him a call, saying that his son and family were coming to visit him. So he asked for a day off.

Qin Chuan thought to himself, I happen to have some matters to attend to as well.

So he asked Wang Zhixing to pass on the message to the others that they won’t be cultivating today. It could be considered a break.

Wang Zhixing had no objections and agreed.

Qin Chuan trusted Wang Zhixing. He hung up the call and returned home with a bag of ingredients.

Ma Qingxue and Zhao Xuanxuan were still sleeping, and they looked weird.

The two of them faced each other with their long legs overlapping each other. It was very interesting.

In order not to wake them up, Qin Chuan set up an array formation in the kitchen—the Muting Array.

Muting array: all sounds from the area covered by the array formation cannot reach the outside world.

After about half an hour later, breakfast was ready: two sunny-side-up eggs, two potato pancakes, two steaks, and two glasses of milk.

It was extremely sumptuous.

He couldn’t compliment the taste. It was still the same as before—dark cuisine. But, it wouldn’t kill them.

Just a little!

Qin Chuan removed the array formation and placed the breakfast on the table, waiting for the girls to wake up.

After a few minutes, Zhao Xuanxuan and Ma Qingxue coincidentally opened their eyes at the same time.

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