Starting From Fooling the Elderly into Registering for a Cultivation Training Class

Chapter 45 - The Cash Cows Are Here

Chapter 45: The Cash Cows Are Here

Qin Chuan came to the bank.

“Hello, sir. May I know what services you need?” the manager on duty asked.

Qin Chuan directly asked, “What is the price of gold now?”

The manager faltered and said, “Due to the influence of the world economy, the gold price has seen a slight increase recently. At the opening this morning, the starting price of gold was 310.296 yuan per gram.

“May I ask if you wish to buy gold or sell it?”

“If you would like to buy gold, a set of limited edition dragon gold coins was launched just a few days ago. If you get them now, we have a promotion…”

Qin Chuan interrupted them, “I want to sell gold.”

The lobby manager was stunned again.

She looked at Qin Chuan with an unusual gaze as she thought to herself, This person is dressed in clothes from roadside stalls, and he wants to sell gold?

Logically speaking, Qin Chuan was dressed ordinarily. He bought his shirt, pants, and shoes four years ago, and they were on sale when he had bought them.

He looked poor.

This manager had been working for many years and was very professional.

She asked politely, “Sir, how much gold are you selling?”

Qin Chuan casually replied, “Not much—just one kilogram!”

He wasn’t bragging. It really wasn’t much.

Now that he had enough points, he could get a lot of gold ore.

Then, with his forging skills, even 10 kilograms of gold would be a piece of cake.

But he didn’t do so.

If he had brought out so much gold at once, he would get investigated.

At that moment, the manager was shocked. She thought that she had heard wrongly.

If he had said two grams, she would have believed him.

But one kilogram was too much.

“Sir, are you sure you have more than one kilogram of gold?”

The manager lifted her gold-framed glasses and asked shyly.

Qin Chuan was direct. He took out a large gold brick.

“I’ve never measured it before. I don’t know its exact weight, but I’m sure it’s heavier than a kilogram.”

Qin Chuan spoke calmly, but in the eyes of the manager, he was just bragging humbly.

The instant Qin Chuan took out the golden brick, she could tell that it was real gold.

At this moment, she was exceptionally excited.

She muttered inwardly, “Rich people nowadays really know how to have fun. They love to pretend to be poor and make a fool of others.”

The manager calmed down, and her attitude changed drastically.

She smiled as she bent down and made an inviting gesture.

“Please follow me, sir.”


The manager led Qin Chuan upstairs.

Just as they reached the stairs, a plump middle-aged man came forward to welcome them.

“Sir, may I have your name?” the middle-aged man asked very politely.

Qin Chuan didn’t hesitate. He replied, “My surname is Qin.”

“Mr. Qin, my surname is Liu. I’m the vice president of this bank.

“I’m very honored to be able to serve you today.” Vice President Liu smiled.

He’s the vice president? Qin Chuan took one more glance at him.

After which, Vice President Liu led Qin Chuan to his office.

“Mr. Qin, according to the procedures, I need to examine your gold,” Vice President Liu said politely.

Qin Chuan unreservedly placed the gold brick on the table for him to do so.

Vice President Liu was very professional. He put on a pair of gloves and then brought out an instrument used to examine gold.

The entire process lasted three minutes.

In the end, Vice President Liu was very agitated.

This was because the purity of this gold brick was beyond imagination. It was infinitely close to 100%.

At first, he thought that the instrument had malfunctioned.

However, he used the gold watch on his wrist to test it. The instrument was fine.

In order not to make a mistake, he had tested it again and again, which was why he took so long.

Now, he was certain that this gold brick was real gold, and its quality was beyond imagination.

He weighed it. It was 1300.333 grams, which was about 1.3 kg.

The market price of gold was slightly above 310 yuan per gram, and it was going at an upward trend.

After some consideration, Vice President Liu offered Qin Chuan a price of 320 yuan per gram.

When Qin Chuan heard this, he raised his brows.

He did not expect it to be so much higher than the market price.

Since that was the case, he had no objections.

“Deal!” Qin Chuan said coolly.

Vice President Liu was stunned. He did not expect the other party to be so straightforward.

He loved such clients.

Hence, he immediately printed out the contract.

Qin Chuan couldn’t be bothered to read through it. Instead, he signed his name and then pressed his thumbprint.

After signing the contract, all that was left was getting the money.

Vice President Liu was also very efficient.

Not long after, Qin Chuan received a message from the bank.

He had received a total of 416,106.56 yuan.

This was much more than he had expected. Qin Chuan was satisfied.

Before he left, Vice President Liu gave him a name card and quietly told him that he could see him in private in the future when he wanted to trade gold.

Qin Chuan understood what he meant, but he didn’t point it out.

He walked downstairs.

The manager came enthusiastically and recommended Qin Chuan wealth management products.

Qin Chuan didn’t need these.

He really did not have to worry about money.

After leaving the bank, he got a taxi and went to the largest mobile store in Beichuan City.

There were cell phones from all kinds of brands in the world here.

Qin Chuan picked from the most expensive ones.

Based on his understanding, the more expensive a cell phone was, the better its performance would be.

In the end, he bought a cell phone worth more than 20,000 yuan.

“Hello, Xuanxuan, are you home?”

“Yes! Why?”

“Have you eaten lunch?”

“Not yet, I was just about to order takeaway.”

“Don’t order then. I’ll go buy some groceries.”


“Why? You don’t feel like eating?”

“N-no, I’ll be waiting for you at home!”

He hung up.

Qin Chuan headed to the seafood market.

He was going to cook a seafood feast today.

He bought king crabs, lobsters, abalones, etc.

In the end, he spent more than 20,000 yuan on seafood and various ingredients, but he didn’t feel pinched for money at all.

I am rich!

In the Southern mountainous region.

Lyu Yuhua and company finally entered the mountain with their guide.

There were no asphalt roads in the mountains. They were all narrow winding trails that were muddy and difficult to walk on.

The guide leaned on his walking stick. He had to rest after walking for a while. He was exhausted.

Lyu Yuhua and company were cultivators, but they didn’t look tired in the slightest.

They complained that the guide was too slow.

The guide was speechless. If he had known this would happen, he wouldn’t have accepted this task.

“Sir, can I rest for a few more minutes?”

The guide had no energy left.

Lyu Yuhua asked, “How far are we from the village in the mountains?”

“We have more than ten kilometers to go!”

“It’s that far?” Lyu Yuhua frowned.

He calculated inwardly. With their current speed and how they’re stopping and going, it would probably be dark by the time they arrive.

He thought for a moment and had a discussion with Old Liu and Old Lu. There was no need for a guide to lead the way. They could go alone.

Old Liu and Old Lu had no objections. They also found the guide too slow.

They were all old men in his seventies or eighties, and the guide was a man in his prime. However, he had only trekked a short distance, and he couldn’t take it anymore.

What a good-for-nothing.

They paid the guide for the journey and asked for the subsequent route before heading to the village in the mountains by themselves.

Shortly after they left, the guide took out the phone from his pocket.

“Hey! Get ready, those three cash cows are coming!”

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