Starting From Fooling the Elderly into Registering for a Cultivation Training Class

Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Is That a Dragon?

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“Young man, you must have waited long!” Wang Zhixing said with a smile.

Qin Chuan replied, “It’s fine. It’s only right for me to wait.”

Wang Zhixing laughed and said, “When do you think we should start cultivating?”

Qin Chuan said, “Let me do a headcount first.”

“There’s no need to count. Everyone is here.”

“Oh… oh!” Qin Chuan smiled awkwardly. “Since everyone is here, please follow me to the sect… oh… I meant the training class.”

At this moment, an old man asked, “Young man, there don’t seem to be any buildings around Mountain Hu. Are you sure your cultivation training class is here?

“You’re not going to try to trick us into going somewhere deserted and take the opportunity to blackmail us, are you?”

“Uh…” Qin Chuan didn’t know how to explain himself.

Wang Zhixing helped him out of his predicament. “Don’t those immortal cultivators in television dramas cultivate in the mountains and rivers?

“Since we are acting as immortal cultivators, the location of this training class is naturally somewhere mountainous.

“Besides, this is a society ruled by law. He wouldn’t dare to do that.”

Once he said that, the elderly eased up.

Qin Chuan was extremely grateful to Wang Zhixing.

He could not understand why Wang Zhixing was helping him so much.

Perhaps he’s interested in cultivating!

Then, Qin Chuan led the way, and the group stopped in a small forest.

Qin Chuan said, “Everyone, the training class will start soon. Please mentally prepare yourselves.”

When everyone heard this, they were all confused.

They were in the middle of nowhere. Where was the training class?

While they were puzzled, the corners of Qin Chuan’s mouth curled upwards as he summoned the system.

The system was only visible to him.

Qin Chuan clicked on ‘sect.’

The surroundings began to blur.

Everyone felt dizzy and saw stars.

Before they could come back to their senses, their surroundings had changed drastically.

“Welcome to the cultivation training class!” Qin Chuan stood on the platform and announced loudly.

Everyone recovered from the shock and looked around. Their countenances involuntarily changed significantly.

“Look at the sky. Something seems to be flying.”

In the sky, nine golden dragons shuttled through the clouds, roaring.

“They… they look like dragons!” A man gulped and said.

Everyone widened their eyes and watched intently.

“They’re really dragons… they’re really dragons!”


The old men and women thought that they were dreaming and started pinching their own skin.

“This isn’t a dream. It’s not a dream!”

Everyone was extremely excited.

As a great educator and cultured person who pitied Qin Chuan, Wang Zhixing was no longer calm.

“How are there dragons in this world?

“The dragon is merely a beast that people made up using various animals in ancient times. There is no such thing as a dragon species.”

Wang Zhixing tried to convince himself, but the nine golden dragons in the sky were abnormally real.

Their golden scales reflected the sunlight and emitted a dazzling glow.

In the next moment, a sharp whistling sound came from the sky.

Nine colorful giant birds appeared, their bodies radiating an auspicious light. They were sacred and beautiful.

An old man cried out, “Holy sh*t! Are those phoenixes? What the f*ck! What the f*ck!”

“They really are phoenixes. Phoenixes!”

At this moment, tears welled up in their eyes as the elderly agitatedly knelt down in worship.

Wang Zhixing stared at the sky, pondering the authenticity of the dragons and phoenixes.

Suddenly, a thought struck him.

He remembered that he had a classmate who specialized in neurology.

Two years ago, he collaborated with some high-tech companies to develop a new type of psychoactive drug.

After the human body absorbed it, illusions could be created through special instruments.

However, this drug was still in the experimental phases and had not been put into the market yet.

Wang Zhixing guessed that Qin Chuan was an employee of one of those high-tech companies.

After all, the launch of a new product was based not only on the laboratory data but also required practical testing.

Wang Zhixing had to admit that this new type of psychoactive drug was powerful.

However, he had overlooked one point.

Although the illusion was very realistic, it did not fit reality. There was no scientific basis at all.

How could there be dragons or phoenixes in this world?

If they really existed, they would have been discovered long ago, given the advancements of science and technology.

Upon realizing this, Wang Zhixing instantly became as calm as ever.

On the platform, Qin Chuan saw how excited everyone was.

He was convinced that his great undertaking of getting the entire nation to cultivate would definitely succeed.

To be honest, it was all thanks to the golden dragons and phoenixes that the elderly were so excited.

The golden dragons and phoenixes were not phenomenons, but the guardian beasts of the sect.

Since they hadn’t been completely unlocked, he couldn’t communicate with them yet.

A while later, Qin Chuan led the group to the gates.

He said in a clear voice, “Everyone, now that you have arrived at the cultivation training class, your cultivation can officially begin.”

“The first step of cultivation is paying respects to the sect!”

After seeing the golden dragons and phoenixes, the old men and women did not doubt Qin Chuan’s words.

They followed him to pay their respects.

In the next second, the gates suddenly lit up with holy light.

Beams of light shot from the gates like laser beams and struck everyone in the middle of their eyebrows.

Their bodies began to glow with multicolored light.

This was how the sect activated their spiritual roots.

A few seconds later, the light dissipated.

The elderly suddenly felt a cool and refreshing sensation in their heads.

Alzheimer’s, presbyopia, cataracts… The illnesses from old age disappeared.

The old men and women were especially surprised when they sensed the changes in their bodies.

But, Wang Zhixing looked completely calm.

He had long seen through it.

All of these were the effects of the psychoactive drug. They were all illusory and unrealistic.

When the illusion ended, they would return to their original forms.

Qin Chuan gazed at the crowd, feeling extremely satisfied in his heart.

Earlier, he had received a system prompt.

Take Wang Zhixing, for example. He was a Heavenly Spirit Root.

That kind of aptitude was one in a million.

If everything went well, cultivating to become an immortal would be a certainty for him.

The other’s spirit roots weren’t bad either. In any case, they wouldn’t have any significant problems with cultivating.

Looking at the crowd, Qin Chuan spoke once again in a clear voice, “Next, please follow me into the Spirit Spring to wash away the dust and dirt of the mortal world. Then we can continue cultivating to seek the Dao.”

No one had any doubts as they followed Qin Chuan to the Spirit Spring.

The Spirit Spring was a small circular pool that was about 10 square meters in area.

Since they had to take off their clothes to enter the Spirit Spring, the old men and old women had to be separated.

Following the principle of ladies first, the females entered the spirit spring.

Although they were old, they were still females. Qin Chuan and the old men naturally had to stay away.

Not long after, their cries resounded from the Spirit Spring.

“Oh my God!”

“Sister Liu, the wrinkles on your face are going away!” a 73-year-old woman said in surprise.

Sister Liu asked in excited disbelief, “Are you serious?”

“Of course! Look at them. Everyone seems to have become younger. My hair has even turned black.”

“It seems to be true!”

“The water in this pool is really magical. Will I look young again if I soak in here for an entire day?”

“I think it’s worth a try!”

“Are there really cultivators in this world?”

As the old ladies chattered incessantly, the waiting old men grew restless.

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