Starting From Fooling the Elderly into Registering for a Cultivation Training Class

Chapter 38

Chapter 38: Lotus Flower Spring Sun Necklace

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Late at night, a helicopter cut through the quiet night sky of Gold Sea City.

The helicopter circled above the Li family mansion, preparing to land.

Right then, the door opened, and someone jumped out.

The helicopter was about nine stories above the ground.

Anyone would die from such a height.


There was only a thud.

That person landed steadily on the ground. The impact of the fall from high above cracked the ground beneath his feet.

It was an old man.

The old man wore a loose and comfortable training suit. He was not tall, about 1.5 meters in height.

His hair was white, but he was glowing with health. His eyes were bright, and his hands were behind his back. He looked like an otherworldly expert.

At this moment, there were some people standing at the entrance of the mansion. They were all important members of the Li Family.

When they saw the old man, they immediately surrounded him.





The old man wore a solemn look. His gaze was animalistic. His gaze made people’s hearts palpitate.

“Where’s Zhongyao?” the old man asked.

Someone said, “Big Brother’s mourning hall is in the underground palace.”

The old man walked towards the mansion with an expressionless face.

Everyone bowed and watched as the old man walked away before following him.

The Li Mansion spanned about 2000 square meters.

In a metropolis like Golden Sea City, land was scarce. With such a large area, one could see how rich this family was.

The interior of the underground palace was also luxurious. It was modeled after ancient architecture. It was as though one had transmigrated back into the ancient palaces.

Li Zhongyao’s mourning hall was in the main hall of the underground palace.

After special handling, Li Zhongyao looked no different from an ordinary person. The only difference was that he was dead.

The old man came to the main hall, and the juniors lit a few incense sticks for him.

The old man bowed again and again and cried out sorrowfully, “Zhongyao, Dad is here!”

After putting in the incense sticks, the old man came to Li Zhongyao’s side and watched quietly.

At this moment, he had removed his stern outer appearance and turned into an ordinary, loving father.

From afar, the old man’s lonely figure seemed to have aged.

A few minutes later, the old man regained his usual solemn expression.

He walked out of the main hall.

The old man swept his gaze over everyone and said in a low voice, “Have we gotten any clues about the identity of the murderer?”

Everyone lowered their heads in silence.

“Trash!” The old man said furiously.

The air seemed to shake.

Everyone immediately knelt down.

“Dad, we’ve checked the surveillance images countless times. No one entered the villa that day.

“There was also no sign of anyone coming to the room where big brother was killed.

“According to the forensic report, the cause of big brother’s death was shock.

“His death was very strange.”

The person who spoke was Li Zhongyao’s younger brother, Li Zhongyang.

The old man said with a grim expression, “Did anything unusual happen before Zhongyao was killed?”

Li Zhongyang replied quickly, “There are surveillance cameras in big brother’s room. We’ve watched the footage many times, but nothing unusual had happened.

“But if we were to talk about any particular actions, it was that big brother received a call before he was killed.”

The old man frowned and immediately asked, “Who was it from?”

Li Zhongyang said, “The Eagle Guards.”

“What was it about?”

“It’s related to work. Something seemed to have cropped up.

“We’ve investigated it. It has nothing to do with big brother’s death,” Li Zhongyang said seriously.

The old man’s brows were tightly knitted. “Where’s the recording of their conversation?!”

Li Zhongyang said, “Dad, wait a moment. I’ll bring it to you right away.”

With that said, Li Zhongyang ran up to ground level and took a small audio player.

When he returned to the underground palace, he handed the player to the old man.

They listened to the conversation between Li Zhongyao and the Eagle Guards.

The call was brief. Most of the people who heard it confirmed that it had nothing to do with Li Zhongyao’s death.

However, the old man did not think so.

The person who died was his son. He was meticulous with the details.

“What was the situation with this female university student?” the old man questioned after listening to the recording.

Everyone shook their heads.

Li Zhongyang said, “Dad, you know that big brother is the chairman. We don’t concern ourselves with his matters, and he doesn’t tell us about them..”

The old man knew this and did not make things difficult for them.

“Contact the Eagle Guards and then investigate this female college student,” the old man ordered.

“Yes!” No one had any objections.

The next day.

“Brother, I have to go for an interview later, what would we do with Huang Huang?” It was rare for Zhao Xuanxuan to wake up so early.

When Qin Chuan heard this, he said unhappily, “Why are you still going for an interview? It seems like everything I told you yesterday was for nothing.”

Zhao Xuanxuan said thoughtfully, “Brother, ever since we left the orphanage, it was you who took care of me. You worked hard to put me through school.

“Now that I can earn money, I want to share some of your burden. ”

After Qin Chuan heard this, he didn’t know what to say.

But after yesterday’s incident, he was worried about leaving Zhao Xuanxuan alone outside.

What if she gets in trouble again?

He had to go guide others in cultivation. He couldn’t be by her side all the time.

“Brother, I’ll go wash up first,” Zhao Xuanxuan said.

“Okay!” Qin Chuan responded.

Qin Chuan thought of a solution.

He went to the Merchant Shop to exchange for a defensive superior-grade Dharma treasure.

With the Dharma treasure, he could ensure her safety.

A superior-grade Dharma treasure required 3,000 points.

Qin Chuan knew it was costly.

[Dharma treasure: Lotus Flower Spring Sun Necklace.]

[Type: Defensive.]

[Quality: Superior-grade.]

[Usage Requirement: None.]

[Special Feature: When the wearer encounters danger, a lotus flower defensive barrier will be formed. The barrier will last for three minutes and will also release three balls of Spring Sun Fire as a counterattack.]

[Description: This Dharma treasure can only be activated when the wearer is in danger. It can be activated five times after being filled with True Qi.]

After reading the attributes of the Dharma treasure, Qin Chuan immediately injected his True Qi into it.

A few minutes later, it was ‘charged.’

Zhao Xuanxuan walked out of the bathroom then.

Qin Chuan took out the Lotus Flower Spring Sun Necklace.

Zhao Xuanxuan’s eyes lit up, “Wow! What a beautiful necklace.”

Qin Chuan smiled, “It’s for you.”

“Really?” Zhao Xuanxuan was in disbelief, “Brother, this necklace must be very expensive!”

Qin Chuan smiled, “It doesn’t matter if it’s expensive, as long as you like it.”

“Hehe! Brother, you’re the best!” Zhao Xuanxuan threw her arms around Qin Chuan happily.

Their bodies were so close to each other that they were just one step away from fitting into each other’s arms.

Zhao Xuanxuan hugged Qin Chuan and jumped around.

Their bodies rubbed against each other!

Qin Chuan felt a certain part of his body misbehaving and immediately pushed Zhao Xuanxuan away.

Zhao Xuanxuan happily held the Lotus Flower Spring Sun Necklace and asked Qin Chuan, “Brother, why did you give me such a valuable item?”

Qin Chuan replied without hesitation, “You are my younger sister. It’s only natural for me to give you gifts.”

“But this necklace is too valuable.

“Look at this metal and this lotus jade pendant. They’re obviously genuine.

“Brother, tell me the truth, did you win the lottery?” Zhao Xuanxuan questioned.

Qin Chuan laughed, “What are you thinking about! If I had won the lottery, would I keep quiet?”

“Then how did you afford such an expensive necklace?” Zhao Xuanxuan asked curiously.

Qin Chuan replied, “Don’t ask too much. Your brother has many ways to earn money. In the future, our lives will definitely improve.”

“All right!” Since Qin Chuan had said so, Zhao Xuanxuan didn’t probe any further.

She put on the Lotus Flower Spring Sun Necklace and looked at herself in the mirror, admiring herself for a while

“Brother, come over here for a moment,” Zhao Xuanxuan suddenly called out.

“What’s wrong?” Qin Chuan glanced at her.

“Ah, come over quickly. Let’s take a photo together.”

Zhao Xuanxuan urged.

Qin Chuan didn’t reject her and impatiently took a photo with her.

“Thank you for the necklace, brother!!”

Zhao Xuanxuan uploaded the photo to her WeChat Moments and other social media with a caption.

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