Starting From Fooling the Elderly into Registering for a Cultivation Training Class

Chapter 32

Chapter 32: Five Years of Gaokao Questions, Three Years of Sample Questions

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After leaving the forging room, Qin Chuan headed to the alchemy room.

The twenty people were memorizing their books very seriously.

They held the thick book in both hands, raised it above their heads, faced the wall, and read aloud.

It seemed like a déjà vu of the last few days before the gaokao1.

Qin Chuan didn’t disturb them since they were working so hard.

He returned to the training hall and scanned the crowd below.

According to his previous teaching plan, the Array Formation specialization was next.

Among the many cultivation specializations, he believed that Array Formations was the most challenging one.

This was because array formations involved a lot of knowledge and would exhaust a lot of brainpower.

He did not need to study it himself. He just needed to learn it through the system, but his students would have to rely on talent.

There were about fifty people who signed up for the Array Formation specialization, a considerable number.

There were eight people with Earth Spirit Roots.

Qin Chuan chose these eight people to teach them array formations.

In the room, Qin Chuan spent more than three hours explaining the origin, usage, and basic knowledge of array formations to them.

The eight of them were puzzled as they listened. They were completely lost.

Qin Chuan didn’t say anything—he had already expected this to happen.

“Everyone, keep your spirits up. The Array Formations cultivator is a jack of all trades. When you have mastered your skill, the other specializations will wish they were you or will suck up to you.”

Qin Chuan clapped his hands and encouraged them.

Of course, he wasn’t lying to them. It was the truth.

Take the forging of artifacts, for example: once completed, array formations were required for a more powerful and distinct artifact.

Also, in alchemy, if one wished to improve the quality and effects of the pills, they also needed array formations.

Besides that, studying array formations also included studying talismans.

Talisman cultivators had extraordinary combat abilities. They could throw talismans and crush opponents with them.

Qin Chuan had mentioned all of the above.

However, his eight students clearly didn’t digest what he was saying.

Qin Chuan didn’t waste any more time. He bought a few books from the Merchant Shop.

<Five Years of Gaokao Questions, Three Years of Sample Questions>

There was no need to explain the contents of the book. Those who had gone through the gaokao should know very well1.

“Sect Master, are you sure you want me to learn this?” someone asked, confused.

Qin Chuan nodded his head seriously, “If you know all the sciences, you’ll be able to make better sense of the world.

“The most important thing for all of you now is to digest it thoroughly.

“This is the first volume. There are also the second and third volumes.

“If you can master all the questions in these three books, learning array formations will be a piece of cake.”

When the eight of them heard this, they nearly died on the spot.

“Sect Master, we didn’t even graduate from primary school. We can’t calculate with numbers below 100, let alone do questions. Please don’t make things difficult for us!”

The eight of them complained.

Qin Chuan said with sincerity, “I know that this will be very difficult for you guys. But, success does not come so easily.

“Take, for example, the Weapon Forging Specialization and the Alchemy Specialization: they similarly don’t know anything and have never come into contact with what they’re learning. But, they are working very hard and have put all their energy into it.”

“If you don’t believe me, I can show you how they do their learning.”

The eight looked at each other and said, “Come, let’s go and take a look.”

So, Qin Chuan brought them to the forging room and alchemy room.

Outside the forging room, they heard the clanging sound of metal.

The three men were topless, drenched in sweat, scorched by heat, and were hammering away intently.

When their True Qi ran out, they would rest for a while and then return to forging when they recovered.

The short observation had a huge impact on the eight people from the Array Formation Specialization.

Next, they went to the Alchemy Specialization.

The resonating voices that were reading aloud were like rolling thunder, piercing straight into the clouds.

The eight members of the Array Formation Specialization were once again shocked by this scene.

“Take a look for yourselves. Look at how hard they’re working. Don’t you feel especially ashamed?” Qin Chuan said.

The eight people clenched their fists, and with serious expressions, they said, “Sect Master, if they can do so, so can we. We’ll work even harder than them.”

“Mm, mm!” Qin Chuan smiled with relief, “I believe in you guys.”

When they returned, they immediately flipped open Five Years of Gaokao Questions, Three Years of Sample Questions and started reading.

Qin Chuan said, “At the back of the book are the explanations and answers to each question. You have to understand them thoroughly.

“Don’t just repeatedly work on questions. Strive to get to the point where you see the steps to solve the question after you finish reading it.”

This was what his teachers had told him.

But, he was a bad student and did not learn anything well. Still, his teachers’ words remained very clear in his mind.

He would never forget the fear of being dominated by various questions during the gaokao period.

After that, the eight of them immediately studied the questions seriously.

Qin Chuan supervised them for a while.

He thought,

These people in front of me were not very educated, but after being blessed by the sect and the potential of their Earth Spirit Roots, they should be able to get the hang of things soon!

At the same time, Beichuan Public Security Bureau.

Wang Jiajun was an expert in criminal investigation. After many days of investigation and visits, he finally found a breach point.

He called the captain over. “Come, drive with me to the Fang Corporation.”

The captain was confused. Wang Jiajun didn’t say anything either.

On the way, the captain asked casually, “Director, why are you in such a hurry to go to the Fang Corporation?”

Wang Jiajun pushed up his black-framed glasses and said, “Of course it’s for Di Tai’s issue.”

“Di Tai?” The captain was surprised. “Is he related to the Fang Corporation?”

“I’m not sure yet, but my instincts tell me that the Fang Corporation knows something.”

The captain said worriedly, “Chief, the Fang Corporation is a big taxpayer in our city. They have also been rated as an outstanding enterprise for several consecutive years.

“If they really were to get involved in the Di Tai incident, not only would it affect them, it would also impact the city’s economy to some extent.

“Also, I heard that they have very powerful people backing them.

“Is it all right for us to go there just like that?”

Wang Jiajun said in a low voice, “I know what you’re trying to say.

“The Fang Corporation is a big business. It has firm foundations. Its properties are spread all over the country with an extremely wide network.

“However, as policemen, our purpose is to serve the people.

“As long as you wear this police uniform, you have to shoulder your responsibility and mission to the people. You have to live up to their standards.”

Wang Jiajun was loud, bold, and powerful. His words carried a strong sense of righteousness.

Not long after, they arrived at their destination—Fang Corporation.

The Fang Corporation was run by the Fang family.

The Fang family had the most native Beichuan people. Their family history was also enviable.

They used to run a dojo.

In that era, when the national economy was just beginning to pick up, most people were struggling to feed themselves.

People couldn’t even afford to eat, so even less went to dojos.

As a result, a large number of dojos closed down. Only the Fang family’s school persisted.

As the saying goes, persistence is victory.

After a few years, the country responded to the call and encouraged young people to strengthen their bodies. They especially supported quality dojos like the Fang family.

Since the Fang family’s dojo was the only one in Beichuan, the government approved a piece of land almost the size of 1400 square meters for the Fang family. It cost about 20,000 yuan.

At that time, 20,000 yuan was massive. The Fang family, naturally, could not afford it.

However, the Fang family operated a dojo. They enjoyed policies that allowed them to borrow from banks without collateral. They could loan up to 100,000 yuan with zero interest.

The Fang family took the deal and borrowed 100,000 yuan from the banks.

Then, they used the remaining money to establish a martial arts school.

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