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Chapter 49: The Picnic Incident

Chapter 49: The Picnic Incident

Cillin barely got Mo Heng’s approval to be discharged from the hospital, and to this aim he had even written a touching and trenchant ten thousand words self-reflection essay. But no matter how Mo Heng looked, he could not find any lines that stated the words he really wanted to see, such as, ‘Never again in the future will I…” in the entire ten thousand words self reflection text.

Borrowing Mo Heng’s remark, this was like machine that was missing a core component, or in one word, shit!

That being said, while it was a little shit, Mo Heng still framed and hung the self-reflection essay at his office, and every time Cillin went over to submit an assignment Mo Heng would point at the essay on the wall and go blah blah blah. Of course, this was the aftermath.

When Cillin got out of the hospital and returned to his accommodation, the door behind him had closed automatically. There were three people sitting on three chairs at the living room, putting on the impression of a Three-Judge Court. The trio who were normally too busy to even return home were all present today.

Ci Jincheng was toying with the control panel in his hands, it was likely that Cillin would be attacked by some unknown objects if he ran out of the house; Knight was wriggling his wrists and pressing his fingers until they cracked audibly; and Lung was letting out wicked laugh at the side.

“Confess and accept severe punishment, or resist and run naked on the streets! Make your choice!”

Cillin looked at the trio and calmly pulled over a chair, sitting down on the opposite side, “I choose C.”

“Fuck you!”

The trio rushed over and pressed Cillin to the ground. They throttled his neck.

“Quickly, what is your relationship with Beauty Sa?!”

“Even her supporters had run up to our front door! Look, they even threw rotten eggs at us!” Lung pointed at a yellow spot on the window and accused.

Bullshit, like there’s anyone in Seven Lights who dares to bully the lot of you? It’s obvious that you threw it out yourself while you’re trying to fry an egg! I can even see the oil on it; or do you think you can fool me!?

“Be gentler, my neck’s going to break if you throttle any longer; I give, I give okay.”

It took a while before his neck was finally released. After smoothing out his breath, Cillin then explained the ‘cause and effect’ of everything.

After a while, Knight asked suspiciously, “Are you sure she knows you because of Professor Mo and Professor Lin?”

“If you don’t believe me,go ask her yourself.”

Lung put on a deep, thoughtful look, “So this is a case of first come, first served then? The stars are aligned, man, if you still can’t take her down with these advantages you’ll be a candy ass.”

Knight too pressed closer while acting secretive, “So… what did you do during those five minutes?”

“We talked.”

“And then?”

“We talked some more.”

After analysing Cillin’s facial expression with everything they got, the trio said disappointedly, “You are sooo talented!”

Speaking of which, some of the students sounded the gong of retreat when the crowd at Seven Lights Forum had dug out Cillin’s identity and background.

Speaking of appearance, Cillin was in fact a pretty handsome man. That temperament of his was definitely dazzling when he put it on display. Speaking of background and identity, Cillin came from the Douance Family, and as of late, his father Aiflon was riding the crest of success and not far away from becoming the heir of the Douance Family. If that time did arrive, then Cillin would become the prince of the family, and there weren’t really many families who could exceed the Douance Family other than some forces at the three Sectors A, B and C. Speaking of knowledge, Sir Mo a.k.a Mo Heng was his master, and how could Cilin have become Sir Mo’s student if he didn’t have some ability of his own? And finally, the subject of Cillin’s power was but a moot point. The guy had fought in the army and killed some mice. His personal combat strength ranked fifth in the training division. How the hell were they going to compete with this guy?

Therefore, the majority of the people were leaned towards watching a good show from the sidelines and gossiping.

On the next day, Cillin got ready to leave while holding his hoverboard.

The trio eating breakfast looked towards him at once, “Today’s a weekend. There’s no class.”

“I’m treating Theresa to lunch today.” Cillin was very forthright.



“You animal!”

Cillin’s barely had one leg out of the accommodation before the trio took out a bunch of tools.

“The signal is clear.”

“Debug the satellite monitoring will you.”

“We must get a good look on how Cillin hits on a girl this time.”

Cillin knew that the three scums in the accommodation would not sit by and watch just like that, but he had nothing to hide either. After buying some things along the way, Cillin arrived at a forest outside the school zone, which was the location they agreed upon. Theresa was waiting for him already. She was dressed simply and elegantly as usual; connecting with the surrounding sceneries and appearing incredibly harmonious.

“Excuse me, I’ve kept you waiting.” Cillin withdrew his hoverboard and took out the food he just bought.

“It’s nothing, I came earlier on purpose.”

Many people were surprised that the duo didn’t go to a restaurant, and instead came to the forest for a picnic.

And why ‘a lot of people’? That’s because there were plenty more people who were tracking Theresa’s movements other than the three idiots in Cillin’s accommodation. However, be it monitoring through a binocular or a satellite, the lush forest would be their greatest obstacle. They would not be able to see clearly even with a see through glass. Therefore, they could only see the duo sitting there, watching the flowing stream and savoring their picnic. It appeared that they were chatting very happily.

There were already plenty of photos leaked out on Seven Lights Forum. The tree leaves might’ve been in the way, but it was impossible for the people’s imaginations to sit still when they could see the duo sitting by the stream.

Meanwhile, Lung was complaining non-stop in the accommodation, “That Cillin is so sly. To think that he would choose such a secluded location!”

“The video is blocked by the tree leaves.”

“We really should’ve placed a bug on him.”

Of course, Lung was just saying without meaning it. They knew that there should be a limit to everything. Ci Jincheng had thrown the tracer into his Cillin’s bag openly, and the fact that Cillin had said nothing meant that he didn’t mind giving away his whereabouts at all.

“They must be discussing their beautiful life and romantic future.”

There were countless who thought that way, but in truth the topics Cillin and Theresa were discussing with each other had nothing to do with romanticism at all.

“Since this incident has a great impact on his opponents, Mr. Aiflon Douance had paid you three times the usual reward. You can expect the same thing for the next two months.” Theresa said.

“Is it my mentor, Professor Mo?”

“It’s not just him. All three of your housemates had acted, and the military, business, government and academia had exerted some pressure of their own. I’ve also heard that the killer organization was put on the wanted list. Recently they’ve been planning to take revenge against their employer, you know.”

Cillin smiled at the news and said nothing.

“Although those people would restrain themselves a little after these pressure from all sides, Mr. Aiflon had asked me to tell you this: Some of the people from the main family might seize this opportunity to act, and put the blame on those unlucky fellows. Therefore you should be careful for the meanwhile. Still, I think that Mr. Aiflon was worrying too much. With your abilities, there’s absolutely no chance that you would be unable to handle these small fries.”

“You sure think highly of me.” Cillin turned his head and looked at the small stream.

Different from Planet Brown Earth’s artificial stream, there was a beauty to this stream that was closer to nature. There was even a crab underneath a rock. When he was young, he would often play with Hena at the stream slightly far away from the poverty area, but it had only rocks and water, nothing else. Hena had even said that such a stream had no life in it. She said that if one day she could see a stream filled with abundant life such as the fish, prawn and crabs shown on TV, it would definitely be a very happy thing.

Cillin touched the pendant hung at his chest inside his clothes. Do you see, Hena? There are crabs here. This stream is alive. In the future, we will see even livelier streams.

“Who are you thinking of?” Theresa asked. During that one instant, the gentleness in Cillin’s eyes was one that could cause someone to drown in it.

“I’m thinking of crabs.” Cillin stretched his back, “Is there anything else?”

“No. I’ll tell you after I receive new instructions in the future.”

“As long as you remember my reward.”

“We will absolutely not undercompensate you. Let’s end our meeting here today; it seems like your patience is at its end anyway. Let’s have a goodbye kiss before we part.” Once finished, Theresa then leaned forward and got closer to Cillin.

Countless Seven Lights students watched Beauty Sa leaning towards Cillin as the distance between them grew shorter and shorter until…


Lung pointed at the tree leaves in the screen and said furiously, “I’ll reward anyone who chops that tree in half a billion!”

At the same time, in a different accommodation on the other side, Ling Lung had crushed her fifth microcomputer today with her bare hands.

Everyone knew that the duo had kissed, but did they really? It’s true. But… just the face. Theresa had only kissed Cillin’s face, but because of the tree leaves, everyone else was thinking about the obvious.

Theresa’s grasp of the angles was terrific. She knew by heart exactly where the surveillance were coming from.

Aftering cleaning up the stuff on the ground, Cillin extended his hoverboard while Theresa pressed the button on her key. Not far away, a flying car flew up as its colors turned from green to white. She was using a camouflage color earlier.

“Want me to drive you?” Theresa sat inside her car and asked.

“It’s fine. A pleasure to work with you. Remember the reward.”

“Pleasure to work with you.”

Both parties parted towards different directions. Cillin flew along the stream for a time, but there weren’t many people who paid attention to him any longer. Knight and the others also opened the forum and checked the threads. The hottest threads of the entire Seven Lights Forum were all about Cillin and Theresa; they were talking about the ‘truth’ behind the photo.

Cillin had just returned to the accommodation before Knight and Lung threw down the microcomputer and ran towards him.

“You have better tell us that critical segment right away… fuck, crabs, where did you get these crabs? They’re so fresh!” Knight and Lung no longer cared about the picnic kissing incident or whatever and rubbed their hands excitedly at the huge sack of crabs.

Ci Jincheng: “…” These gluttons!

That night, while the rest of the people in Seven Lights were salivating all over the forum, Cillin and his friends enjoyed a fine meal of crabs around the table.

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