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Chapter 45: Old Mo is About to Flip Out

Chapter 45: Old Mo is About to Flip Out

Since the battle was nearing its end, the remainder of the medical staff put on standby in the ship that was parked at the space station were transferred to the planet. The research station’s defensive shield was finally put down as well, so every aircraft had some nurses assigned on them to perform some simple treatments for the sick and wounded.

A patrolling nurse opened the door belonging to Cillin’s bedroom, ready to record the patient’s vitals. All the data displayed on the instrument were pretty normal, but when she touched Cillin’s arm, she realized that it was ice cold. She checked the body temperature displayed on the monitor and touched both Cillin’s wrist and forehead, but not only was it as icy cold as before, his pulse was so weak that it was almost non-existent!

How did it turn out like this!!

The little nurse panicked and quickly pressed the emergency call button.

The battle was over on the battlefield. Huo Neil was directing tasks such as post-battle cleanup, rescue of the wounded inside the tunnels and other locations of the station, and so on. The waste treatment plants had also returned with a report that the ‘sweep was complete’. It was only now that Huo Neil relaxed a bit, although that did not mean the end of his work. After the mission was over, there was still a series of other matters that needed to be dealt with such as compensation for the wounded and the bereaved, mission reports and post-battle analysis. These were all tasks that he had to manage personally.

Huo sucked in a deep breath. Today’s suffering was finally over! Thank goodness that those little ancestors were safe.

Reality proved that Huo Neil had relaxed way too soon. He had just finished letting go of his breath before his communicator rang.

From way far back, Knight, who was dragging a whole sack of mice claws and teeth, and was walking this way could already see Huo Neil shouting into his phone, “Bunch of useless fucks! I’m coming over immediately!”

Huo Neil cut off the communication, spoke something to the captain beside him, asked Gerrard to take over command of the remaining tasks and ran right towards the aircraft.

“What happened?” Knight walked over and asked that captain.

The captain didn’t think too much of it and said, “Something happened to a patient on the aircraft, I think.”

Patient? There were only a few people who could incite such a reaction in Huo Neil that he would throw down even battlefield affairs and rush over like his life was on the line. But the comrades he was deeply associated with such as Gerrard and the other captains were all on the battlefield, and as for the patients on that aircraft…

Knight put down his sack, took out his communicator, pressed a few button and shortly after saw Pride’s two nostrils. He said with a still sleepy and extremely impatient tone, “What’s the fuss about, I’m still sleeping man. The doctor told me to rest some more, if my recovery was delayed you -”

Knight cut off the communication before Pride could finish and called Cillin’s number instead, but this time no one answered despite waiting for a long time. At this point, Knight could not be bothered with his sack of ‘trophies’, and ran towards the aircraft. He was just fine during the call not long ago. What happened?

Back at Hard’s ward. Although he was still lying in the ICU, it was obvious that he was healing nicely judging from the energy in his eyes and the subsided swelling of his face.

At this moment, Hard and Sird was talking to each other. Sird was telling him about some of the stuff that happened afterwards. While Sird was speaking, the duo heard a commotion on the outside. It seemed to be coming from the emergency room.

“I wonder who it is this time.” Sird sighed.

Before long, a nurse came in and checked Hard’s infusion bag. Then she took a sample from the bag and tested it using an instrument.

Seeing the obvious sigh of relief on her face, Sird asked curiously, “What is it?”

The nurse returned a soothing smile, “It’s nothing.”

“You know, I can just ask the doctor directly.”

“Sigh. It really is nothing for you guys, but something happened to the patient at the ward downstairs. We have to retest every patient’s meds.”

“The ward downstairs? Who is it?” Sird asked nonchalantly.

“I think it’s someone called Cillin…”


When Huo Neil had arrived at the entrance of the emergency room, Sird had pushed Hard on a wheelchair and waited beside the room.

“Why have you come out? Rest is the most important thing for someone hurt as badly as you are right now.”

Hard could not salute like Sird when he saw Huo Neil. After Huo Neil had stopped the salute, he was about to raise with his hand, Hard said, “I don’t feel at ease there.”

A person wearing the clothes of a medic ran over from behind Huo Neil and reported the situation.

The ward’s camera logs had been completely wiped out, and the two cameras outside the ward had also been manipulated. Someone had invaded and altered the program of the instrument inside the ward so that no alarms were sent out when the patient’s vitals had fallen into critical condition. And the biggest issue of them all was that they could not identify the suspect… Huo Neil stared at the logs recorded on the tablet handed over to him as his frown turned deeper and deeper. He was careless.

A medical staff from the drug testing room walked over and said to Huo Neil, “There are highly toxic substances inside that infusion bag. Judging from its dosage, it could cause death in just half an hour, but the patient who was injected with this kind of substance would not experience any discomfort whatsoever. They would only feel sleepier and sleepier.” Then they would fall into a deep sleep until they pass away. The medical staff did not dare to say the last line, but everyone knew it what he meant.

Knight, who had just rushed out of the ward downstairs after seeing that Cillin was missing, happened to hear the staff’s words, and he was so mad that he took out his gun right away and pressed it against his head, “Do you people eat shit for a living?! You didn’t know which bag has poison and which doesn’t?! You didn’t test them beforehand?!”

A soldier laments nothing to die on the battlefield. But if their soul could never rest if they were to die for unaccountable reasons without any value whatsoever.

“Calm down, Knight!” Huo Neil motioned for several medics to pull Knight away, although they failed to snatch the gun in his hand.

Knight struggled out of their grips and withdrew his gun. He received the tablet Huo Neil handed over and read the logs.

The cameras were manipulated and did not capture anyone suspicious? Infusion bag…

Wait a second!

“I know who switched that infusion bag!” Knight opened his communicator and brought up that call log, “She’s the one!”

A nurse?

Huo Neil opened his communicator and hit a number. Then he transferred the video over and said, “Investigate this woman!”

The call didn’t end long before Huo Neil’s communicator rang yet again.

Huo Neil glanced at the number and discovered that it came from a special communicator from Seven Lights. Although the main mission was completed already, they were still in the middle of the follow-up works after all. Normally speaking, Seven Lights shouldn’t be questioning him at this time since it might involve military influences. He recalled a certain person, and suddenly, Huo Neil felt nervous. He gritted his teeth and pressed ‘Accept’.

The image blinked once and displayed Mo Heng’s unusually kind smile.

“Ah, Little Nail.”

I knew it…

The cold sweat behind Huo Neil’s back was like a waterfall. He wasn’t nearly as nervous as he was now, even when compared to the massive horde of black mice.

“Hello, E-Elder Mo!” Huo Neil gave a military salute with a stiff body.

Seeing Huo Neil’s reaction, Mo Heng said, “What’s wrong? You’re sweating all over. Why are you so nervous seeing old me? Surely I’m not scarier than those mutated black mice?” Mo Heng was apparently fairly aware of this mission.

Scary doesn’t even begin to describe it; you’re a million times scarier than those things. Huo Neil thought to himself, but he really did not know how he should answer this question. However, Mo Heng had spoken first before he could figure out an answer.

“Did something happen to Cillin?” How could Mo Heng not guess a thing or two seeing Huo Neil’s reaction?

While Mo Heng was saying these words, even Huo Neil could feel the unusually low pressure circulating around old man Mo on the other side of the communicator.

Old Mo was about to flip. The fuck. Out.

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