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Chapter 43: I Overestimated Them

Chapter 43: I Overestimated Them

Huo Neil arranged a single ward specifically for Cillin.

Cillin had not been sent to the sickbay of the aircraft for long before the sounds of intense fighting began to ring from below. There were even the blasts and rumblings of heavy weaponries. It would seem that the big black mouse had gone completely mad.

Cillin could deduce his allies’ firepower distribution from the sounds of combat. He could tell that the black mice were growing increasingly disorganized. Their leader’s confusion had severely affected their movements.

“Why, it would seem that the final battle has begun.”

One of the medical staff treating Cillin’s wounds said. Their tones were a little relaxed after hearing from their co-workers that the crisis was almost over.

The ship responsible for additional medical support had arrived at the space station outside the planet. Some of the emergency meds had also been sent over already, and once the matter was said and done, the rest of the medical staff would probably be sent over to treat the wounded.

“Yeah, boss Huo has this in his grasp.” A medic who came in bringing more medical supplies said. He looked at Cillin lying on the bed and asked, “Are you a student too?”

Cillin nodded.

The medic gave him a thumbs-up, “I’ve heard from comrades; you all did really well this battle. However, things are a little unfortunate for that student named Hard.”

“Hard? What happened to him?” Cillin was surprised. Now that he thought of it, he hadn’t heard anything about Hard so far.

“He’s in the intensive care unit right now. I heard that he had suffered a few blows saving his squadmate, and then a few more wounds during the latter battle. The antiserums we injected were useless. The mouse poison had already seeped into his internal organs, and I heard that he won’t last for much longer.” The medic said regretfully. He was only a student in his teen years. In their eyes he was just a child, and for a child to be able to participate in the battle courageously and not leave or give up on his comrade was incredibly commendable.

Cillin leaped down from the sickbed, “Which ward is he in?”

“The third emergency room upstairs turn right.”

“Hey, your wounds are not…”

“I won’t die from this.” Cillin left the medical staffs behind, walked out of the room and headed upstairs.

When he got upstairs, Cillin did not need to look at the door number to know which room was Hard’s. There were a few soldiers wrapped in bandages standing in front of a door. They were probably Hard’s squadmates. There was also a man leaning against the wall and crying while hugging his head. It was Sird.

It was at this moment the door of the intensive care unit opened, and the doctor walked out while rubbing his forehead wearily, “I’m truly sorry, but there’s nothing I can do. All the antiserums we’ve injected were useless. He is a strong man with a strong desire to live. It is amazing that he held out for this long already. Go… go and see him, all of you. He… should be able to hold out for five minutes at best.”

Sird and Hard’s squadmates rushed in almost instantly. As he watched Hard’s blackened and rotting appearance, Sird rubbed his eyes, sucked in a deep breath and walked to his side.

Hard was wearing an oxygen mask. It was obvious that he had difficulty to even breathe. His eyes were so swollen that it was impossible to see their original contour. Hard could barely see the few people around him through the slightly opened slits of his eyes. Not only was his vision incredibly blurry, his hearing had weakened by a lot as well. But he knew who they were. He only needed to look at their blurry figures once to know their identities.

Hard could not utter a single word. Cillin could only distinguish what he said from the shape of his mouth.

“I… don’t… want… to… die…”

“It’s gonna be okay, you won’t die. Didn’t you always say that you’re going to be a general so you can scorn those sarcastic sonuvabitches with your nostrils! Come on!” Sird nearly roared out those words with a shaking voice.

Hard’s tears were tinged with the color of blood when it dripped from the corner of his eyes and onto the white pillow. He knew very well what awaited him. He did not have much time. Still, he really wanted to go back home or at the very least call his family right now. But they were too far apart, and by the time the call came through, it would already be too late.

Looking at Hard’s eyes through the slits, Cillin knew that Hard did not regret his decision even at this point. He did not want to die, but he did not regret his choice.

Dias once said this: In the army and on the battlefield, a general’s responsibility is to command, and a soldier’s responsibility is to die. But even soldiers had their own glory and beliefs. They would die without regrets.

Raising his hand, Cillin placed his fingers on Hard’s arm. It looked like he was giving his comrade his final encouragement. But in truth, Cillin was analyzing the poison in Hard’s body. He then formed a special antibody from this poison, and secreted them through his fingertips. The antibodies seeped through Hard’s pores and entered beneath his skin before circulating throughout his body through blood circulation and other bodily functions.

Sird, who was doing his best to identify Hard’s intentions suddenly realized that Hard’s eyes were shut, and his lips were no longer moving. His tears immediately poured down his face.

Cillin poked the crying Sird wallowing in his sadness with his hand and said, “He’s only fallen asleep. Look at his heart rate on the monitor.”

Sird: “…”

It… it really looks like he’s just fallen asleep.

Five minutes later, his heart was still beating.

Ten minutes later, his heartbeat seemed to be growing stronger and stronger.

After confirming that Hard’s life was secure, he slapped Sird’s shoulder once and said, “Call the doctor over. I guess the dude’s so tough that even the grim reaper couldn’t take him.”

“Oh.” Sird was still a little absent minded as he followed Cillin’s instructions and called over the doctor.

Staring at the medical staffs bustling about while looking over Hard in amazement, Cillin shook his head and left the scene. However, he did not return to the ward and instead went to the temporary lab that was established in haste. Many researchers were busying themselves at this area. Some of them were personnel who had escaped the station, and the rest came from the hospital ship as support. However, they had only managed to analyse dozens of antibodies up until now. There were still plenty of soldiers who were injured by the black mice and infected with mouse poison waiting for them to come out with the unknown antiserum that would cure them.

Cillin sighed in disappointment. He had totally overestimated them! Right now, he could really experience the same disappointment as Mo Heng when facing the other researchers at Seven Lights’ Institute of Mechanical Engineering.

“Hey, who are you?”

“Get out of here, this isn’t a place where a soldier should be!”

“How utterly undisciplined and ungrateful. Stop interfering with our work!”

Cillin ignored them. He walked towards a molecular synthesis analyzer on his own and moved the researcher sitting there out of the way by his collar. The man lifted his eyebrows and was about to say something, but without even looking at him, Cillin took out a portable handgun and pointed it at his mouth.

The moment they saw Cillin take out his gun, everyone in the surrounding immediately turned quiet. The few people near the door ran out to call the soldiers.

He sat down in front of the instrument. He only gave the case on the operation panel a single glance before looking away completely. His eyes stared only at the monitor as he withdrew his gun and began typing on the operation panel. His fingers fell danced across the keys perfectly and without any mistake as if he was very familiar with this instrument.

Cillin’s hand speed grew faster and faster while appearing incredibly practiced. That was not all. The researchers inside the room realized that the instruments in front of them began to run on their own and automatically transferred all analysed data into Cillin’s instrument.

He had actually controlled all the instruments inside the lab in such a short time!

At first, there were a few researchers who began scolding Cillin for screwing around. But gradually, the researchers inside the lab all turned silent.

Molecular formulae began forming one by one on the screen of Cillin’s instrument. The data listed beside the turning molecule had told them enough that none of them had the qualification to say a word right now.

One, two, three… no one knew how Cillin did it, but the molecular maps of almost a hundred antibodies was displayed on the screen.

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