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Chapter 141: The Mermaid Princess, Warsaw

Chapter 141: The Mermaid Princess, Warsaw

Apparently the old man was a frank and straightforward person. Therefore Cillin, did not waste words and said, “Twenty million, GAL credits.”

“Done. Do you want payment by bill or debit card?” when Castella said this there was almost no hesitation behind his words at all.

“This isn’t urgent, but I will give you the bill later. I believe that a member of the Feniers Family will not be go back on their own words on this subject, so allow me to tell you this intel first.” Cillin straightened his expression and said, “There is an area in the sea in which the dissolved oxygen is unusual.”

That was the only thing Cillin said, but what needed to be conveyed had already been conveyed. He believed that with Castella and Kirk’s intelligence, they would be able to deduce and predict certain threats and events that might happen in the future.

Cillin mentioned that the dissolved oxygen in a particular area was off, and the monitoring device the Feniers Family had set inside the sea did not pick it up, so this meant that someone had put their plans into action some time ago. Castella and Kirk were also well aware with the kind of disaster that could be caused by large-scale dissolved oxygen abnormality.

Therefore, after hearing Cillin’s intel, Kirk and Castella immediately began to commence preparation.

The three little fellows who were having fun catching crabs on the beach were brought back into the manor by the surrounding bodyguards. Before they left the beach, Cillin had called out to Tang Qiuqiu and informed her of certain things, reminding her to be watch out for herself.

When all was said, Cillin and the gray cat then returned to the manor and entered a guest room Castella had arranged for Cillin.

Cillin handed the bill to Steele and informed him to pass it on to Castella. This time Steele did not wear any surprised looks on his face; his attitude was more prudent and his speech was less casual than it was before.

After he entered the room, Cillin put a finger on the gray cat’s forehead, and the gray cat transmitted all of the information it collected in the sea to him. It was a very strange occurrence because Cillin was obviously not a cyborg, and yet somehow he was capable of receiving the messages the cyborg gray cat sent out through a combination of unique signals.

While sensing the information transmitted through his finger, Cillin was also analysing the current situation around him. He could ‘see’ the big guys beneath the deep sea the gray cat had told him as well. If those big guys charged towards the shore at the same time, then terrible losses might be inflicted even if they had the weapons to repel them. Moreover, there was an underwater base beneath the sea near the shore. It would be a crushing blow to the base if it was rammed by the creatures.

However, a question plagued Cillin. How would their enemies ensure that the big guys could be awakened and made to charge towards their direction at the same time?

While Cillin was analysing the problem, Kirk welcomed a guest from the Binger Family.

Warsaw Binger was Emma and Rost’s half sister. She shared the same father as them. Although she was a young lady, Warsaw played an important role in the Binger Family’s current projects. She also wielded decision-making rights in certain big events, proving herself to be more than what she seemed.

She had a head of long hair that flowed like the sea, and a sharp and dignified temperament. Her light blue long skirt dangled just above the floor and drew the outline of a pair of long legs as she walked calmly towards Kirk and Castella.

Unlike Emma and Rost, Warsaw’s mother was a New European, an ancient race who was born and bred in Sector H.

Some people said that New Europeans were the descendants of mermaids, since they could switch forms and run on the land as humans, or swim in the sea as mermaids. In fact, Warsaw was even more remarkable than her ancestors.

New Europeans did not like to reveal their legs, since the first reaction of many people who saw them was to look at their legs. The fascination was due to a New European’s ability to transform their legs into a tail when they were changing forms. New Europeans disliked the others’ prying looks, so over time it became a norm for them to wear long skirts or long gowns to cover up their legs entirely.

The people of Sector H would call Warsaw Binger as Binger Family’s ‘Mermaid Princess’. It explained her outstanding looks and temperament, and her background.

“This is a surprise. I did not think that the beautiful ‘Mermaid Princess’ would come over herself.” Kirk pulled a gentleman’s bow.

“I am very glad to see you too, Mr. Kirk. My father is sick and cannot attend himself, but at the same time he attached much importance to this incident, which is why he sent me over.” Warsaw appropriately returned a lady’s curtsey. It would seem that she was used to such shows of etiquette.

“I am sorry. Emma and Rost have been a trouble to you.”

Warsaw was talking about the certain group of people who attempted to harm Tobo through Emma and Rost. Although the Binger Family and the Feniers Family would sometimes negotiate certain matters on this planet, no one in the Binger Family had told Emma and Rost that Tobo was coming over. This also meant that someone had purposely revealed the information to the kids, knowing that with they would raise living hell to meet Tobo if they heard that he was coming to Planet Zafia.

“Don’t worry about it. They would’ve tried some other methods even if they skipped this one.”

If the Feniers Family hadn’t agreed to the meeting, Emma and Rost could not have come over either, so in a sense they were both on one mind in this matter.

After they had exchanged pleasantries, Kirk then told Warsaw about the current situation. Other than the fact that both Emma and Rost were carrying parasite gametes inside their bodies, he had also told her about the situation inside the sea. After all, Warsaw had inherited the blood of a New European. She would definitely have a better understanding of sea-related problems better than they do.

After listening to Kirk’s explanation, Warsaw’s sea blue eyes shone with indecipherable meaning. After a moment’s ponderment, she suddenly said, “Is it convenient for me to scout out the sea for a bit?”


Kirk had no complaints towards Warsaw’s request. In fact, he hoped that she could discover more information and get a better grasp of the situation. Only then they would be able to act with greater clarity of purpose.

Warsaw did not have time to meet Emma and Rost. While bringing a few Binger Family members with her and following the guidance of the people Kirk sent to help her, she rode a spaceplane and arrived at a particular sea region.

Kirk had already dealt with the matter of the monitoring device beneath the sea and the relevant personnel. The fact that the monitoring device was tampered seven days ago showed that these people had been planning for this a very long time. Kirk was planning to comb through every person on their territory in Sector H after this matter was over to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

Warsaw changed into a new set of clothes and jumped into the sea with a few New Europeans following behind her. After they entered the sea, their arms and legs all grew webbings, tails, and even fins, allowing them to swim much faster inside the sea and absorb some dissolved oxygen through their skin.

It didn’t take before Warsaw and her men returned to the spaceplane. She then said that she would like to check out the shores. Although Kirk did not understand the meaning behind Warsaw’s actions, he acquiesced nonetheless.

Some people did not think highly of her decision. Warsaw and her people might be New Europeans, but the Feniers Family’s defense system covered the shores densely and extensively. How could there possibly be any abnormalities there?

When the spaceplane had arrived around the shore, Warsaw dove into the sea with her men just like before. Before long, she returned with a deathly pale face and told Kirk that they were in big trouble.

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