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Chapter 134: Realm of Dreams

Chapter 134: Realm of Dreams

Everybody knew that the Little Garden wasn’t small at all. It was twice as large as Planet Brown Earth, but the stream of people that came back and forth the planet was endless. Almost the entirety of Little Garden was covered in people.

The Feniers Family’s management of their properties was stricter than others in every aspect. Just like Seven Lights, the direct flight passenger transport was parked at the space station outside Planet Little Garden, and they had to verify their identities in the space station before taking a specialised transport into the planet.

The passengers grew excited before they even entered the space station. They were already seeing the colorful and dreamlike planet through the cabin windows and display screens, and it was incredibly fascinating.

After the inspection was done, Cillin walked into the specialised transport with Tang Qiuqiu with him. As for the gray cat, it continued to crouch inside the transport’s ‘pet cabin’.

The moment they landed and stepped out of the transport, the rich but not excessive fragrance of flowers immediately swept across their faces. After they stepped out of the spaceport, the scent changed again and became simple and elegant, clean and delightful.

After they came out, the flowery scent changed almost every few steps they took. There were all kinds of fragrance, and all shapes and variety of well trimmed flowery shrubs to be seen wherever they went. There were even some flowering vines hanging in the air.

“That was so stifling!”

The gray cat shook its fur, stuck up its butt for a stretch before jumping up Cillin’s shoulder. Its head twisted and turned constantly as it stared at the surrounding sceneries in surprise.

Be it the buildings or transportations available on this planet, they were all carved into flowery shapes or have flowery patterns inscribed onto their bodies, inheriting a flower’s diverse forms and colors and filling the planet with the dreamlike colors of a fairy tale.

Cillin wanted to rent a means of transport – a flower car. It was an essential tool for any tourist who visited this place. It looked just like a small carriage, except that it was made in the shape of flowers. There were tables and chairs inside it, enabling tourists to eat, drink and chat as they enjoyed the sceneries. The vehicle’s speed and pathing could all be adjusted, so it was pretty convenient to use.

When he arrived at the car rental place and stared at the display screen, Cillin asked Tang Qiuqiu, “Which one do you like?”

The sheer variety of flower cars on the display screen was overwhelming. After pursing her lips and staring for a very long time, Tang Qiuqiu finally chose a lily* car. Just like a lily, the flower car had a bell-like shape and was white in color. It looked very cute.


Since they were only two humans and a cat, Cillin selected a small flower car for their ride. After he paid, a card popped out beside the instrument. The card served both as the proof of the car rental and as the key to the flower car. At the same time, a lily car about two meters tall automatically drove itself out from inside the station.

The car door opened after he scanned the card he just acquired near the car door. The car interior was even filled with the scent of lilies, seemingly seeping right into their hearts.

After entering the car and configuring things on the control panel, three sofas and a small round table popped out inside the car. The sofa was very soft, and it looked just like the petal of a lily.

Cillin set a short route since they needed to purchase some food and other necessities from the nearby stores. For Tang Qiuqiu he bought ice cream and sweets, and for the gray cat he bought a cod burger and fish biscuits with all kinds of flavor. Cillin had also bought some food that could fill the stomach.

They must admit that the locations and services under the Feniers Family’s management were impressive. The food was high quality, and it wasn’t overly expensive as well.

Cillin even purposely bought a palm-sized, flower-shaped camera for Tang Qiuqiu to play with. The duo and a cat took a picture together as a memento.

The lily car moved forward while suspended on the road. Cillin had set the speed and route, so all they needed to do now was to eat, chat and enjoy the sceneries outside the car.

Eighty percent of the ‘Little Garden’ were scenic areas, so there were definitely enough sceneries to fulfill any tourist’s desires (T/N: How small are these planets really? It’s ‘Planet’ Little Garden and not Little Garden ‘City’). The scenic areas were overlaid with many crisscrossing, suspended roads, and after the route was inputted the flower cars would travel on these roads and lead their passengers through soothing sceneries.

Although they had felt like they were surrounded by flowers from the beginning, it was only after they entered the scenic areas for real that they truly felt like they had entered a sea of flowers. The endless sea of flowers stretched out as far as the eyes could see.

There were butterfly bees flying on top of the sea of flowers. They were called butterfly bees, because they looked like butterflies with their large, colorful wings, but worked like bees, knowing how to gather nectar. They would not harm the gardens like butterfly larvae either. The ‘Little Garden’s’ administrators had even built some artificial bee nests for them so that all sorts of butterfly bees would dance lithely and gracefully amidst the flowers, adding much life and energy to this sea of flowers.

The colorful world, overwhelming sceneries, and seeping fragrance all ensured that their visitors loitered around at the easiest excuses.

Every stop’s scenery was different. Just when they thought that the previous stop was eye catching enough already, the next stop surprised them again with something new. It was truly an experience that was difficult to describe with words.

The display inside the flower car would display the information about the area they passed through such as the types and species of flowers, the name of the scenic area and so on so that the tourists would have a better understanding.

“The Rainbow Bridge! Brother Cillin, let’s go over the Rainbow Bridge!”

“Okay.” Cillin adjusted the pathing and set the flower car to drive towards the Rainbow Bridge.

The tourists who came to this area would often adjust their pathing to pass through the Rainbow Bridge.

The Rainbow Bridge was a arch-shaped passage surrounded by flowery shrubs of all colors. From afar it looked just like a rainbow, and at the same time some suspension devices were also suspended at above and around the Rainbow Bridge to look like white clouds. The water droplets that sprinkled out from inside these ‘clouds’ only added to the joy further. The kids who passed through here would stretch their hands outside the window and grab the water droplets, and Tang Qiuqiu was not an exception. Their giggles could be heard from far, far away.

Tang Qiuqiu even held the gray cat outside the window to be drenched by the water droplets. The gray cat was having a lot of fun as well as it flicked its ears and shook its head, swinging all the water droplets on Tang Qiuqiu’s body before opening its mouth to drink the water droplets that contained the sweetness of nectar.

“Wah! Look, a cat!”

A young child about four to five years old poked his head out of the window of the flower car in front of them and pointed smilingly at the gray cat held out the window by Tang Qiuqiu.

The gray cat gave the kid face and waved a paw at him, causing the little kid to be so excited that he threw a bag of fish biscuits at the gray cat. The gray cat caught it with a single swipe and smiled until its eyes were thin slits.

After they passed through the Rainbow Bridge, a giant effigy appeared at the center of the sea of flowers – it was the ‘Goddess of Flowers’; an effigy made entirely from flowers.

The girl who was made from flowery shrubs appeared to be both gentle and refined. White flowery shrubs formed the wings at her back, and all kinds of colors adorned her long dress. She looked like she was strolling through the sea of flowers. It was all very beautiful.

Tang Qiuqiu was completely absorbed in taking pictures with her camera. Cillin poked her tiny face once before saying, “Qiuqiu, they have honey sweets over there. Do you want to try it?”

“Sweets?” Tang Qiuqiu’s eyes lit up as she followed the direction Cillin was pointing at. There was a small store not far away at the front selling honey sweets and other honey products.

Honey, flowering tea and more were Little Garden’s specialty products. After all, it was very difficult to find another tourist spot in GAL that was even better than this place. Naturally, the quality of Little Garden’s honey and consequently their honey sweets in such a pure environment was incredible.

Tang Qiuqiu bit her fingers while she stared at at the choices displayed on the panel. This was too hard! How was she going to make a choice?

Finally, she temporarily selected ten types of honey sweets, planning to buy more in the future when they ran into such a store again.

After they bought the sweets, Cillin decided to rest at a rest stop. There was a plaza here that allowed the visitors to park their flower cars and get some air and activity outside.

Tang Qiuqiu was sitting on a flower-shaped wood bench and showing Cillin the sceneries she had caught along the way. While speaking, she was suddenly interrupted by a young, angry shout.


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