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Chapter 126: The True Skull King

Chapter 126: The True Skull King

Darkness, blood, slaughter, and the cold chill between their pores that could not escape from the thick wrappings of the protective suit all stimulated the madness running rampant inside the Poison Fang members’ hearts.

To kill, and kill even more until they could no longer move a finger.

The cross mounted at the center of the cross field witnessed Poison Fang’s madness.

The ruined cross field, the flesh and blood, the scattering sands, the stone bits, the metallic wreckages and fire…

In less than fifteen minutes, the clamor died down and only the spaceplane and the two fighters dogfighting in the air were still alive out of the ten thousand people.

Cillin and the gray cat watched everything in silence. They were not hiding around the cross field. Cillin had often exploited an animal’s sense of smell to set up a trap, so from the moment he stepped into Poison Fang’s transport, arrived at the great hall, and finally set up the trap at the cross field, he had been purposely leaving behind a special scent that could be retained for a longer time. This was all to lure all of the Poison Fang members to the cross field area in the very end.

All of the scanners in the surrounding area had been destroyed, and Carranio’s pets had been taken out a long time ago. Cillin and the gray cat were now hiding in a place near the cross field and watching Poison Fang’s final madness in the sky.

“Cillin, leave the last three to me.” The gray cat had been holding in for a long time already since Cillin forbad it from attacking. It was originally going to show off its prowess, and this restriction disappointed it to no end.

“No. We’re already at this stage, so you might as well just stay here. Go check if there are any survivors on the ground and give them the final blow. Take their emblems as well.”

Cillin had his own reasons, and he did not wish to expose the gray cat too much.

A minute later, both fighters were shot down, and the spaceplane had exploded in the air as well. Everything returned to tranquility once more.

After a moment’s silence, Carranio’s voice rang.

“Hehe. Cillin of the Vanguard Sixth B Squadron. You have truly surprised me!” Although he was laughing, there was an indescribable chill crawling behind his voice.

The Skull King Carranio slowly walked out of a half collapsed building looking as relaxed as if he was taking a stroll. The half collapsed building did not seem to have affected the Skull King in any way.

In a little more than two hours, all fifty thousand Poison Fang members on the planet were dead, and Cillin wasn’t even directly involved in their destruction. Their deaths were not quick either. It could be said that these fifty thousand men were forced to go through panic, despair, helplessness, and the painfully slow loss of their lives before they were pushed over the brink of no return. If this was in the past, there was no way Carranio would believe that something like this could happen.

The second Cillin stepped into the cross field, Carranio immediately locked his gaze on him. His night vision was pretty good, and he stared at Cillin firmly in fear that he would escape again in the next moment. However, Cillin did not plan to escape this time. It was time to end this.

To Carranio, the one hundred thousand casualties on the planet weren’t actually as devastating as one might imagine. Sure, he lost a hundred thousand men, but he could just take a spin around Sector V and gather droves of new members easily. There were plenty of desperate people in the galaxy. One hundred thousand was just a number.

Therefore, to Carranio, the most important thing right now was Cillin and not the death of his one hundred thousand men. Carranio was going to obliterate this devilish kid!


Carranio charged like lightning towards Cillin. With the help of some scattered flames, Cillin could see clearly a swollen body with curved fangs around its torso and a great black shadow behind Carranio’s back. It was Carranio’s tail, a tail with many barbed tips. While he was charging, his tail swayed back and forth to increase both his speed and impact.

Cillin knew that Carranio wasn’t your average human, but even he did not imagine that his true self would be something like this. Given that the information Shawton provided him did not include Carranio’s true face, he had to admit that Carranio had hidden himself very, very well. It was likely that not even Emmus who had spied on Poison Fang for so many years knew about Carranio’s true self.

As Carranio approached, a terrific killing aura assaulted his senses from the front. No wonder the ‘Birds of Paradise’ did not dare to approach him. Cillin now believed that the tiny parasites did not actually affect Carranio by much. At best, the parasites inconvenienced Carranio slightly at the beginning before he killed them all with his own body later. The reason Carranio wore a mask and a thick protective suit was just to put on appearance for other people. In reality, he did not need the equipment at all!

This was domination; a true domination that completely exceeded an average human and the abilities of those who were of the same genotype rank. Perhaps Carranio did not belong to a particular race, and had several types of bloodlines flowing inside his body. He had absorbed the merits of each races to become the Skull King he was now.

Cillin thought that his own constitution was pretty tough, not to mention that he was in a hardened state right now. However, he could only get a true measure of the Skull King’s strength after he clashed against Carranio,

Cillin blocked Carranio’s sweeping hand and tail and the same time. His arms were numb from the blows. Just what kind of constitution was this?!

Cillin bent his body and backed away to avoid the two rows of sharp fangs at Carranio’s torso biting at his person. To be exact, those ‘teeth’ was probably some enhanced bones at Carranio’s torso.

Carranio looked huge, but was incredibly agile. His swift attacks and his greater physique – both his arms, his legs, the two rows of enhanced bones at his torso area and his tail – actually prevented Cillin from doing anything to him at all.

In a head on battle, Cillin was unable to score any point even with his current strength. Carranio had a rich combat experience, and he knew the human weakness very well. Every one of his attacks were sharp, unhesitating and decisive, aiming to kill his enemies with every blow. As the King of Poison Fang, Carranio’s aura was so dominant that the common man would’ve lost the courage to resist just by standing in front of him, much less fight him.

Cillin retreated step after step while he blocked Carranio’s attacks. Carranio’s strength was so massive that Cillin had no choice but to step backwards to neutralise the impact, not to mention the fists and claws that were pouring down on him like a storm or his annoying tail.

After parrying away the sharp fingernails that were stretching towards him, Cillin dodged to the side and leaped into the air. He kicked right at Carranio’s sweeping tail and used the impact to leap backwards.

While suspended in mid-air, two guns appeared in Cillin’s hands as he opened fire at Carranio.

The bullets flew towards Carranio from both the front and the sides. While chasing Cillin, Carranio did not dodge out of the way and instead compressed his tail into a cloak-like object that shielded his body. The bullets pinged off his tail repeatedly.

The bullets either left a mark or broke through the tail’s skin at best when they struck the tail. It wouldn’t take long for the superficial wounds to heal completely.

Cillin’s eyes narrowed, and he continued to back off when he landed on the ground. This time, he did not shoot bullets, but flying knives at Carranio with more or less the same speed. The projectiles flew towards Carranio from three different directions simultaneously just like before. Therefore, Carranio spread his tail again to protect his body. The flying knives slammed into the tail and shattered against it, but what followed after the noise was the hissing sound of acid.

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