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Chapter 123: Highest Kill Order

Chapter 123: Highest Kill Order

At the cross field, Carranio’s eyebrows furrowed deeper and deeper as he stared at the transparent cover.

The first time they tied the native beasts to the crosses and lured the worms in to burn them with extreme temperature inside the cover, it was very successful, and it greatly raised his men’s morale. However, the trap was obviously ineffective the second time. The worms would pace back and forth at the surroundings, but not go inside. More specifically, they would only linger outside the transparent cover and not go past the line where they would be trapped.

These worms were incredibly smart, and this caused Carranio a great deal of frustration. Poison Fang had fought against two kinds of enemies for the longest time, and they were man and virus. Man was something they slaughtered whenever they feel like it, and virus was something most of the Poison Fang members were resistant to after many experiences. However, they had never gone up against this kind of life form before, and Carranio was wanting but incapable of dealing with these worms. He could only hope that the research base would come up with a response plan as soon as possible.

Since just now Carranio had had a bad feeling. One might even call it an ominous feeling.

He couldn’t remember the last time he felt this way since he fought his way out of Sector V alone and created Poison Fang.

Suddenly, Carranio’s communicator rang, and after he accepted the call a terrified trill came through, “King, the base is destroyed! The research base has been destroyed!”

Carranio felt as if a bowl of ice had been poured right down his head. He felt chilled to the very bone.

Carranio sucked in deep breaths and did the best he could to find his voice, “Didn’t I tell you to activate the highest level of security and switch to bio signature scans?!”

Carranio nearly roared out the last words as the clamorous cross field instantly fell into dead silence. Even the native beasts tied to the crosses seemed to have been scared witless and became as silent as a grave. The entire cross field was abruptly enveloped in Carranio’s anger and killing intent.


Carranio ultimately lost control after he heard the report and crushed the communicator with his bare hands. His two pairs of fangs were outstretched nearly parallel to the ground, and every Poison Fang member recognised that it was a sign that the Skull King was embroiled in great rage. No one dared to even breathe heavily in his presence.

Carranio’s eyes were filled with a dark haze as he sat on the chair.

“Keep burning those worms.” Once he said that, Carranio got up and left behind his dismayed underlings.

When Carranio had left the cross field, he arrived at an isolation room and picked up a communicator. The signal went through.

“Are the researchers still alive?” Carranio uttered a few names. They were main personnel in charge of the small parasites and ‘Birds of Paradise’s’ research.

However, the report he received completely swept away any wishful thinking he might have. Only one out of the five researchers who were mainly responsible for researching the two kinds of worms had barely survived. The researcher’s condition was severe in that his lungs was chewed through, and his liver and kidney were both bitten as well. Now one knew how much longer he had to live. The rest of the researchers who managed to escape did their damndest to save him and force out the ‘Bird of Paradise’ inside his body, but they all knew that without any instruments or the corresponding information stored inside the research lab, it was probably impossible to keep him around for long.

The research lab that was used to research the two worms was the deepest and most enclosed room in the entire base. However, it was also the very first to suffer from the effects of the desertification. It was already a great boon that they managed to escape in the first place, but what awaited them outside were hungry ‘Birds of Paradise’ that had just broken out of their shells, anxious to satiate their hunger.

All of the data gathered and research made were not at the final stages, but it had reached a certain point that it was only a matter of time before the analysis was complete. All of that progress had now turned into sand.

This was exactly what Cillin wanted: to push them step by step toward the edge of despair and have them suffer their punishment in panic and desperation.

By now, Carranio was certain that everything that had happened so far were planned out by Cillin. That young man who looked honest, but was in fact the devil himself had brought upon them disaster. Carranio could not catch Cillin, and he very much wanted to switch targets and attack Emmus and Wa Qing. But he couldn’t. With Emmus’ abilities, Poison Fang would not be able to touch a hair on his body without the right weapons and equipment. They would only be wasting their combat strength.

Carranio was sank in deep regret. Poison Fang had been relying too much on Emmus these years. It wasn’t obvious before this, but after Emmus was cut off there were only too many things that couldn’t be operated smoothly without Emmus.

After pondering for a moment, Carranio issued the highest kill order to Poison Fang to set aside everything and hunt down Cillin at any cost. Since Cillin could bring those worms into their planet without harm, it meant that he had a way to deal with these worms. The surviving researcher could no longer be depended upon. Carranio betted his last hope on Cillin and informed every Poison Fang member that the key to exterminating these worms was Cillin. They began to search for him out even harder than before.

Right now, the man who bore Carranio’s deep hatred; both Cillin and the gray cat had arrived at a deserted port. The port had been abandoned by Carranio earlier, and there were a few spaceplanes and fighters parked inside it.

“These spaceplanes and fighters all have a self destruct sequence and a remote-controlled bomb inside them. Carranio probably has the master control with him. If we try to fly any of these spaceplanes or fighters, we will blow up as brilliantly as fireworks in less than two seconds.” this was a trap set by Carranio after Akayi and the others had left on a spaceplane. By controlling the spaceplanes and fighters, he would be able to prevent Cillin from escaping even if he couldn’t catch him.

The gray cat was just about to pilot a spaceplane for fun before Cillin’s words repelled it like a physical punch. Right now, the gray cat was fearful of a lot of human weapons, because the more weapons it came into contact with, the better it knew just how many of them could blast an extremely rare miracle of the universe like it into dust.

Cillin walked up to a spaceplane after a moment of investigation. The people inside the vehicles had either all escaped or became the ‘Birds of Paradise’s’ tasty meal. There was a Poison Fang underling at the passageway who failed to escape the ‘Birds of Paradise’ and had his body consumed beyond recognition.

When Cillin walked to his side, a ‘Bird of Paradise’ egg had just hatched inside his body. Then ‘Bird of Paradise’ who climbed out the body grew extremely excited when it saw a living human, but stopped itself in time when it sensed a special aura from the person. The aura was so scary that it made the worm flinch, and yet so familiar that it might as well have been parental. Either kind completely dispelled the ‘Bird of Paradise’s’ intent to attack. As for the gray cat, there were no ‘Birds of Paradise’ that dared to attack it at all. This abnormal life form was just too dangerous. And so the tiny ‘Birds of Paradise’ obediently crawled out of the body and hopped in search for food elsewhere.

“Alright, let’s go.” Cillin said to the gray cat.

“What did you do?”

“Nothing. I just took the energy blocks inside it.”

The gray cat came to realisation, “I see. Are there anything else valuable in these vehicles? I want to sell them for a good price and pay my debt when we leave this place.”

Cillin smiled and patted its head, “Nah. Come on, let’s go to the next one.”

“Hehe, alright, if I found it first it’s mine!”

“Each to his own. Be careful not to touch any other propulsion devices though. If any of these spaceplanes suddenly activated then I can only erect an extra cross in this place.”

“I got it I got it, you don’t need to tell me about machines.” the gray cat flicked its ears and began searching for energy blocks in other spaceplanes and fighters.

Poor Carranio. This place was supposed to be a trap, but he wouldn’t expect that Cillin and the gray cat would squeeze every last drop of value even from this place.

Cillin looked at the sky. Going by his original plan, the hunt was about to start. He tore off the skull emblem from the chest of the eaten corpse and walked out of the spaceplane.

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