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Chapter 121: Cross Field

Chapter 121: Cross Field

Cillin hadn’t been on this planet for even ten hours yet, but it was in those ten hours that the entire planet’s situation had changed.

Right now, the Poison Fang members who were usually unwilling to wear combat suits or hazmat suits had all wrapped themselves within extra thick protective suits that were made in haste.

It was undeniable that Poison Fang had a lot of talents. Under Carranio’s threats, the researchers at Poison Fang’s research base had upgraded the suppressant so that it would better suppress the mini parasites’ growth in their bodies. While the antidote wasn’t developed just yet, the fire on their eyebrows* had been extinguished. Moreover, the combat suit could now better protect them from the ‘Birds of Paradise’s’ attacks. However, they were still in a tense situation since the tiniest hole in their suits would immediately turn them into the ‘Birds of Paradise’s’ targets.

It was impossible to keep oneself wrapped in a protective suit for the whole day, however. They could not avoid eating, drinking, shitting or pissing, which was why Poison Fang had set up special isolation units that allowed an entrant’s entry only after they had been scanned multiple times and confirmed clean of those dangerous worms.

A few hours had passed, and the amount of the ‘Birds of Paradise’ had reached a frightening number. Although Poison Fang had not made a precise calculation, the rough estimation still made them feel infinitely panicked. They had tried a series of countermeasures such as burning, freezing, chemical warfare and more, but none of them were effective. These worms were just too quick and resilient, and the researchers at the research base even suspected that they were very intelligent. If this was true, then the war between man and worm would probably be very disadvantageous for the man. These worms were just too good at seizing the opportune moment.

Right now, Carranio hated both Cillin and Emmus to death. He dared say that all this disaster were brought forth by either Emmus or Cillin, and no matter who it was, Carranio was going to make them regret the day they were born!

When Carranio learned that the weapons inside the arms warehouse had disappeared without a trace, his already black feelings immediately boiled up like a storm as he murdered the reporting men to vent his anger.

Dissent was beginning to happen within Poison Fang’s ranks, and there were some people who wanted to mutiny just like Emmus. However, they were all put down mercilessly by Carranio, painting the red planet even redder than before.

When Carranio learned that Cillin was not at the hall, he sent out the order to kill Cillin and promised that whoever succeeded would become the next Skull King!

When the words spread out, everyone in Poison Fang grew extremely excited. It quelled much of the panic brought by worms as Poison Fang set out to look for Cillin.

Inside a warehouse, three Poison Fang members were holding their guns and chatting to each other. They had just finished their patrol and finally got the chance to sit down and rest.

“Those hopping worms are about to drive me insane!”

“This protective suit is so goddamn awkward to wear. I suddenly feel like a fat pig who’s surpassed an entire tonnage.” another person complained.

“I’m personally fine with this outfit. It can’t be worse than being eaten alive by those hopping worms.”

While they were speaking, three cold gleams suddenly shot towards the trio. they did not deal any direct damage, but they were more than enough to alert the trio.

“Who is it?!” a person raised his gun and looked warily at his surroundings.

“Dead… we’re dead…”

“What are you talking about, let’s find that attacker already!”

“N-no, I mean… Our protective suits a-are… torn…”

There were no abnormalities and no killing intent. The three cold gleams had appeared out of nowhere and cut their protective suits before they could react.

The trio looked at the tiny hole on their shoulders and felt cold sweat dripping down their necks. The ‘Birds of Paradise’ who had been watching them from the dark began to stir restlessly.

The three bloodcurdling screams that tore through the silent warehouse caused everyone nearby to gather towards that direction hastily.

Swish. A shadow flashed by so quick that it was near impossible to capture with one’s eyes. Naturally, it was even more impossible for the Poison Fang members who were much slowed by the thick protective suit to catch it.

A person raised his gun and pointed it towards his surroundings. He looked around and did not find any abnormalities, but all the other members who rushed over suddenly retreated a few steps away from him after they arrived. Everyone was wearing a mask, so he could not see their expressions, but he knew that whatever they’re wearing on their faces could not be good.

“What happ… Ah——”

He hadn’t even finished a sentence before a terrific pain came from his back. He understood what this meant. Despair and fear flooded over him. No wonder everyone else was backing away. I, I refuse to accept this. Why are you guys backing away? Why am I the one who got my suit cut? Why should I become those worms’ sacrifice? If I’m going to hell then I’m dragging you bastards with me!!

Bang bang bang! The person pulled the trigger and fired at the people around him non-stop. Even if the average bullet could not pierce through the reinforced protective suits, the rapid fire of laser beams was enough to riddle them with holes. The excited ‘Birds of Paradise’ took advantage of the madness and joined the fray. Dusts, curses and blood filled the air. It was like a scene from hell.

Meanwhile, on the other side, the plaza Poison Fang used to execute sinners was surrounded by crosses bound with corpses that had expired for many days. Now, the center of the execution plaza was erected with many special crosses under Carranio’s command once more. These crosses were fire resistant, cold resistant and corrosion resistant.

Unlike usual, this time it wasn’t the sinners, but the planet’s native animals that were tied to the crosses. As if sensing the upcoming danger, the wild beasts struggled and howled with everything they got to break free, causing the metallic chains to clang repeatedly.

While seated on a high spot, Carranio propped his head and looked at the activity happening below him.

There were no mini parasites inside the dead bodies since they could not provide them with good nutrition. The same goes with the hopping worms as well. Therefore, Carranio thought up of a plan that could work as a good way to raise the spirits of his army at present point, even if it was a little stupid. The incessant waves of panic had caused everyone to become somewhat unstable, so naturally the Skull King had to stand up and play the role of a leader.

After tying ten native beasts to the crosses, the men swiftly retreated to the spectator stands.

Amidst their hopeful gazes, the hopping worms began to converge on the native animals tied to the crosses one after another.

Worms of all kinds of growth stages and sizes had appeared on the execution plaza. Since every Poison Fang member was wearing reinforced protective suits, the ‘Birds of Paradise’ could not bite through the material in a single try. In fact, they might even be caught in return. Therefore, all ‘Birds of Paradise’ with a certain level of intelligence would only attack those men with holes in their protective suits. But with a few hours gone by, it wasn’t so easy to find someone like that. The ‘Birds of Paradise’ were reproducing way too quickly right now, and there were plenty of worms that did not receive sufficient nourishment around. Therefore, the native beasts released by Carranio were without a doubt a most enticing meal.

The native beasts let out torn, anguished wailings. As he watched the worms boring into the native beasts’ bodies one after another, Carranio felt immense satisfaction and admiration for his own foresight. When he first discovered this breeding ground, he had given it many layers of protection. Originally, he was just thinking of using them as meat provisions, but it would seem that these meat provisions were pretty useful.

When he saw that it was almost time, Carranio pressed a button beside his hand. A transparent cover suddenly appeared from the ground and enveloped the entire cross field.

*meaning the immediate emergency

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