Star Odyssey

Chapter 39: Robbing Together

Chapter 39: Robbing Together

Lu Yin lifted an eyebrow at Gerlaine’s words, flashing a fake smile, “You want to be a part of this?”

Gerlaine’s eyebrows lifted as well, “You don’t want me?”

The two stared at each other before Balaror pulled her aside, “We can’t be seen; it won’t reflect well on your brother if word of it reaches the school!”

Gerlaine finally understood and nodded, concealing herself as she told Lu Yin, “You can go play then, we’ll hide.”

Lu Yin did not object, watching two figures appearing in the distance. He wouldn’t feel at ease with the two right next to him; them being hidden away was a better option.

Ten minutes later, the network sent out another notification of a pair’s defeat. Most students around the country looked at it in surprise; they had thought the bandit simply stopped five days ago, but the menace was at it again!

Said bandit was currently being stared down by an excited Gerlaine, “Quick, how much did you rob? Split the goods!”

Lu Yin looked at her curiously, “You sure?”

“You can’t be thinking of immorally hoarding everything.”

He thought about it and nodded, tossing her a small star crystal, “Take it then.”

“What? You stingy bastard!” Gerlaine was riled and charged straight at him.

“It’s not my problem if you don’t want it,” Lu Yin said with a smile. He had realized the girl’s personality problem long ago. She was helping him because she was disgruntled with the robbery, and she would have stayed on his side even without any pay. He wasn’t worried about her throwing in the towel until she could retrieve what he’d stolen.

Gerlaine’s help greatly smoothed up Lu Yin’s robbing process, allowing him to procure a staggering five more cubes of star crystals that left even the rich traitor jealous. However, there were only about four days left before the second batch arrived when he also met true danger for the first time since the Apocalypse. Gerlaine had found two people on top of an abandoned supermarket in the network, but once he arrived, he was surrounded by seven. Five of the people here weren’t carrying their watches to conceal themselves, and three were even school leaders! It was quite a wager.

“You’re the planetary thief? Only combat level 2,100, seems like you have formidable techniques,” a coarse-looking student barked, one of the stronger ones in the group.

Beside him, a girl with a hot body smiled demurely, “Most people who obtain star crystals use them to upgrade their battle techniques. Are you like this too, Junior? Could you tell this senior of yours what these battle techniques are?”

Lu Yin’s lips curved upwards, “You really want to know? I’ll give you a taste.”

The girl smiled like a maiden, but raised her hand, aiming an energy gun at him, “Junior, you do know that one doesn’t always have to rely on themselves in battle. External items are important as well.”

Several others took out more energy guns at the same time, aiming them at Lu Yin. This was the same type of gun that Terence had used to bore a hole through Jeraldine’s shoulder; it certainly wasn’t weak.

Lu Yin stared at the ambushers as he retrieved a fire crystal from his cosmic ring, suddenly smashing it against the ground. The blaze set the entire building aflame, and as a few people opened fire he dodged with Roving Step. A few other types of elemental energy crystals quickly formed a powerful breeze that only spread the flames all around, and the usage of frost crystals formed a white mist that further obstructed vision.

Having moved quickly, Lu Yin left a phantom behind in his original spot as he appeared behind one of the school leaders, slapping out with Cosmic Palm directly. The opponent’s ring armor was shattered in an instant as he was sent crashing into the ground, and Lu Yin followed up with a spin and a Spacerender Palm that struck out in all four directions. The enormous energy crushed the building and dissipated into the void, injuring four of the remaining six students.

The two students left tore through the Spacerender Palm to attack Lu Yin, but his gaze turned cold as he stretched out a palm towards each. Stars appeared in both attacks, blasting the floor open and splitting the abandoned supermarket in two. The trio fell towards the ground, but Lu Yin suddenly felt a sharp pain in his back and turned around to see that the first student he’d slapped down had stabbed a sword into him. Blasting his current two opponents away, he turned around and grabbed that student’s shoulder, unsheathing his dagger to strike. The student’s eyes shrank as he let go of his sword to retreat, but Lu Yin flung the dagger forwards and scored a glancing blow on the cheek. Blood splattered across the nearby wall as the dagger tore through a dozen buildings, burying itself into a tank nearby. The ruined building started to shake as dust sprang up everywhere.

Gasping for air, a now-nervous Lu Yin struggled to heighten his senses. These three elites were just as strong as Parlie, and they’d surrounded him with nowhere to hide.

In the distance, Gerlaine and Balaror looked over with elated expressions. The girl especially was eager, “Do you think we should rob them in one go?”

“Yes, but we have to wait for his injuries to get worse,” Balaror muttered.

Gerlaine was pleased, “At least Eddy isn’t stupid and know how to lay an ambush, or I would have done all this for nothing.”

Balaror was surprised, “You knew this was a trap?”

“Of course not, stupid, but as long as Eddy wasn’t dumb, I knew he would think of something. I can bring that scoundrel around to rob people, so he used me to lay an ambush. None of us are idiots.” She rolled her eyes before giggling, “Even Eddy would find it hard to escape from this kind of ambush, this bastard is done for!”

Seven ambushers, and only three were of any real threat to Lu Yin. However, even those three were shocked as he sighed and retrieved something from his cosmic ring, “That is…”

In the distance, Gerlaine was stunned, and went red in the face, “That shameless bastard!”

Lu Yin smiled as he donned a set of ring armor that flickered with lightning. Indeed, this was the armor that Gerlaine claimed had been given by her brother for defense; having confiscated her cosmic ring until they parted ways, he had both this and her bow.

“Gerlaine’s armor!” the bulky man shouted and glared at Lu Yin, “You actually dare to rob Gerlaine, you must be crazy. Her brother is Gerbach.”

“I don’t give a damn who her brother is, your brains have to be mush if you think I need to differentiate between my targets!” Lu Yin sneered, sending out a Spacerender Palm. The buff man clenched his jaw as he crashed into one of the pillars, causing the entire building to collapse.

All combatants bounced out of the ruins, one of them crushing a crystal to summon blades of green wind that struck towards Lu Yin. Lu Yin simply charged towards the attack, allowing the lightning arcing all across his body to deflect the wind blades as he appeared before the man and landed a firm Cosmic Palm. He almost spat out his internals before fainting on the spot.

Seeing things go awry, the other two retreated immediately. While Lu Yin could barely break through it with the full force of the Cosmic Palm, they didn’t have such ability. In the end, a seven-man ambush had led to five defeated and two escaped. When these results were announced over the network, everyone fell silent including Eddy. He’d thought he was the strongest amongst the first batch of trainees, but it would be difficult for even him to obtain such results. Not long after, everyone cooperating with him received a message to give up on the bandit; they would invade the capital in three days.

“Come out,” Lu Yin plopped down on the floor and stared at a distant Gerlaine and Balaror. Both were shocked; today’s battle would certainly make this youth famous. Gerlaine remembered the native realmbreaker sending four people running with their tails between their legs using a single strike, but this display of power left her shuddering just as much. What sort of battle technique could severely wound a school leader with one strike?

“Help me with this,” Lu Yin threw some ointment at her.

“What?” Gerlaine pointed at herself while glaring, “You want me to do this?”

“Is that difficult to understand?”

She grew furious, “You must be dreaming! I’m a young lady who’s pure as ice, I’ve never touched any man’s body. Such heresy!”

Lu Yin stared coldly at her, “Don’t think I don’t know what you were thinking. If I was defeated just now, you wouldn’t be so courteous towards me. Apply this medicine now.”

“Let me do it,” Balaror offered.

“No, your hands are dirty,” Lu Yin snorted, leaving the man peeved.

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