Star Odyssey

Chapter 2325: Unable To Divinate

Chapter 2325: Unable To Divinate

The Ghost Monkey flew far away, terribly confused. He had clearly given up, and after summoning all of his determination, he had even offered his blessing. So why had Seventh Bro still hit him?

Lu Yin was incredibly annoyed, and he had wanted to just get rid of the monkey as soon as possible, which had actually caused Lu Yin to forget about asking about Progenitor Wushang’s tomb.

After quickly remembering, Lu Yin made a random gesture, and the Ghost Monkey went flying back towards Lu Yin, where he gracelessly smashed into the ground and began to howl.

"Seventh Bro, why did you hit me?" The Ghost Monkey rubbed his head while looking up at Lu Yin with a terribly aggrieved expression. He had believed himself to be taking the high road, as he had stepped back and abandoned his Celestial Ice Phoenix clan. However, instead of thanks, all he had received was a harsh kick. The Ghost Monkey simply could not make sense of things.

Lu Yin was still upset, and as soon as he saw the Ghost Monkey’s evident confusion, Lu Yin wanted to kick the stupid beast again. He held back, as he feared that he might accidentally kick the Ghost Monkey to death.

"The Celestial Ice Phoenixes are all yours. I’m not taking them from you," Lu Yin grumpily announced.

The Ghost Monkey was momentarily taken aback, but he quickly grew ecstatic. "You mean it? Seventh Bro, you won't fight me for them?"

"Get lost! I don't have time to deal with you!" Lu Yin lost his temper again.

The Ghost Monkey started laughing. "Thank you, Seventh Bro! Hahahaha, Seventh Bro, you’re amazing! I, Ghost Monkey, look forward to repaying Seventh Bro's kindness one day! Seventh Bro, you’re just too great! Seventh Bro-"

"Alright, that’s enough stupidity. Just answer one question for me: where is Progenitor Wushang buried?"

The Ghost Monkey's eyes lit up. "At the bottom of the Astral River. More precisely, he’s buried at the bottom of the Astral River over on the border of Erudite Flowzone."

The bottom of the Astral River? Lu Yin looked in the direction that the Ghost Monkey had just mentioned.

The Ghost Monkey explained, "Before dying, Progenitor Wushang buried himself at the bottom of the Astral River on Erudite Flowzone’s border, and that’s where I left the Astral River and entered the Astral Beast Domain. I remember telling you before, Seventh Bro, about how I was born in Progenitor Wushang’s shadow from his blood. That’s why I said that I could take you to find Progenitor Wushang’s tomb, but you expressed no interest before. Do you want to go now? I’ll take you."

"Is there really a large tomb at the bottom of the Astral River?" Lu Yin asked.

"It isn’t even a tomb, but just a burial site."

"Why did Progenitor Wushang bury himself at the bottom of the Astral River?" This was what made Lu Yin curious.

The Ghost Monkey shook his head. "I don't know."

"You were born before Progenitor Wushang died?"

"Yes. I was born long before his death. I remember seeing Progenitor Wushang fighting against a powerful Progenitor from the Sixth Mainland. Half of his body was completely destroyed, and he could only find a place to lay his body down and die." As the Ghost Monkey spoke, his voice grew softer and softer.

The Progenitor realm was not too distant for Lu Yin. While Progenitor Wushang had truly been powerful, he had not been stronger than Xia Shenji or the other human Progenitors, which was why Lu Yin was not particularly interested in Progenitor Wushang’s corpse. "Aside from Progenitor Wushang’s body, was anything else buried with him?"

The Ghost Monkey answered in a bitter tone, "No. Progenitor Wushang used to have a cosmic ring, but half of his body was destroyed, so there’s nothing left but his bones left at his burial site."

Lu Yin shook his head. He had already lost all interest.

While Progenitor Wushang’s body was an invaluable treasure to the Astral Beast Domain, it was not worth much to Lu Yin.

If he could gain something from studying a Progenitor’s blood, Lu Yin would have sought out Progenitor Wushang’s body, but he had never placed his hopes on the dead before.

"Seventh Bro, even though Progenitor Wushang had nothing with him when he died, his body was absolutely massive, and the bones and blood that he left behind should be very useful, even his fur. Do you want to go look for it?" The Ghost Monkey had offered to take Lu Yin to find Progenitor Wushang’s tomb before, but Lu Yin had never gone.

He still had no interest, though it would be better to say that Lu Yin’s priorities were different for the time being. The four ruling powers were coming for him, and other matters needed to be pushed back for later.

"What else do you want?" Lu Yin glanced over at the Ghost Monkey. Disgust came through Lu Yin’s voice as he asked this question. He was actually growing increasingly irate the longer he spent with the Ghost Monkey, and Lu Yin really wanted to be rid of the beast.

The Ghost Monkey did not notice Lu Yin's mood, so he licked his lips and smiled. "Well, there is one thing. Um, Seventh Bro, well, could- could you announce that the Celestial Ice Phoenix clan is my harem to the rest of the Heavens Sect?"

The moment the Ghost Monkey finished speaking, his body was already sent flying through the air again. Lu Yin had kicked the beast away again, just wanting to get away from the annoying creature.

As the Ghost Monkey was flying through the air, Destina approached from the same direction that the beast had been sent flying. She gave an odd glance at the howling monkey that was traveling further and further away and then simply approached Lu Yin. "Dao Chosen."

Lu Yin exhaled, suppressing all of the irritation that the Ghost Monkey had caused. "Follow me."

After they had moved to another place, Lu Yin got straight to the point. "I want to thank you for your help against the Astral Beast Domain. If not for you dealing with Skymender, things likely wouldn’t have gone so smoothly for me."

Destina replied, "I only did as I should have."

Lu Yin looked at Destina. "How can I thank you?"

Destina's eyes flashed. "Please don’t get involved in my affairs with Skymender."

"You want to steal his Book of Destiny?" Lu Yin asked.

Destina instantly corrected Lu Yin. "The Books of Destiny belong to Destiny. I am her only heir, so those books belong to me alone!"

Lu Yin responded with a slight smile. Skymender had already shown his willingness to give Lu Yin a Book of Destiny, and even though Lu Yin could not read the book, he felt quite satisfied with Skymender’s attitude. In contrast, Destina stated that she absolutely had to obtain the Book of Destiny. They had completely opposite attitudes.

If Lu Yin were not capable of accessing the power that Progenitor Chen had left behind, the powerhouses from the Heavens Sect would actually show far worse attitudes towards him.

"I won't get involved in your personal affairs, but Skymender’s Book of Destiny is already with me," Lu Yin stated indifferently.

Destina was shocked. "Where is it, Dao Chosen?"

"You can't divinate the answer?" Lu Yin teased.

Destina shook her head. "I can't divinate you, Dao Chosen. The Dao Chosen wields the Origin Progenitor’s sword, and the Origin Progenitor surpassed even Destiny. Nothing involving the Origin Progenitor can be divined, even with the Book of Destiny."

As far as Destina was concerned, the reason why she was unable to perform any successful divinations about Lu Yin was because of the Origin Progenitor’s sword. However, Skymender and Starsibyl were aware that Lu Yin had been impossible to see through with divination even before he had acquired the Origin Progenitor’s sword. Someone should have already told Destina about this.

"Dao Chosen, the Book of Destiny?" Destina asked after a moment of hesitation.

Lu Yin stared at Destina for a moment, and then a flip of his hand triggered the Yu Secret Art, and the Book of Destiny appeared in his hand.

Destiny's eyes betrayed a rarely seen excitement. In her era, only Destiny herself had ever held the Books of Destiny. While Destina had been Destiny’s heir and disciple, she had not been allowed to touch the books. At this moment, one of the Books of Destiny was right in front of her. It was so close she could reach out and touch it…

She wanted to snatch the book away, but whether she could take the book away all depended on Lu Yin’s attitude.

When had Destiny’s heir ever been forced to deal with such humiliation?

Lu Yin watched Destina with great interest. She had the appearance of a young girl, but she was older and more cunning than anyone. However, Lu Yin could see that the woman was extremely anxious at this moment.

The Book of Destiny floated through the air towards Destina.

She excitedly seized the book, and flipped it open to look at it. With her first glance, her expression grew ugly. There was no text. She could not read the book.

She kept flipping through the book, but she was unable to see even a single word.

She frowned, and automatically started using Destiny’s Heaven’s Enigma. Words finally appeared on the pages of the book, but they were so vague and faded that she could barely even make them out.

Lu Yin stared at the woman the entire time, and thus he understood what was happening based off of her reaction.

"What? Can’t you read the book?" Lu Yin asked.

Destina closed the book, terribly disappointed. "Not for the time being, no. It will take some time for me to acclimate to the book."

Lu Yin's eyes flashed, as this was exactly what Skymender had said. "How long do you need for that?"

"While I haven’t started yet, I should need at least a thousand years," Destina replied.

Lu Yin asked, "What does it mean if someone can read the book the moment they open it?"

Destina’s expression shifted a bit. "Is there such a person?"

"What if there is?" Lu Yin pressed.

Destina stared at Lu Yin intently for a moment. "The true master of the Books of Destiny can naturally read them right away."

Lu Yin stared back at the woman. This was also the same answer that he had received before.

After a moment of silence, Lu Yin asked, "What? You don’t intend to return my book to me?"

Destina grew incredibly somber, "This is a Book of Destiny. It belongs to-"

"It belongs to me," Lu Yin bluntly finished.

Destina's eyes grew cold, but Lu Yin’s eyes remained locked onto the woman. "I gave you a chance to acquire the book, but you weren’t even able to determine its location."

"But this is a Book of Destiny!"

"And fatesand is also a treasure of Destiny. I have fatesand within my body, so are you going to claim that for yourself as well?" Lu Yin asked as his voice dropped low.

Destina and Lu Yin stared at each other. With clear reluctance, Destina finally handed the book back to Lu Yin, who simply accepted it.

"Dao Chosen, Skymender remains nothing but an astral beast. You should already know what things were like on the Fourth Mainland during the Heavens Sect era, and you should know that the astral beasts carry a deep hatred for us humans. You need to be very careful if you intend to use him to perform any divinations for you," Destina warned.

Lu Yin acted surprised. "Then why does Skymender know Heaven’s Enigma? How did he get this Book of Destiny?"

Destina had no answer. "During the past era, I had no knowledge of any such thing, but I will get to the bottom of this."

Lu Yin glanced down at the Book of Destiny. "This book is massive, and it’s supposed to be the Book of the Present. Do you truly want it?"

Destina instantly replied, "It’s one of Destiny’s treasures-"

"That’s not what I’m asking. I asked you, do you truly want this book?" Lu Yin bluntly interrupted Destina while staring at her.

Destina had virtually no memory of anyone ever interrupting her from the moment she had first started cultivating. She really did not like being treated in such a manner, but she still answered Lu Yin. "I want it."

"Then get me something in exchange for this book."



This answer quite surprised Destina. "Dao Chosen, you still want more fatesand? Getting more will only strengthen your connection to Destiny."

"That doesn't matter. Lu Yin looked at Destina. "I told Skymender the same thing, and I sent him out to search for more fatesand as well. Whichever of you finds more for me will be given this Book of Destiny."

Destina's eyes instantly fell to the Book of Destiny before she looked back up at Lu Yin. "I understand."

After Destina left, Lu Yin aksi left the Heavens Sect and headed for the Neoverse.

Truthfully, Lu Yin could not bring himself to trust either Destina or Skymender. The only person whom he trusted with the Books of Destiny was Xiao Shi.

However, Lu Yin had also become a bit uncomfortable after hearing the same thing from the two individuals. Xiao Shi had immediately been able to read the Book of Destiny, but not only did he not need to acclimate to the book, but he also had not even cultivated Heaven’s Enigma. How was he able to read the book? The only answer Lu Yin had was that Xiao Shi was Destiny incarnate, but wasn’t Destiny a woman?

Lu Yin then gently used Star Stomp to walk across the stars of the universe, quickly arriving in the Neoverse to find Xiao Shi.

Xiao Shi was still in the Hall of Honor’s library, sitting in a corner with his head buried in a book. However, for once, he was not alone. There was a woman quietly sitting beside him with a slight smile on her face.

Lu Yin was quite surprised. Where had this woman come from?

Lu Yin's sudden appearance was completely unnoticed by Xiao Shi, as he was immersed in his book, but the woman immediately saw Lu Yin.

A rather blank expression appeared on the woman’s face when she first saw Lu Yin, but then her eyes completely lit up. This was the expression of someone seeing a person whom they admired.

Lu Yin’s first thought when he saw the woman was that she had an ulterior motive for being with Xiao Shi. After all, the man was nothing more than a narcissistic mushroom head, as far as most people were concerned. But to Lu Yin, Xiao Shi was the master of a Book of Destiny. He needed to be wary of anyone who approached Xiao Shi.

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