Star Odyssey

Chapter 2081: Eras

Chapter 2081: Eras

Lu Yin pretended to be excited by Scarface’s words, and he lifted a hand to touch the back of his head before earnestly saying, “I know that I still need to work hard. I’ll go back to train now.”

He then immediately turned and left.

Scarface watched Xing Kai leave, feeling quite satisfied. “That kid’s straightforward, loyal, and isn’t held back by his own strength. He’s quite well suited to join our Team Resolution.”

“That’s true. Out of the ten people on our representative team, four are from the so-called ‘Perennial World,’ which makes it impossible for them to ever join us. Of the rest, the one I’m the most optimistic about is Xing Kai. After him, there’s also Dai Ao. While he’s much weaker than Xing Kai, he’s quite talented at battle force, and his innate gift of gravity is almost perfectly matched for battle force,” the other Team Resolution member said.

Scarface smiled. “I’m actually quite optimistic about that girl. She has a unique way of fighting her enemies, and she has the potential to become a rare soldier who can heal. She’s also the one who’s able to heal. She’s the most compatible with us.”

“But she doesn’t have the right personality to be a part of Team Resolution. Not to mention, the way she heals…” The second man fell silent at this moment.

Scarface shrugged. “Her healing might be difficult for people to accept, but it still works. It all boils down to her own development. If one is able to get the gatemaster’s attention, they’ll become one of the top powerhouses in this universe. I really want to see who will end up being so lucky.”

Elsewhere, Lu Yin let out a sigh of relief as he returned to the pond. He had succeeded in deceiving the two men from Team Resolution and was still safe. All he needed to do now was wait for the other nine members of his team to appear.

Judging by what the two men had said, they two had specifically been sent out from Team Resolution to train the representative team before the competition between the Heavenly Gates.

Lu Yin stepped back into the pond and slowly closed his eyes. He rested for a few days as he allowed his die to recover. He had absolutely no desire to interact with the two men from Team Resolution again during this time, as it was exhausting to put on a convincing act.

In the Neoverse, the territory of the former Seven Courts had become the Three Fatalities Heavenly Gate’s headquarters.

Hen Xin calmly stared at Progenitor Chen’s Mausoleum from a distance. Since arriving at this location, he had looked at the tomb more times than he could count.

The more one understood Progenitor Chen, the more amazing his strength became. He had cultivated nine clones, and each clone had possessed the power to fight against a Progenitor on their own. Combined, those clones had actually killed multiple Progenitors. These were the reasons why the Fifth Mainland admired Progenitor Chen so much.

However, what Hen Xin cared about the most was the Nine Mountains and Eight Seas.

People in the current era did not properly understand the Nine Mountains and Eight Seas, but things had been different during the Heavens Sect era. The Nine Mountains and Eight Seas had belonged to extremely powerful Progenitors who had been almost at the same level as the Three Realms Six Dao. However, Progenitor Chen had controlled two Mountains and one Sea, which was enough to place him at the peak even during humanity’s peak during the Heavens Sect era.

“It’s possible that you truly were just about as powerful as a Dao Monarch,” Hen Xin murmured to himself.

A person approached behind the gatemaster. It was Chu Yuan. “Why have you returned, Gatemaster? Shouldn’t you be on the frontlines?”

“The Heavenly Gates will soon have their competition, so the battlefield on the frontline was handed over to Wang Si and the others,” Hen Xin answered indifferently.

Chu Yuan walked over next to Hen Xin. The older man frowned slightly. He was a Semi-Progenitor while Chu Yuan was simply an Envoy. Such behavior was a bit too casual.

During the Heavens Sect era, the Dao Chosen had acted on behalf of the heavens, which had qualified them to act on the same level as the gatemasters of the Twelve Heavenly Gates. However, the times had since changed.

“I personally watched as Progenitor Chen destroyed Progenitor Nan. The entire time, the Sixth Mainland’s Daosource Sect did not dare to act rashly. He was truly impressive and invincible,” Chu Yuan commented.

Hen Xin had already heard this before. “It’s truly a pity that the sword is gone. I have no idea what time it may have disappeared into.”

“There’s no rush. It will definitely reappear,” Chu Yuan replied. He had told Hen Xin everything that had happened during the trip through time and space, with the exception of one detail: Chu Yuan had never mentioned that the Origin Progenitor’s sword could only be controlled by the Origin Progenitor’s Sutra. If Chu Yuan shared this information, not only was it possible that he would lose Hen Xin’s support, but it was also possible that the Semi-Progenitor would force Chu Yuan to share the Origin Sutra with him.

The Origin Sutra was the key to Chu Yuan’s ability to control the sword.

He was confident that Heluo Mavis would also say nothing, and as for Leng Qing, the Celestial Blade Gatemaster had spent all of his time on the front lines since he had returned to the current era, devoting himself to protecting humanity. However, it was hard to say what the Sixth Mainland’s two Semi-Progenitors would do.

“How prepared are you? Are you confident in becoming the new Dao Chosen?” Hen Xin asked as he looked over at Chu Yuan. Part of the reason why the older man remained so polite towards Chu Yuan was because he hoped to use the Dao Chosen to gain Destina’s assistance.

Chu Yuan stared at Progenitor Chen’s Mausoleum with his hands clasped behind his back. “Regardless of whether it’s this era or the Heavens Sect era, there is no one who can take the position of Dao Chosen from me. I am the only Dao Chosen to have been acknowledged by the Origin Progenitor himself.”

“Good. I also believe in you.” Hen Xin nodded.

Chu Yuan’s eyes flickered, and he could not help thinking of Lu Yin. That person was an absolute monster. While the two of them had not fought each other at full force, Lu Yin had clearly kept many of his abilities hidden. This was also ignoring the facts that his stellular energy reserves were beyond terrifying and that he actually also knew the Origin Sutra.

If Lu Yin were still alive, Chu Yuan would be extremely cautious, but since he was dead, the only two people who could come anywhere close to being Chu Yuan’s opponents were Heluo Mavis and Sky Garan.

In the Outerverse, Heluo Mavis was lazily leaning against the trunk of the divine tree that grew on the back of Ancestor Tortoise. The creature was still in Earth’s solar system.

Below Helua Mavis, Yuhua Mavis was staring at a flower in her hand. It was impossible to know what she was thinking.

“Girl, do you blame your ancestor for stealing your opportunity?” Heluo Mavis asked as she looked down at Yuhua Mavis.

Yuhua looked up at Heluo. “What opportunity?”

“The competition between the Dao Chosen.” Heluo Mavis’s brows rose.

Yuhua Mavis was completely unfazed. “Even if I was allowed to compete, I can’t defeat Sky Garan. He’s another Dao Chosen from the past, just like you. He’s completely out of my reach.”

Heluo Mavis laid back down. “Honestly, it’s a bit unfair to have people your age trying to compete for the position of Dao Chosen with us, as we’ve all been cultivating for much longer than any of you. Strictly speaking, even without the time we were locked in that sourcebox, we’re still not close to being the same age, so you don’t need to worry. Even if I do become the Dao Chosen, I won’t hold the position for very long, and I’ll pass it on to you when I give it up.

“Speaking of that, it’s really a pity that Lu Yin’s dead. He’d be the only person from this era who could compete with us, if he were still alive.”

Yuhua Mavis looked up. He was supposed to be dead, but was he really? It was truly a pity.

Elsewhere in the Outerverse, in the western weaves, Sky Garan stepped out and looked to the south. He was completely determined to win the position of Dao Chosen. He would bring the former glory of his Garan family back to the current era. Still, it was a pity that Lu Yin had died, as he would get the chance to demonstrate the power gap between them.

Ten days quickly passed by, and Lu Yin lifted a hand at the bottom of the pond on Sword Mountain. It was time for him to roll his die again. He slowly tapped the die, and it spun around. It came to a stop, and Lu Yin felt quite lucky when he saw that his very first roll was four pips: Timestop.

The further one progressed with battle force, the longer it took to stabilize.

Ten months passed in the Timestop Space before his six lined battle force fully penetrated Lu Yin’s body. His six lined battle force was now as powerful as an Enlighter with a power level of 200,000.

He had taken an entire year to stabilize his six lined battle force, and yet, according to the men from Team Resolution, Xing Kai had used five years to stabilize his first five levels of battle force. This meant that he would need to use at least five years to stabilize his six lined battle force, and quite possibly longer.

Stabilized five lined battle force was as powerful as a Hunter, and given Xing Kai’s talent, even if he cultivated with star energy, he would need at least ten years to improve his strength from the level of a Hunter to the level of an Enlighter. This meant that the time needed to cultivate battle force was quite similar to the time needed for cultivating with star energy.

More and more, Lu Yin felt that cultivating with stellular energy was the easiest and most stable cultivation method.

Battle force had extremely high demands for one’s physical strength, and it also needed the true members of Team Resolution to unlock the cultivator’s physical strength. There was no need to even mention death energy, as that method was extremely difficult for most people to cultivate, and it would destroy them if they were not very careful. Fatesand was completely unpredictable. Compared to these cultivation methods, cultivating with stellular energy best suited the vast majority of humans.

Two months passed, and Lu Yin’s time in Timestop ran out, but he continued to roll his die.

One pip: a Mavis Bank bank card fell out.

Lu Yin shook his head. Those cards were worthless in the current universe. The Mavis Bank had already closed most of their branches, and there was nowhere to go to make a withdrawal.


Lu Yin’s eyes lit up when he saw four pips again. He was quite lucky this time.

As soon as he returned to the Timestop Space, Lu Yin resumed stabilizing his seven lined battle force.

He had used a full year to stabilize his six lined battle force, and he had already determined that he would need at least a year and a half to do the same for the next level.

As the scenery changed before his eyes, Lu Yin emerged from his Timestop. His seven lined battle force had only just started to seep into his body, so he fully intended to continue.

The next roll was three pips, and two screens of light appeared.

There was nothing that Lu Yin could do, as even if he had items he could Enhance, he lacked the funds to do so.

He needed to rest for ten more days.

After those next ten days passed, Lu Yin raised a hand to resume rolling his die.

When the die stopped, it showed six pips. Lu Yin’s vision shifted, but the dark space almost immediately flickered away as he returned to reality. He had set his cosmic ring aside as usual. There was no way to acquire any more star essence in the Fifth Mainland, so rolling Possession was useless at this point in time.

The die soon spun again.

Two pips: Blackhole Disassembly. However, Lu Yin had nothing to disassemble, so he let out a long breath and tapped the die again.

This was his third roll, and he could only roll his die four times each session, so Lu Yin was really hoping to see four pips again.

As the die slowly came to a stop, it indeed showed four dots. Lu Yin clenched a fist, as his luck was still quite good.

After so many years of training to stabilize his battle force, Lu Yin managed to get about half-way through stabilizing his eight lined battle force. Given another year, he would reach the end of that level as well.

At the moment, his seven lined battle force was as strong as a peak Enlighter’s, which suggested that stabilized eight lined battle force would possess the power of a one-tribulation Envoy.

With such strength, it would not matter even if one could not use their stellular energy. Strength comparable to a one-tribulation Envoy was enough for a person to stay alive almost anywhere in the universe.

Thinking about this, Lu Yin tapped again, and then he watched as his die slowly spun around.

He had not expected to be lucky enough to roll four pips again, but that was exactly what he got. The truth was that Lu Yin was rather exhausted and wanted a break, but since he had rolled Timestop again, he could only grit his teeth and focus on stabilizing his eight lined battle force.

He had already spent six sessions in his Timestop Space, and in each session, he had trained for close to a year before leaving. This had ended up burning through almost 100 million star essence. He still had 76.6 billion star essence in his cosmic ring, and while that sounded like a lot, it was nowhere near enough.

This last round in the Timestop Space allowed Lu Yin to fully stabilize his eight lined battle force, and sure enough, it was just as strong as a one-tribulation Envoy.

However, the destructive power of stabilized battle force had a completely different feeling than stellular energy. Lu Yin could sense that his body had been strengthened, and he was certain that his Hollow Palm was more powerful than it had ever been. His peak was still his golden ten lined battle force, but the strength that it gave him was completely different from the past.

If he combined it with the Lu family’s visualization method of the Immovable Heavenly King Elephant, Lu Yin could not even estimate how powerful his Hollow Palm would be.

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