Star Odyssey

Chapter 1417: What’s That Attitude?

Chapter 1417: What’s That Attitude?

Lu Yin did not know what to do about this. Anyone who qualified to be invited by Long Tian to the Junior Progenitor Planet had to be quite powerful.

Lu Yin wanted to fight the other candidates for the team in order to ensure that none of them would be able to go to the Dominion Realm and that he would end up as the only candidate. However, they were on a Junior Progenitor Planet, and while the elders protecting Long Tian would not spy on the people on the planet, they would absolutely be alerted the moment a battle broke out.

Lu Yin had a headache.

He kept collecting star essence as he contemplated his current dilemma. After he was done, he carried a pile of star essence back to the magma.

A middle aged man watched from the distance and saw what Lu Yin was doing. The man was left speechless, though also envious. Back when he had been cultivating, he had been forced to do his best to acquire resources, even with the help from his family, and yet he had never obtained enough to use them freely.

“If I had this amount of star essence back then, I would have been able to become an Enlighter twenty years sooner,” the middle aged man muttered to himself. He took a picture and sent it to Long Tian.

Long Tian did not care about Long Qi’s actions. He was even willing to allow Long Qi to take some of the star essence with him away from the planet. These resources were negligible to the Junior Progenitor. Still, Long Tian was not a kind person, and so he immediately had somebody send the picture to Long Xi.

At this time, Long Xi was experiencing the excruciating pain of opening her lower meridian point. She finally understood the pain that Long Ting and Lu Yin had both endured.

She was surprised that Long Qi had been able to withstand such agony. Long Xi felt a trace of pride; her husband was actually not too bad.

At this moment, her communication crystal vibrated, and she saw a few pictures that had been sent to her. Her face sank as she looked at the pictures, and she then quickly turned off her communication crystal. She was so enraged that she completely forgot about her pain. This was absolutely humiliating! What an embarrassment! She had already told Lu Yin that the resources on the Junior Progenitor Planets were all marked and that he would not be able to take any of them with him away from the planet, so why had he still taken so much star essence? Someone had even taken a picture of him doing so. Long Xi felt humiliated and all the pride she just felt instantly disappeared.

Lu Yin tossed the pile of star essence into the magma, and the crystals immediately melted and then vaporized into a gas that filled the underground space.

Lu Yin jumped down to continue cultivating.

More and more people showed up in the Hope Restaurant, and most of them were only there to join in on the fun. However, there were some people who genuinely wanted to be noticed by the Junior Progenitors, and these people tried to initiate some fights. Despite that, their efforts were futile, as they were only seen as average to the Junior Progenitors.

One day, the Liu family’s Liu Hao and Liu Tianmu showed up.

The moment Liu Hao appeared, Yu Chen immediately approached him with a smile. “Brother Liu, I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.”

Liu Hao was dazed.

Xia Taili’s voice also rang out, “My goodness, you’re shameless! Brother Liu’s already decided to help my brother, so he’s no longer any of the Celestial Frost Sect’s concern.”

Yu Chen smiled. “The purpose of this trip to the Dominion Realm is to obtain Origin Matter, which will determine a person’s chances of becoming a Progenitor. Joining with the Celestial Frost Sect would give Brother Liu a much higher chance of getting Origin Matter. Brother Liu, even if you aren’t thinking about yourself, you should still think about your Liu family. Your family needs more powerhouses.”

Xia Taili was outraged. “Do you think only the Celestial Frost Sect is able to get Origin Matter? We’re also one of the four ruling powers; do you have an extra leg up or something?”

Yu Chen did not answer, but instead turned to Liu Hao. She had already said her piece, and it was up to Liu Hao to make his own decision.

Liu Hao said, “I have already given my promise to Shenwu’s Sky, and I won’t break my word.”

Yu Chen shook her head. “A chance of becoming a Progenitor is far more important than your own values.”

“How could I ever become a Progenitor if I lie to myself?” Liu Hao calmly replied. He turned to Xia Taili. “Let’s go.”

Xia Taili turned and started towards Shenwu’s Sky’s Junior Progenitor Planet, absolutely thrilled.

Yu Chen remained calm and continued smiling. Nobody knew what she might be thinking.

Liu Hao’s arrival had attracted everyone’s attention. Even though the Liu family could not compare to the four ruling powers, they were still only second to those top organizations, and over the years, they had obtained many battle techniques from the Sword Monument. Liu Hao had even fought with the four Junior Progenitors during the Yuanlun Festival. If not for lacking resources, he might have been comparable to the Junior Progenitors themselves.

This was why Yu Chen had tried to recruit Liu Hao despite knowing that she would be rejected. If Liu Hao was willing to help Bai Shaohong, they would be willing to remove anyone else from the team.

However, the more outstanding Liu Hao was, the less attention people paid to Liu Tianmu.

Liu Tianmu had arrived with Liu Hao, but everyone had been completely focused on Liu Hao, so not many people noticed Liu Tianmu as she started walking towards the White Dragon Junior Progenitor Planet. Not even Yu Chen noticed the woman walk away.

Liu Tianmu calmly walked towards the planet.

At this time, Long Xi was not waiting near the bridge, but instead one of the White Dragon Clan’s Enlighters was holding the position.

The White Dragon Clan had no need to recruit any additional people since they already had Long Xi, Wen Diyi, Nong Lie, as well as Long Jue, who was a young powerhouse within the clan who had just recently become an Enlighter, and Lu Yin. Long Tian merely needed to choose one person from three options, as Wen Diyi would definitely join the trip.

The person with the highest chance of being selected was Nong Lie. Long Tian would also be happy for Long Jue to join the team, as the youth was trustworthy, given that he was also from the White Dragon Clan. Long Tian had not expected anyone else to come to his planet, and then Liu Tianmu appeared.

Long Tian was impressed when he saw Liu Tianmu’s sword skills, and he immediately appeared to meet her.

“You’re from the Liu family?” Long Tian asked.

Liu Tianmu answered in a cold voice, “Yes.”

“Why haven’t I heard of you before?” Long Tian continued.

Liu Tianmu remained calm. “I’m from a side family and only became this powerful after receiving an inheritance from the Sword Monument.”

“That makes sense.” Long Tian accepted the explanation. He simply assumed that Liu Tianmu had been a normal cultivator who had become a powerhouse after learning a battle technique that she had obtained from the Sword Monument. Although Long Tian did not feel that this woman could compare to Liu Hao, he still felt confident that she was among the top three most powerful members of her generation in the Liu family.

“You can start training for now. There’s countless resources available here, so just let someone know if you need anything,” Long Tian politely offered. He was secretly delighted to have someone from the Liu family. This was not only because of the family’s sword skills, but also the family’s strength of character.

Liu Hao had chosen to go to Shenwu’s Sky because he was close to Xia Shenfei. Since Liu Tianmu had chosen White Dragon Clan while having no personal ties to anyone on the team, did it mean that the Liu family preferred the White Dragon Clan?

As the White Dragon Clan’s Junior Progenitor, Long Tian had to consider multiple details.

If it was the case that the Liu family was favoring his clan, then Long Tian’s choice for the last member of his team had just become much more difficult, as Nong Lie also represented the Nong family.

However, Long Tian realized another problem; neither Nong Lie nor Liu Tianmu were the strongest of their generation from their respective families. Neither families’ strongest youth had chosen Long Tian, which upset him.

There were tens of thousands training rooms on the White Dragon Clan’s Junior Progenitor Planet, and both Liu Tianmu and Nong Lie were already using these training rooms.

Lu Yin cultivated for ten more days before absorbing the heat of the magma into the Skyblaze Stone and entering his die’s Timestop Space. He managed to complete his eighteenth cycle, which meant that he had only one more cycle to complete to reach the peak of the Hunter realm.

Lu Yin again called Long Tian. “I’ve finished my eighteenth cycle.”

Long Tian was not surprised, as the speed of Long Qi’s progression was normal, however it also indicated that Lu Yin only had average star energy reserves. Once Long Tian thought of that, his hopes for Lu Yin faded away. So what if this person had already opened his lower meridian point? The most important thing would always be one’s strength rather than their luck.

“Come see me,” Long Tian said before ending the call.

Lu Yin felt annoyed; what sort of attitude was that?

Although Lu Yin was irritated, he still had to listen to Long Tian, seeing as they were on Long Tian’s planet. Lu Yin kept a neutral expression on his face as he went to meet Long Tian, though Lu Yin was secretly cursing at his brother-in-law the entire time. He found Long Tian waiting under a statue of himself that stood at the center of the White Dragon Clan’s Junior Progenitor Planet.

Lu Yin was astounded upon seeing the huge statue; just how narcissistic was this person? Lu Yin could not believe that Long Tian had had a statue of himself built on the White Dragon Clan’s Junior Progenitor Planet. This was so disgusting!

Long Tian watched as Lu Yin calmly approached.

Lu Yin continued forward.

“There’re a few more candidates, aside from Long Xi and Wen Diyi who have been confirmed to be part of the team. I will choose the remaining two from the rest of you,” Long Tian explained.

Lu Yin nodded. Judging by Long Tian’s attitude, Lu Yin did not stand a good chance of being chosen. The people who had arrived on this planet all had to be quite strong, or else Long Tian would not consider eliminating someone like Lu Yin who had already opened his lower meridian point. Lu Yin had to come up with a plan.

After a while, another man arrived. Lu Yin turned to see a stranger who wore the clothing of the White Dragon Clan, which meant that this person was from the same clan.

The man bowed respectfully to Long Tian. “Junior Progenitor.”

Long Tian looked at the man with a gentle expression. “Long Jue, good job on becoming an Enlighter.”

Long Jue was very enthusiastic. “It would be my honor to die if it would help you, Junior Progenitor.”

Long Tian smiled in satisfaction. “I understand. Take your place while we wait for the others.”

Long Jue bowed again and calmly looked over at Lu Yin. He then took a few steps to stand about ten meters away from Lu Yin.

Lu Yin’s eyes grew sharp. While he did not know this person, he was able to guess that this Long Jue did not have a high position in the clan, seeing how he needed to bow to Long Tian. Lu Yin assumed that this person was not from the main family, and yet there had been no reaction upon seeing Long Qi, who was the main family’s son-in-law.

An Enlighter? It was quite impressive to become an Enlighter at such an age. There were only a few Enlighters in the same generation in the Fifth and Sixth Mainlands, yet the White Dragon Clan alone had three.

Moments after Long Jue arrived, Nong Lie appeared, still wearing his usual attire.

Long Tian’s attitude changed drastically as soon as Nong Lie appeared. The Junior Progenitor smiled widely. “I’m grateful that you chose to help me, Brother Lie.”

Nong Lie warmly responded, “Brother Long Tian, the Nong family has always been close to the White Dragon Clan, so of course I planned to help you. If my sister wasn’t so close to Wang Su, she would be the one here today instead.”

Long Tian laughed. “It doesn’t matter if it’s you or Sanniang.”

Nong Lie and Long Tian had a quick chat, and then Nong Lie turned to Lu Yin, still showing similar enthusiasm. “Brother Long Qi, it’s been a while.”

Lu Yin smiled. “Brother Lie, I didn’t expect to see you here.”

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