Spirit Vessel

Chapter 902: Drugging

Chapter 902: Drugging

The turtle coveted this White Spider Sacred Ancestor’s grave - the legacy of a saint. Anything from there could be considered a top artifact.

It claimed to have a way to make the princess speak and ran out of the island. Two hours later, it came back while carrying a basket of alchemy grass.

“When you want someone to speak, forcefully controlling their mind are both terrible methods. The best way is to let her do it willingly.” The turtle said confidently.

“Do you have a cleverer solution?” Feiyun asked.

“A demoness is still a woman, the most direct way is to use drugs.” The turtle shamelessly revealed.

“Huh? That’s rather wretched.”

“You don’t understand, young one.” The turtle ignored him and focused on making its drug. After enough fiddling, it came up with a bowl of soup for the demoness to drink.

Feiyun remained skeptical but he was proven wrong. When he asked her whether she was wearing panties, she calmly answered, “no”.

This was a vulgar method too but it was certainly effective.

Just like that, the man and the turtle began interrogating the demoness. The demoness spilled everything under the effect of the soup. In the end, the answers shocked the duo.

“Open the grave to let the saint appear again… how shocking.” The turtle staggered backward before falling on its butt.

It seemed that the white spiders had a good grasp on the general location of the grave. They wanted to open it to find the remains and artifacts of their saint.

“Impossible, there are limits to one’s lifespan. There’s no rebirth, not even for saints.” Feiyun shook his head.

The turtle nodded and glanced at the demoness sitting on the ground: “Impossible indeed, she’s just a maid and probably doesn’t know the actual secrets. I believe someone purposely prepared a seal in her mind to hide the actual objectives.”

So it turned out that this demoness wasn’t the princess, only a trusted maid.

Nonetheless, they were certain that this princess was indeed here for the grave.

“I believe I know who this princess is!” Feiyun pondered for a bit before concluding.

He hurriedly left the kingdom and closed the path, appearing in the camp once more.

There were numerous powerful auras outside due to the big clans’ arrival. The camp became rowdy and chaotic.

Fighting and killing weren’t allowed. Alas, these rules were broken due to the masters’ arrivals. Even the War Monarchs didn’t dare to offend the paragons of these clans.

Feiyun wasn’t interested in these big shots, only the princess and the rave. He activated a wormhole spirit stone to enter Red Cliff.

Suddenly, a murderous intent manifested. Its chill made people feel as if they were stuck in an ice room.

Ripples appeared in the air. A black sword tip came out of the center and aimed for Feiyun’s forehead.

He summoned his weapon essence and turned it into a saber, parrying the sword thrust.

“You dare to attack a fellow soldier?” Feiyun calmly activated his divine intents to scout the situation.

If the opponent dared to attack him here, it meant that this must be the work of a big clan. They weren’t afraid of the War Monarchs.

“Whoosh!” Four more swords pierced through space with sharp energy, blocking Feiyun’s escape paths.

He leaped up into the air, wanting to break through the ceiling. However, a palm seal appeared on top, aiming for his head.

He retaliated with a palm strike as well, crushing the palm seal. The assailant let out a scream, clearly injured.

The opponents were prepared with numerous ambushers. Feiyun didn’t want to linger around and used his wormhole stone to open a portal, immediately leaping in there.

“You’re not going anywhere!” A menacing voice sounded. One sword slash followed him through the portal.

Once he got to the other side, he turned around and used his saber to stop the slash.

However, the spatial path couldn’t handle the explosions and started cracking. Feiyun immediately used his Minor Change Art to calculate the right path before jumping outside.


Red Cliff Realm.

Light suddenly flashed and gathered into a halo. Feiyun jumped out of this halo and became shrouded in a golden radiance, floating in the air. A large chunk of hair fell to the ground.

“Such powerful energy, phew.” He touched his neck and had a murderous flash in his eyes. Who wants to kill me?


Back at the camp near a stone tablet.

A tall and skinny youth stood there with the aura of a leader. His eyes were closed; he seemed to be waiting for someone.

“Whoosh!” Ripples appeared behind him.

Five cultivators in black armor came out and kneeled. One of them said: “Eighth Lord, he managed to escape.”

Eighth Lord Gu’s eyes turned cold: “The five of you are at the third level and have trained in our secret grotto, virtually unbeatable in the same realm, yet you can’t kill a second-level half-demon? Isn’t that funny?”

“Please forgive us, he used a wormhole stone to escape but my sword slash severed the spatial path. I’m sure he’s dead in the void now.” The leader said.

His name was Gu A’ying. He had cultivated for four thousand years and was the young lord’s confidante. His cultivation was at the limit of the third level so he was confident in his sword slash.

“Intuition tells me that he’s alive, we need to remove grass by the roots or it’ll be problematic.” The young lord said: “Did you calculate the destination of that stone?”

“Yes, Red Cliff.” Gu A’ying replied.

The young lord tossed a wormhole stone on the ground and said: “Go there now, I want to see his corpse.”

“Yes, there will be no mistake this time.” The leader picked up the stone and opened the portal. All five traveled to Red Cliff.

“Seems like I’m putting in too much effort over a half-demon. Hmm, Aqua Moon Saintess is here, I should prepare a gift for an audience.” He had a cold gaze for a bit before murmuring.

A half-demon didn’t matter much, his followers could handle this. However, the saintess’ arrival was a big deal. He needed to focus on this instead.

With that, his body flashed into disappearance.


The ground was red and scorching. A regular metal ingot, if left on the ground, would start melting right away.

Not far from here was a lava lake with surging waves. The high temperature caused the air to burn and became distorted.

A portal appeared in the air and five black figures rushed out. They were ready to kill.

“Eighth Lord Gu is being too careful, I’m sure that Feng Feiyun is dead but he still wants to see the corpse.”

“Everyone, be on guard. The battlefield is always dangerous.” The leader named Gu A’ying warned.

Suddenly, a white ray with great destruction aimed for one of them.

“Watch it!” Gu A’ying had already noticed a killing intent. A sword flew out of his dantian in order to stop the white ray.

Unfortunately, it was severed into two pieces.

“Pluff!” The target couldn’t escape; his throat was penetrated by a tiny white sword. The remnant sword energy nearly decapitated him; just a few muscles and fleshy bits kept the head and the body attached. The corpse eventually fell straight to the ground.

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