Spirit Vessel

Chapter 872: Three Months

Chapter 872: Three Months

Firmaments City had immense influence and a top wisdom master. If they wanted to, they would definitely be able to find Meng Taiyue and Meng Lingyan.

Feiyun wasn’t afraid of them. Alas, this wasn’t the case for the two lovers and the half-demon alliance in Season.

Thus, Feiyun needed to tread carefully this time. Otherwise, given Firmaments’ merciless style, many would lose their lives.

“Haha!” Bi Ningshuai started laughing: “So the guy who made Xiao Tianyue a cuckold is you, I can’t believe it! You’re insane, you only got to Season for how long yet you already got a beauty from the Meng. But, I guess it makes sense, those who offend Feng Feiyun will lose their wives and daughters. The great nine-dragon spear, able to lengthen and shorten, will surely see blood with one thrust.”

Dongfang Jingyue slightly grimaced.

Feiyun didn’t want to waste time with the guy and told the whole story.

Bi Ningshuai stopped laughing and said seriously: “I didn’t get these details. It’s fine, I can write a letter to the second young noble. If he speaks to them, I guarantee that Xiao Tianyue won’t say a damn thing even if you had slept with his wife. Keke, but my question is, did you really not do anything to that Meng girl?”

“You tell me.” Feiyun smiled.


Meanwhile, the higher-ups of the battle palace were frowning, looking pessimistic.

“Envoy Bi is an elite from the White Division of Heaven, the seventh young master of the Bi in Bloodmist Territory. That half-demon calls him brother?”

“It’s over, Envoy Bi is under the banner of the second young noble. Just one word from him and we’ll lose our head.”

“We didn’t help Feng Feiyun during the pursuit, he is definitely holding it against us.”

“What a disaster.”


They shut up once they saw Feiyun and Dongfang Jingyue walking out of the palace.

They wiped the sweat off their forehead and ran over to bow to the two.

“You said Luofu is sick? How? She can’t be sick with her cultivation.” Feiyun ignored them and walked to another side with Jingyue.

“I’m not too sure. I noticed that something was amiss when I saw her, just nothing specific.” Jingyue said.

Feiyun didn’t have that much feeling for Long Luofu. However, she was still his woman so he cared for her. His steps became faster.


The higher-ups returned to the palace after the two were gone. They began offering a toast to Bi Ningshuai again. The two beauties returned to his embrace.

“Envoy Bi, your relationship seems good with that Young Noble Feng.” One old man tried to ask casually.

Ningshuai was having a great time after hearing all the praises. He answered: “Of course, we’re best of friends. Keke, don’t look down on him because he’s a half-demon. His bloodline is terrifying. If I were to reveal the details, all of you would be scared to death.”

The higher-ups naturally didn’t want to hear this. Feiyun didn’t bother looking at them during his departure, looking quite unpleased.

It’s all over.

Bi Ningshuai was a little drunk by this point and didn’t hold back: “I’ll have you know that the second young noble holds him in high regard. If you have somehow offended him, prepare for the consequences!”

“Bang!” One old man dropped his wine cup; his legs started cramping.

All of them had a terrible expression, realizing the potential trouble. If the second young noble were to find out, they would die. Even their clans might not be able to escape.

“What does he like?” One of them asked.

“Yes, does he have a particular interest in anything?”

“Hmm…” Ningshuai felt his head spinning by this point. He laughed and said: “Women, he likes beauties the most, especially ones with big breasts.. Haha!”

The old men were ecstatic. As long as he had an illness, they would be able to deliver the right cure.

“Don’t even think about it, they’re mine! Mine!” The drunk Ningshuai thought that the old men wanted to take the two beauties away.

He wiped the cups and dishes off the table and threw the two women on top before undressing them, revealing white-snow skin.

The old men were smart and hurried out of the palace.

“Birds of a feather. That’s why they’re best friends.”

“The problem is that Young Noble Feng is quite dissatisfied with us. We need to make him happy.”

“It’s simple, let’s have a feast tonight. Let him sleep here and send two virgins to his room.”

“Ordinary women can’t get into his sight. Didn’t you see? Miss Dongfang is out of this world.”

“What a pain, we shouldn’t have messed up in the first place.”


Feiyun and Jingyue have arrived in another area. This place had floating palaces shrouded with mist. There were spirit ponds with various birds playing in them.

Long Luofu was staying here.

“Feng Feiyun, I need to talk to you about something serious.” A white “duck” ran over.

Of course, this wasn’t a duck, just a turtle with long legs and neck.

“As if.” Feiyun leaped above the turtle and kept on moving.

“I’m serious this time, it’s very important.” It jumped and landed on his shoulder before whispering: “I want to be your kid’s godfather.”

Feiyun caught its tail and threw it into a nearby pond: “Stop messing around.”

“Long Luofu is pregnant with your kid!” The turtle stretched its head out of the water and shouted.

“What did you just say?” Feiyun trembled once. He felt his pores opening; his heart skipped a beat. He rubbed his ears and thought that he had misheard.

Dongfang Jingyue stopped as well; there was a complicated glint in her eyes. She clenched her fingers tightly as if someone else had just taken something from her. Her calm mind was calm no longer due to the torrential waves.

The turtle got out of the pond and said: “I’ve only found out recently. According to my speculation and her weird behavior, it should be about three months.”

“Three months.” Feiyun repeated.

“That’s right, were you there at the capital three months ago?” The turtle looked up at the sky with its hands behind its back, trying to be cool.

Feiyun recalled the date. Yes, he did spend a night with Long Luofu then.

If Luofu truly had his child…

He never had a child whether it be during his previous or current life. Most importantly, the mother was Long Luofu.

Didn’t Grandpa Liu say that it’s extremely hard for me to have offsprings? How is this happening already?

“If you don’t want the child, I can deal with it for you.” Jingyue remained silent for a while before speaking.

“No, no need for you to get involved.” He refused, thinking that she was a busybody.

“You can’t deal with it. It’s a divine embryo, even a saint might not be able to kill it during this stage.” The turtle said: “Feng Feiyun, we have a good relationship, closer than actual brothers. I want to be the kid’s godfather, no one else can take this…”

“Splash!” The turtle was thrown into the pond again.


Long Luofu was inside a floating palace, wearing a loose golden dress. Her long hair draped downward; her brows were exquisitely shaped. Her eyes bright; lips red.

She had a full view of Season, still looking like a king. Albeit, there was a feminine gentleness to her now as well.

Her figure didn’t change much, only her breasts have gotten bigger. Her waist remained thin.

People would view her as an unmarried woman, not someone who had gotten pregnant before marriage.

“Ahem.” Feiyun coughed.

“You’re finally here.” She seemingly predicted his arrival.

“Mmm… You’re… really pregnant?” He got next to her, standing up straight. His eyes had a red glow, looking holy yet demonic.

“I wanted to tell you when the capital was surrounded. I was afraid of dying with the baby once the capital fell but never got the chance.” She rubbed her stomach.

“I see. Hmm, I went to buy some clothes for the baby, some spirit beast milk too, oh, a crib and some protection talismans. See if you can use them.” Feiyun didn’t know what to do after hearing the news so he ran around the city to buy random stuff for the baby.

He took out all of them from his spatial stone and filled the entire hallway.

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