Spirit Vessel

Chapter 50: Master

The three rugged men became three mysterious ancient corpses – they were extremely powerful and invulnerable to weapons. No one knew what exactly happened to them, but it was even more terrible than just Corpse Transformation.


One dried corpse caught a young female cultivator, and it opened its mouth to bite her throat. The strong smell of blood permeated the air. He swallowed all of it into his throat while she issued a “gurgling” sound.


Once the blood in her body had been completely drunk, he ruthlessly threw her body to the ground.

The dried corpse went on to find a new target to make his move!

The practitioner guests inside the White Horse Inn were not few in number, around forty to fifty people, but at this moment, everyone was backing off and cowering in fear; they even lost the courage to fight.

“We wouldn’t all die in this place, right?”

A teen of a slightly younger age was frightened out of his mind.

“I had said earlier that Jing Huan Mountain was an ominous place, but you all still wanted to come. Now we are in big trouble!”

As an older brother from an immortal sect started to complain, the little brothers, along with the little sisters behind his back, were also in perpetual regret.

“Older Brother, don’t you practice the Frozen Ten Thousand Miles spirit technique? Now is the perfect time to use it here and show them your godly might; freeze them to death!”

An innocent and sweet little sister said; her eyes were filled with admiration, and, while staring at this older brother, they hoped that he could lead them away from this path of no return.

The older brother initially didn’t have any will to fight, but, after seeing his little sister’s stunning looks, he didn’t want to lose face in front of her. So, he had to forcefully suppress the fear in his heart, he activated a spirit talisman in his palm, and then he quickly formed forty-nine finger gestures.

The spirit talisman transformed into a cold ray of light, covering an entire dry corpse.

After the ray of light disappeared, the dried corpse had been frozen inside the light blue ice; it was immobilized.

“Older Brother, you were successful! You are indeed worthy of being the young talent of our Grand Development Immortal Gate.”

The beautiful eyes of this little sister were teary, and then she excitedly jumped up and down in her exclamation; it was as if her older brother was the world’s number one expert.

This older brother proudly smiled. He wanted to say a few dignified lines in order to consolidate his coolness in front of the little brothers and little sisters; however, right at that moment…


The ice layer surrounding the dried corpse was shattered, and a crazy screech filled the air. One punch caused the head of this older brother to fly downward into his stomach. Even his shoulder bones were completely broken.

In this short amount of time, desperate screams continuously rang out, and the innocent little sister almost became unconscious from fear. Even her older brother was killed; she was afraid that no one else in this world would be able to suppress the three monsters.

There was a feeling that the end of the world was here that resonated in the hearts of each person!

“Now I will let you know: if you dare to tease my wife, I will turn you into a dismembered corpse. Even though all of you had become dried corpses, I still want to split your bones apart!”

Feng Feiyun carefully placed Feng Jianxue on a bench, and, without any fear, he went forward to the front. His palm touched the shoulder of a dried corpse, and he secretly used spirit energy to activate the Infinite Spirit Ring on his thumb to borrow its godly power. He crushed half of the body of the dried corpse into little pieces, resulting in bones scattering all over the ground.


The hand that was as hard as steel and the arm like a bronze pillar suddenly collapsed into powder.

If Feng Feiyun actually made a move, then it would be a shattering scene.

“The dried corpse was close to being invulnerable like diamonds, yet half of its body was destroyed by just one palm from him!”

Everyone stared at Feng Feiyun like they were looking at a demon’s spawn!

Even Feng Jianxue moved her gaze towards him. Deep in her pupils was an abnormal sense of astonishment. He was so powerful; could it be that he was also hiding his cultivation?

She naturally didn’t know that Feng Feiyun had a spirit treasure, so she thought Feng Feiyun used his own strength to disintegrate the dried corpse into powder.

“Thud thud!”

Feng Feiyun kept a steady pace. Even though he was carrying a spirit treasure in his hand that was powerful enough to deal with several cultivators at a higher realm than him, he had to tread carefully against the three mysterious dried corpses.


Feng Feiyun’s palm dissipated into vast tracts of flames; inside the flames was a killing power of the spirit treasure. It immediately pierced through the chest of another dried corpse, causing its entire skeleton to be shattered.

The power of Feng Feiyun became increasingly stronger, and the immortal foundation inside his dantian flashed a brilliant aura like a blooming star. At this moment, he no longer hesitated. He quickly stepped forward, making others feel a power capable of destroying the heavens.


He lifted his foot up then slammed it down on the head of the remaining dried corpse. The extreme power emanating from the sole of his foot crushed the body of the rugged man into pieces, turning it into ashes flying in the air.

He only used three moves, yet each move destroyed one dried corpse. It was neat and tidy, showing the graceful bearing of a prominent master.

Even though it was not equal to frightening an entire generation like Du Shougao, but it could still be considered an outstanding rare talent like phoenix feathers and unicorn horns.

Earlier, the cultivators were scared stiff by the three dried corpses, but now they were frozen by Feng Feiyun’s cultivation.

Too powerful!

“His cultivation is even stronger than master, plus he is still so young…”

The innocent little sister with a stupefied gaze stared at Feng Feiyun intensely. Her slender hands were placed tightly on her chest, and her big round eyes were blinking with excitement.

Feng Feiyun stood proudly in the center of the scene with the appearance of an incomparable master. His gaze was tranquil and graceful, carrying the temperament of an immortal. Him standing gallantly caused the little girls from the other immortal sects to be bewildered with crazily beating hearts.

Feng Jianxue knew this person was pretending, and she wanted to kick his legs twice; however, when she saw the white bones all over the ground, she felt a cold chill throughout her body. She couldn’t help but shrink her delicate body, and she only dejectedly snorted!


The displeasure in her heart was very large.

Hearing this cold scowl, Feng Feiyun naturally knew that the young wife was angry, so he quickly strolled over, seriously saying:

“Little Sister Jianxue, I know you are very scared right now. If you are okay with it, then sleep together with me tonight; I will protect you.”

“Hmmmph! I’m more scared of sleeping together with you!”

How could Feng Jianxue not know what devious things he was thinking of in his mind. Naturally, she would not let him win, but, at this moment, there were black lights flashing outside of the inn; it was as if an evil creature sped through the night.

“Xshh Xshh!”

Next were faint sounds of monsters grinding their teeth. Listening to it caused people’s scalps to become numb!

“Sleeping with you isn’t impossible, but you cannot move your hands and legs; plus, you have to wear clothes to bed!”

Feng Jianxue hugged her knees with both hands, and her whole body rolled up into a fetal position. At this moment, she truly looked like a timid little girl.

Feng Feiyun’s whole body exuded an aura of righteousness, but then he frowned:

“Little Sister Jianxue, isn’t this making things difficult for me? You know I have a habit of sleeping naked ah. Fine, fine… Today I won’t sleep naked; today, I will definitely not sleep naked.”

A cultivator was still a human, and they could not be lacking sleep!

Feng Feiyun and Feng Jianxue didn’t sleep last night. If they didn’t sleep again tonight, then, not only would they be lacking strength, their combat prowess would also be greatly reduced. They wouldn’t be as lucky if they were to meet another dried corpse monster.

The three dried corpses were just puppets. In the boundless unknown night, there could be other hidden monsters; these were the real dangers.

There were still many cultivators inside the White Horse Inn. There were many that couldn’t sleep tonight, so they took turns keeping watch.

Feng Feiyun was naturally excited. He held the soft hands of Feng Jianxue, and he didn’t wait any longer, headed to the resting room of the inn. As for the mysterious creature, if it dared to disturb our good Young Master Feng, then Young Master Feng would be extremely angry.

Du Shougao was a person that had never feared the night. Since childhood, he grew up around dead corpses. Sometimes, he would be without a place to sleep, or he would even sleep next to the roadside graves.

His pace was fast. Even though the night was pitch black, his eyes were still shining bright enough to find the way.

He raised his head, looked at the endless darkness, and he noticed a house in the far distance. Even further away were giant mountains. Wolves were howling, and the chilling air was blowing the smell of blood.

He gently touched his nose, and he sniffed; then he muttered:

“I have finally arrived at Dragon Stone Town!”


The moment he entered the town, he immediately paused. His perennial assassin’s instinct told him that there was an invisible danger quickly approaching.

His whole body trembled. Over the years, this was the first time he felt such terror in his soul; it was as if behind him stood a god of death with a long tongue.

“Who is it? Come on out!”

Du Shougao’s heart felt the chill, but he still attempted to remain calm. His body exuded a sword-sharp killing pressure.


A dried hand protruded from the ground. This hand that was covered in bloody mud grabbed his pants; it looked like it would drag him into the depths of hell.


Du Shougao unsheathed his saber. This speed was many times faster compared to when he was pursuing Feng Feiyun the other day. One saber slash came out; however, not only did it chop off the arm, the blade energy became increasingly stronger, turning into a dragon tornado before hitting the ground; it was as if it wanted to devour the monster underground.


However, at this moment, a second hand, a third, and a fourth protruded from the ground in succession!

Countless dried hands appeared from the ground; each hand equally stained with bloody mud. The corpse’s hair was long, and there were even bones showing; however, these dead hands started to form different buddhist gestures, showing a variety of forms.

“Buddhist spirit techniques, buddha’s thousand-hands!”

Du Shougao’s heart chillingly shivered. He leaped up into the sky while he stomped the air, flying to the top of a bamboo tree.

The soil on the ground started to slowly move, forming honorable buddhist marks in the form of statues, and these hands of the dead protruding from the ground were trapped inside these marks.

On one hand, there were monstrous bloody hands, and, on the other, there were Buddha palm gestures creating a juxtaposition of two opposing things that instilled a sense of involuntary curiosity in others. Could it be that even the dead could successfully practice peerless buddhist spirit techniques?

What on earth was actually underground?

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