Spirit Vessel

Chapter 47: Journey Begins

On top of the bamboo block was an outline of a ravenous path; it was like a mountain painting or a river diagram. It could also be a forbidden valley or a dangerous precipice. The outline was a primitive ground, giving others a feel of endless mystery.

Feng Jianxue observed the bamboo block meticulously. Her beautiful eyes essentially didn’t move, as if it was silently remembering the contours of the map, but her eyebrows ruffled from time to time. It was clear to see that the engravings on top of the block were too complicated, and it was hard to be completely memorized with a human’s brain.

“Does Little Sister know such a place around Violet Firmament Ancient City?”

Feng Feiyun stared intensely into her eyes as if he wanted to find something within.

The more she recalled the engravings on the bamboo block, the more her head started to spin; it was as if it wanted to burst. In the end, she could only forget about it, and she didn’t dare to look any longer.

The engravings on top absolutely could not be memorized in one’s head!

“On this bamboo block is recorded many strange mountains and cliffs as well as rivers and valleys; however, they are rather similar to Jing Huan Mountain eight hundred miles away. Jing Huan Mountain is ancient and primitive, spanning across a thousand miles, and the bamboo block only recorded a corner of it. To find this corner in the deep forest and mountains would be harder than flying to the heavens.”

Feng Jianxue continued:

“Plus, it is only my guess that it could be the ancient Jing Huan Mountain. I essentially cannot be certain that the map on the bamboo block is at this place. In the end, this world is vast, and it does not only have this corner of Jing Huan Mountain.”

Feng Feiyun didn’t worry too much. His heart had already decided that this was definitely Jing Huan Mountain without a doubt. He took back the bamboo block, placed it back to his chest, and he said:

“In what direction from Violet Firmament Ancient City is Jing Huan Mountain?”

“The northwest of the town called Dragon Stone.”

Feng Jianxue said:

“Will you go to Jing Huan Mountain now?”

“How could I? That damned grandma Dongfang Jingyue is still inside Violet Firmament Ancient City. If I leave the Hidden Dragon Courtyard, she will definitely take notice. It would be a miracle if I didn’t die in her hands then. Last night, I was chased by two crazy dogs, and my arms and legs are tired. Right now, I need to get a good night’s rest. Wife ah, does Wife want to sleep together with me?”

Feng Feiyun carefully looked at the long and slender legs of Feng Jianxue. Even the white robes couldn’t hide her beautiful body. Without needing to touch, one could be sure that these pair of jade legs were definitely quite soft.

Feng Feiyun’s eyes revealed a low-life expression, and he moved from her legs to the front of her chest. It was indeed so smooth and round; truly developed better than the little witchcraft goddess, Xiao Yuer. This made him sigh with sorrow. This was the cultivation world, and all men had to refine their bodies; could it be that all women with large breasts and slender bodies were not the same?

Feng Jianxue earlier had been annoyed by Feng Feiyun’s lecherous eyes, and she wanted to rush over and claw them out; however, if she rushed over to punish him, she was afraid that not only would she not be able to claw them out, but he might retaliate on the bed.

“So she is Dongfang Jingyue!”

Feng Jianxue said.

Feng Feiyun was already lying on the bed, and he seemed to really want to go to sleep. After he covered his body with the blanket, he lifted his head and teasingly said:

“Wife ah, this is also a good day of a good month; if you really don’t want to leave, then you can happily stay here. I will definitely give Wife an unforgettable morning!”

Feng Jianxue coldly glared at him, turned around, and she left, saying:

“How about you go find miss Dongfang Jingyue and experience an unforgettable morning with her, ah!”


The door was closed, and Feng Jianxue’s footsteps became further and further away.

“The truth is, I actually do want to, but she doesn’t!”

Feng Feiyun was laughing and yelling really loudly like he was afraid that Feng Jianxue wouldn’t be able to hear him.

Feng Jianxue indeed had gone very far, even her footsteps have disappeared.

The courtyard quickly regained its tranquility. Not too long after, a shadow of a person sneaked out from the room, climbed over the wall, and followed a deserted old pathway to the wall of the Hidden Dragon Courtyard.

This person was naturally Feng Feiyun!

Once he knew that the engravings on the bamboo block was the location of Jing Huan Mountain, he could no longer remain calm. Even if he had to take a risk of Dongfang Jingyue’s pursuit, he still definitely wanted to find the Mortal Life Cavern.

As long as he could obtain the spirit spring water, his cultivation would increase. Then, even if the world was vast, there would always be a place for him.

“This Little Girl Jianxue was really all big chest and no brain, so she easily let me go. Beautiful women, no brain, ah!”

Feng Feiyun lamented with two sentences, leaped over the blue stone wall of the Hidden Dragon Courtyard, and he fell on a maple tree on the broad street.

The Hidden Dragon Courtyard was located in the far outer city. It didn’t have bustling bazaars in the near vicinity. Even though the road was wide and there weren’t that many pedestrians, there were bronze ancient heavenly mountain deer carriages stopping in the middle of the street.

An excellent mountain deer! Its four hooves were adorned with bronze horse shoes, and its back was covered by silver scales. With a thick chain around the size of an arm around its neck, the ancient carriage, along with its eight large wheels, was pulled by it.

The fiery red maple leafs were blown by the wind and were falling down to the grand street in swirls.

As the ancient bronze mountain deer carriage was stopped next to the maple tree; the mountain deer sneezed, and a blue smoke came out from its nostrils.

“Carriage driver, how much money is needed to get to Dragon Stone Town?”

Feng Feiyun approached, and he gently rubbed the back of the mountain deer; he thought that this was a really excellent beast.

This type of bronze mountain deer carriage was not rare in Violet Firmament Ancient City. As long as the price was a little bit high, then the carriage driver would take you to any place you want.

“That is wanting to leave the city then!”

A voice from the ancient bronze carriage came out.

“Are you afraid that I cannot pay the price?”

Feng Feiyun smilingly said; however, his smile quickly disappeared because the voice of the carriage driver was really familiar.

“I’m afraid that you will leave the city to do bad things!”

Feng Jianxue came out from the bronze ancient carriage, and she sat at the position of the carriage driver. She held the iron chains, that were pierced through the nose of the mountain deer, in her hands. Her face was accompanied by a victorious smile; the smile was too beautiful.

She was naturally very pretty; she has a beautiful face, beautiful eyes, beautiful hands, and her legs were, of course, beautiful. She was especially beautiful when she bloomed such a smile; it would simply lure the souls out of other people.

It was unknown what Feng Feiyun was daydreaming about, under this situation, while he watched her sentimental and fascinating smile. It made his heart slightly jump; at this moment, he felt that he would never forget this smile for the rest of his life.

It was just like when a man and woman fell in love at first sight; emotional feelings were just a normal thing!

“What are you looking at, want to fight?”

There were black lines over the forehead of Feng Jianxue because she started to think that this Feng Feiyun, with a belly full of evil tricks, was thinking of some crooked things.

“Cough cough! This… Where does Little Sister Jianxue want to go?”

It was a rare moment where Feng Feiyun wasn’t in the mood to tease her, and he didn’t call her ‘wife’ either!

Feng Jianxue slightly tilted her tiny head; while her fingers were playing with her air, she cutely blinked and smiled:

“I knew you wanted to go to Jing Huan Mountain, so I rented this bronze ancient mountain deer carriage and waited for you. Look, I only had to wait the time you would need to brew a tea pot, and you already found your way here.”

This time, it was Feng Feiyun’s turn to have black lines on his forehead. He was shocked; it seemed that in this world, there were also some women that were not “lanterns without oil.”

Only the biggest fool in the world would consider this girl here a fool!

Even though this little girl, Feng Jianxue, looked like someone with a big chest and no brain, her mind was quite bright; one or two sentences definitely wouldn’t fool her.

Feng Feiyun said:

“The truth is… I never thought about going to Jing Huan Mountain.”

Going with a girl to a mountain to treasure hunt was the same as going to a brothel to enjoy the beautiful spring scenery. The biggest difference was that one person didn’t have to pay while the other person did.

Feng Feiyun didn’t want to bring her along. In the end, with a lone man and woman entering the deep jungle, it would be hard to prevent certain unexpected events. Feng Feiyun’s purpose was to find and explore the Mortal Life Immortal Cavern, not explore her immortal cavern.

“Oh? But you just said that you wanted to go to Dragon Stone Town, earlier?”

Feng Jianxue’s eyes narrowed into a crescent moon shape, and her eyebrows gently fluttered. She completely restrained all of the strength in her body, and, at this moment, she seemed like a pitiful kitten hoping that Feng Feiyun would bring her along on the trip.

Feng Feiyun felt a headache, and he said:

“Jianxue, it is not like I don’t want to bring Little Sister along, but the truth is that this trip is too dangerous. I heard that night time at Jing Huan Mountain is definitely not safe. There are bloody corpses crawling from their graves to take a stroll, there are female ghosts singing under the moonlight, and then there are also skeletons banding together to form a mountain camp specializing in capturing girls with beautiful figures to boil and eat them alive. This type of place, it is better if you don’t go!”

Feng Feiyun knew that since childhood, Feng Jianxue had always been scared of ghosts, so he specifically said these things to scare her.

“That’s fine; however, if you go without bringing me along, then I will post notices throughout the city saying that there is a treasure in the Jing Huan Mountain. Then all of the experts of Violet Firmament Ancient City will head towards Jing Huan Mountain. Even if you don’t bring me along, I can still go with everyone then to that place.”

Feng Jianxue was still pretending to be like a powerless kitten; she put on a sweet smile. She hung on the ancient bronze carriage with her slender legs while she gently waved at Little Sister Zi Luo in the adjacent house.

The more she pretended to be harmless, the worse Feng Feiyun’s headache became.

“Okay then! Little Sister can go; however, if you are frightened to tears, don’t blame me then.”

Feng Feiyun stepped on the foothold, and then he jumped inside the bronze ancient mountain deer carriage. If he couldn’t leave her behind, then he could only take her along.

Her cultivation wasn’t bad; Feng Feiyun wasn’t afraid that she would get in the way, then. He was simply curious as to why she really wanted to go along with him.

“Haha! Then we will go to Jing Huan Mountain right now, ah!”

There was a strange smile on Feng Jianxue’s face.

“We have to go quickly! I feel that this trip will not be a calm one!”

Feng Feiyun had some concerns in his mind. One had to know that both Du Shougao and the bewitching young man had both seen the bamboo block. With their capabilities, they would definitely figure out that the engravings on the block was Jing Huan Mountain. Even though they couldn’t record the exact map outlines, they were likely to wait at Dragon Stone Town.

Dragon Stone Town must be crossed before going into Jing Huan Mountain!

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